UP Bride Slaps Groom Twice on Stage – Watch Viral Video

Given that the wedding season is in full swing right now, amusing and entertaining wedding videos are becoming viral regularly. But not every wedding is a joyous occasion, especially when the bride and husband are at odds. In one such startling video, a UP Bride Slaps Groom Twice the husband on the stage shortly before the jaimala ceremony, which was captured on tape.

UP Bride Slaps Groom

In a bizarre occurrence, a woman smacked her to be husband not once but twice on the stage when he was attempting to garland her with flowers. The event occurred on Saturday evening in the Uttar Pradesh district of Hamirpur, where hundreds of people had gathered for a wedding ceremony.

UP Bride Slaps Groom

The setting for the wedding is complete in the viral video, and the festivities are in full flow among the guests. The groom then begins to garland the bride when the bride abruptly slaps him twice in the back of the head. When the confetti cannon went off in front of the visitors, the second slap was delivered. Shortly after smacking the groom in the face, the bride rushed off the stage.

The guy remained still in front of his visitors, taken aback. It was eventually revealed that the bride was Reena, who was marrying Ravikant Ahirwar, a native of Jalaun district’s Chamari village. The groom was recognized as Ravikant. A few days later, the wedding was ultimately held when the local police and family members intervened to keep the scene under control.

UP Bride Slaps Groom Twice on Stage

Wedding videos are all the rage on the internet these days. Although some brides have gone viral for their big entrances, a woman from Uttar Pradesh has caught social media by storm after storming off the stage during her ceremony. In a video that has gone viral, a lady is seen hitting the groom during a wedding ceremony before storming out, leaving everyone in a state of shock.

According to reports, the video was shot at Swasa village in Hamirpur. It depicts the couple on the stage, surrounded by guests, preparing for the varmala ceremony. She smacks the groom across the face just as he is ready to present the bride with a garland. As someone throws confetti in the groom’s direction, she smacks him once more. She then marches off the stage while the groom and guests are in disbelief.

Even though she was bejeweled and dressed in her bridal lehenga, the lady rushed off stage, leaving her husband and the other guests dumbfounded. When the guy attempted to garland his future bride, she responded by slapping him hard in the face, causing him to fall to the ground. Not once but twice, the confetti cannon went off in preparation for the significant garland ceremony, which took place right then and there.

UP Bride Slaps Groom Viral Video

According to several reports, the bride was eventually identified as Reena, who was engaged to be married to Ravikant Ahirwar at the incident. It is said that the wedding was ultimately held a short time later when the local police and family members intervened to keep the situation under control.

Her uncle told the panchayat that they, too, were caught aback by the bride’s antics and said she was “haunted by spirits” due to her conduct.

According to her family, she is supposed to have been taken from her varmala, which ended in a terrible situation, which a news outlet reported. Since then, the bride has expressed her regrets to the groom and his family.

As a result of the video’s widespread distribution, it has received several positive replies from social media users worldwide. While some people found it amusing, others felt that the bride should not have smacked the groom in the face. “She was completely incorrect on her part,” one person said. “If that’s the case, she should smack her parents for forcing her to marry them,” she says. “It’s a disgrace that she did that,” said another. She should be prosecuted for humiliation and assault, among other things. “An adult must speak vocally and assertively at all times,” says the viewer.

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