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UNUS SED LEO Price, Stock, Value, Prediction, Mining, Market Cap will be discussed here. Read the full article to know more. The UNUS SED LEO (LEO) coin is a new coin meant to extend all platform users’ and services’ capabilities to iFinex, Bitfinex’s parent company. Due to the trading platform’s alleged illicit usage of cryptocurrency funds, the ruling should help resolve the problem that arose.


Bitfinex intends to fund its budget using UNUS SED LEO. A total of $1 billion was collected due to the original exchange.

IFinex has an $850 million budget shortfall. Consequently, every month, coins worth 27 percent of earnings are redeemed to plug the budget deficit that has resulted. The UNUS SED LEO cryptocurrency was introduced to Bitfinex on May 20, 2019, and later to additional trading platforms.

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UNUS SED LEO Coin Price Today


In 2018, iFinex, Bitfinex’s parent business, learned that its payment processor, Crypto Capital, had its cash partially seized by the authorities. While attempts are being undertaken, Bitfinex cannot guarantee that the monies will not be lost. BitFinex said that it would hold a $1 billion private sale for its coin Unus Sed Leo to make up for the funding gap.


Token holders will be able to get trade discounts on all iFinex trading platforms and services, both current and future. iFinex will purchase back tokens from the market with a minimum of 27% of the preceding month’s aggregated revenues until all tokens have been withdrawn from circulation. In addition, Crypto Capital would use 95 percent of its recovered net funds and 80 percent of money recovered from a 2016 attack to repurchase outstanding tokens.

How Does the UNUS SED LEO work?

It all began in 2019, when the stable coin USDTether and its publisher, iFinex Ltd., ran into legal issues. A complaint was filed against iFinex when it came to light that the corporation had utilized USDTether money to cover financial difficulties. Bitfinex has had significant financial problems due to a previous incident in which the company stole 120,000 bitcoins and legal issues with Crypto Capital. Bitfinex plans to hold an ICO in May 2019 to produce its exchange token, UNUS SED LEO, to address this cash shortage. Its functioning is identical to that of BNB, and it provides several benefits to the Bitfinex Exchange.

When it comes to the problems Bitfinex hopes to tackle with LEO, the main goal is to enhance the Bitfinex community while also using the benefits of processing transactions in the Bitfinex environment. In reality, LEO gives its issuer greater power and more alternatives for running a successful exchange. Its users will undoubtedly profit from speedier and less expensive transactions.

Advantages of UNUS SED LEO

The crypto market is unpredictable, yet investment in emerging technology may pay off in the long run. Based on previous pricing statistics, there is a significant chance that LEO prices will rise in the future.

UNUS SED LEO’s market capitalization reflects its general growth in other cryptocurrencies. The cryptocurrency is now doing well and is steadily rising in value, making it an attractive investment.

The price variations of the UNUS SED LEO cryptocurrency suggest a positive signal, indicating that the growing trend of UNUS SED LEO will benefit long-term investors.

UNUS SED LEO is the utility coin that administers the popular and promising iFinex blockchain environment. As well as Bitfinexexchange’s ongoing use of the iFinex blockchain ecosystem. As a result of Bitfinex’s expansion, UNUS SED LEO will be a rewarding investment.

Disadvantages of UNUS SED LEO

Investing in UNUS SED LEO, like any other speculative asset, may be dangerous. The platform may suffer a blow due to recent instances with US authorities about money laundering, impacting the price of UNUS SED LEO.

Because UNUS SED LEO is built, it won’t endure indefinitely. Therefore owning it for long periods may harm investors. iFinex intends to buy back all tokens at the current market price. Some investors may experience a loss in the future, depending on the market value.

What makes UNUS SED LEO unique?

AS DETAILED IN THE WHITEPAPER, the UNUS SED LEO token burn process began today on Bitfinex. iFinex and its affiliates shall purchase back UNUS SED LEO from the market at market pricing and in real-time, equivalent to a minimum of 27 percent of iFinex’s consolidated gross revenues (excluding Ethfinex) until no more tokens are in commercial circulation. You can also pay Bitfinex fees with UNUS SED LEO tokens. Outstanding UNUS SED LEO tokens will be repurchased and burned using recovered net money from Crypto Capital, as well as a sum equivalent to at least 80% of recovered net funds from the Bitfinex breach. The burn process will continue until all tokens have been redeemed ultimately.

Bitfinex also introduced the ‘LEO Transparency Dashboard’ to coincide with the debut of the burn mechanism, which enables real-time insights into all collected platform fees and subsequent LEO burns, as certified by the blockchain.

Features of the UNUS SED LEO

They added a few intriguing features to the LEO Token, including some beneficial functions for owners. In particular, iFinex claims to be lowering Bitfinex costs by 15% on LEO pairings.

In addition, if you purchase $10,000 worth of UNUS SED LEO using Tether (USDT), iFinex’s popular US-Dollar stable coin, you’ll get a 0.05 percent discount. A maximum value of 5% is also available.

UNUS SED LEO was created with trade and financial services in mind. Furthermore, they want to deploy LEO on a massive scale. Moreover, traders having over $50 million in LEO may withdraw up to $2 million every month without incurring costs. For withdrawals of more than $2 million, iFinex gives a reduction on extra commissions.

Bitfinex is a cryptocurrency exchange that claims to have the world’s most liquid order book. Bitfinex, for example, promises to provide five-fold leveraged margin trading and margin financing to enable deals. UNUS SED LEO was created to use Bitfinex’s liquidity and trading capabilities.

The LEO token was released in May 2019 when Bitfinex raised $1 billion via a private sale of tokens to investors. Along with EOS, Filecoin, Tezos, and Telegram Open Network, one of the most significant token sales ever.

iFinex, Bitfinex’s parent company, spends 27% of its consolidated gross sales on buying back LEO tokens on the open market. Intending to remove the entire LEO supply from commercial circulation ultimately. The business also said that any monies recovered from Crypto Capital would repurchase LEO tokens.


The price of UNUS SED LEO grew by 0.76 percent, with a 24-hour volume of $4,365,471.83 for this cryptocurrency. The cryptocurrency’s best price in the previous 24 hours was $3.84, while its lowest was $3.77. In the last seven days, the highest UNUS SED LEO price was $3.85, and the lowest price was $3.76. In the previous 30 days, the UNUS SED LEO exchange rate has grown by 2.7 percent.

The LEO token was introduced on both the Ethereum and the EOS blockchains. For blockchain interoperability, the LEO token employs a dual-protocol token method. With Bitfinex serving as a bridge between Ethereum and EOS blockchains, LEO token holders may effortlessly convert between the two blockchains.

When trading between cryptocurrencies on the Bitfinex exchange and its two cryptocurrency-specific exchanges, EthFinex and EOSFinex, UNUS SED LEO token holders earn reductions in trading costs.


LEO tokens’ circulation supply is expected to decrease over time. The entire collection was initially set at 1 billion.

LEO was sold for $1 each on a 1:1 ratio with the Tether stable coin, resulting in a total fundraising of $1 billion in ten days.

There were 660 million ERC-20 tokens and 340 million EOS-based tokens at launch. Bitfinex makes it simple to convert between the two chains.

The business called the dual-protocol launch “unique” at the time and promised that it would empower the Bitfinex community.


Ethereum was used to create the LEO token. It makes up the Bitfinex ecosystem’s utility component. LEO is a cryptocurrency based on the EOS and ERC20 blockchains designed to improve the Bitfinex exchange’s functionality. The LEO token’s primary purpose is to become a valuable instrument for individuals who wish to enhance the Bitfinex trading platform’s efficiency and capabilities. COIN360 provides the most up-to-date LEO token price, market cap, and other information.

Unus Sed Leo (LEO) is now trading at USD 3.81, with a market value of USD 3,810,689,005 and a circulating supply of 999,498,893 LEO. This cryptocurrency’s price has changed by 1.09 percent from yesterday. The LEO cryptocurrency is currently trading on ten active exchanges, with a 24-hour volume of USD 616,590. It is now ranked #42 among all cryptocurrencies.

What is the UNUS SED LEO worth?

iFinex has committed to purchasing back UNUS SED LEO from the market every month using a token burn mechanism. The quantity bought and burnt is at least 27% of iFinex’s earnings, and tokens are also acquired at market prices. “The burn process will continue until 100% of tokens have been redeemed,” the business noted in a press release at the time.

Although several cryptocurrencies only debuted on one, LEO tokens were released on two blockchains. The remaining 36% of the initial quantity was discovered on EOS, while 64 percent was located on Ethereum.

The parent firm of Bitfinex, IFinex, has cautioned that these payments may not be recoverable. It introduced the LEO token to make up for the cash gap.

To make up for the money lost, iFinex announced intentions to progressively purchase back tokens from investors until none were left in circulation. A transparency project was also created, allowing the crypto community to track the campaign’s progress and ensure it was on track to accomplish its goals.


In the last seven days, the price of UNUS SED LEO has increased by 1.27 percent. Prices have increased by 1.05 percent. The current price per LEO is 283.332953. UNUS SED LEO is now trading 2.84 percent lower from its all-time high of 291.60. There are 953,954,130 LEOs in circulation right now.

The cryptocurrency UNUS SED LEO is described as “the utility token at the core of the iFinex ecosystem. It’s designed to be utilized on the Bitfinex bitcoin exchange to cut down trading, lending, and other expenses.

UNUS SED LEO Price Prediction

The UNUS SED LEO token maintained its rising trend. After reaching an all-time high of $3.92, the currency has seen a significant drop, and we saw that its critical support had been shattered. However, the LEO price has been stable at $2 since the beginning of the year. It has since dramatically enhanced the market sentiment phenomena. Based on data, research, and forecasts, traders and investors believe it could surge to its resistance level of $4.5 by the end of 2022.

Price Prediction for UNUS SED LEO in 2023

With appropriate volume and supply, there are estimates that the LEO token value will rise even in the following year. By keeping up with the same optimistic trend that we study. The price of UNUS SED LEO shows a favorable trend when viewed in the context of a sequence of successive peaks and troughs. And, according to our cryptocurrency price projection, the token’s value might surpass $5.2, which is a critical barrier level.

Price Prediction for UNUS SED LEO in 2023

Even if catching up with competitors makes it tough to buy in UNUS SED LEO Tokens. The coin value would show a modestly negative trend, sliding below $6 on the price chart. However, this remains a gloomy prospect, and some analysts do not anticipate this sickness to affect UNUS SED LEO coin investment or trading.

Price Prediction for UNUS SED LEO in 2024

Assuming such a stunning possibility does not exist, and that bulls will ride the crypto market. UNUS SED LEO Token is projected to lead the crypto chart again with a price of $8, as per our projection. Users may also stockpile at current prices to sell UNUS SED LEO for a profit in the long run.

Price Prediction for UNUS SED LEO in 2025

According to our long-term forecasts, 2025 will be the benchmark year, with the LEO Token’s value expected to reach $10 in all likelihood. On the chart, the UNUS SED LEO Token price is expected to reach over $12 maximum by 2025 due to broad adoption. Indicating a surge in price trend and demand for the cryptocurrency unlike anything seen before in the crypto market.

Price Prediction for UNUS SED LEO Beyond 2025

Considering the growing digitalization and knowledge about crypto assets, we believe LEO Network has several potentials during this decade. Based on predictive modeling and investor sentiment gleaned from different internet source. A price of $15-$20 expects as long as the team continues to grow, offer utility, and assist in terms of trading.

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