The Terminal List Season 2 Trailer, Release date, Cast, Story

The Terminal is an action thriller and drama series in 2023. The first episode of the series will become available on Amazon Prime Video on July 1st, 2023. The narrative of James Reece serves as the basis for the series. During a secret operation, his whole platoon of Navy SEALs is killed, and he is the unit’s lieutenant commander. Read the article to know about The Terminal List season 2.

The Terminal List Season 2

Even while Prime Video has not yet announced that The Terminal List will return for a second season, it seems that all parties involved are working toward making that happen. Screen Rant spoke with the novelist Jack Carr, the show’s lead writer Dave DiGilio, and the pilot’s director Antoine Fuqua (Training Day, The Equalizer). They all shared their thoughts on the series’ potential to move forward before the debut. Regarding the possibility of still another season, DiGilio added, “Fingers crossed.” Fuqua repeated, “That’s the aim,” as he spoke. “We most definitely went into it intending to accomplish that overarching goal. Therefore, if everything goes according to plan and we succeed, Amazon will do it again.

The Terminal List Season 2

Carr laughed and said, “I have no idea what the issue is with them.” However, even though Amazon has not yet made their final choice on Season 2, it does not imply that plans have not already been put into place. DiGilio noted that the writing staff is prepared for “each season” by having a “roadmap” in front of them. The key word here is “each,” which suggests that the series may go on through the conclusion of Season 2 into subsequent seasons. It makes perfect sense given that the program is based on the first book in a string of five books. If The Terminal List is a hit, the show will likely continue airing for a minimum of five seasons.

The Terminal List Season 2 Cast

We would not be surprised if Chris Pratt were to reprise his role as the former Navy SEAL James Reece. We can only hope that Constance Wu will reprise her role as the courageous journalist Katie Buranek since she was so good in the role. The choice of Taylor Kitsch is a little bit more ambitious. Both of his characters, Ben and Reece, have a close brotherly relationship that was quite touching to see develop throughout the story. However, his betrayal and role in the cover-up that resulted in many deaths, which Reece wanted vengeance for, finally caught up with him and led to his downfall.

We are given to assume that Reece shot and murdered his closest friend; yet, because his death occurred off-screen, it is plausible that he did not genuinely bleed out and may perhaps revive. Keep your fingers crossed! He had our adoration! There is a greater likelihood of seeing FBI agent Tony Liddle, portrayed by JD Pardo, and his associate Mac Wilson, played by Christina Vidal.

The Terminal List Season 2 Plot

The story may hinge on your ability to explain how Reece managed to live through his potentially deadly tumor. Because Reece had come to terms with the fact that he was going to die, it is very doubtful that he would have looked for treatment for his illness. It is particularly implausible because he had lost the desire to live after the deaths of his wife and daughter.

If it turns out that the tumor was not as deadly as they had anticipated, then this may throw a whole other bag of worms into the mix in terms of how he deals with the reality of the situation and where he goes from here on out.

The FBI agent had difficulty coming to terms with the fact that he had decided to let Reece go free. On the other hand, if he wanted to locate Reece, it may lead to problems for the two of them (Reece already proved he would not be coming willingly).

The Terminal List Season 2 Release Date

Although there has been no official news or announcements about the following season, the creators have shown a strong desire to continue the series with sequels and have provided hints on the storyline. The writer for the series, David DiGillo, and directors Antonie Fuqua and Jack Carr have all shown an interest in continuing the franchise by adapting Jack’s novels into new installments of the series.

They said that they have already begun the process of concept modification for the sequel and are thrilled to start work on a new season. Carr only publishes one book every year on average. DiGillo said that they already have a road map in their heads for the series, and the production of the series might take some time due to Carr’s one book being released each year, which will only postpone the show of the series.

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  1. The only hiccup in the mix is the tumor , as I see it. The other is Kitsch being dead means Reece is alone and ready to die if caught. Going thru friends like the Grim Reaper is going to put anyone even relatively close to him in the past on high alert.
    I think the the Kitsch character , if revived , presents the solution as the resident agent closest to the toxic agent used and the follow up cure or operation needed to have Reece survive. Only Kitsch fought by his side and accepted his fate while everyone else fought back. Interesting to see how the writers will show Reece finally having some humanity left if he spared him.


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