The Kashmir Files Collection Day 12, 13 – Day wise Earning Report

The Kashmir Files collection is growing day by day and it has officially entered the 100 crore earning movie club. The Anupam Kher Starer Movie is going places and getting strong responses in theatres. The Kashmir Files collection is showing growth even on the non-week days. 

The Kashmir Files Collection

The Kashmir Files is one of the most trending topics right now. The movie is getting support from viewers and also the government itself. Political parties are also supporting the movie and it has been made tax-free in almost every State. Many big franchises are offering free tickets to their employees and making contributions towards the movie and the public emotions.

The movie is about the genocide of Kashmiri Hindus that was carried out in Kashmir in 1990. Kashmir File Box office collection is also growing rapidly. We are here to discuss the day-wise collection of the movie and predict the future of its revenue.

The Kashmir Files Box Office Collection

Here on this page, we are gonna analyze and provide day-by-day stats of The Kashmir Files Earning and the total collection it has made so far. The movie started with a slow start and earned 3.55 Crore on its first day.

Mouth Marketing and reviews of the movie worked out and the movie collected 8.50 Crore INR on the second day (Saturday). The movie is being loved by the audience and viewers are recommending it to others on social media.

On the 3rd day (Sunday), The earnings boomed further and The Kashmir Files collected 15.10 Crore and proved that you don’t need paid promotion if the movie is loved by the viewers. The movie kept on getting boom and collected 15.05 Crore on 4th Day (Monday) and 18 Crore on 5th Day (Tuesday).

On the 6th Day (Wednesday) movie collected the highest of its single-day earning and bagged 19.05 Crore by making a total collection of 79.25 Crore in the first 6 days. The movie theatres are booked fully and the movie is getting all the love from the audience.

The Kashmir Files Collection

The Kashmir Files Day wise collection

Day Collection
Day 1 Collection 3.5 Crore
Day 2 Collection 8.50 Crore
Day 3 Collection 15.10 Crore
Day 4 Collection 15.05 Crore
Day 5 Collection 18 Crore
Day 6 Collection 19.05 Crore
Day 7 Collection 19.5 Crore
Day 8 Collection 20.1 Crore
Day 9 Collection 24.5 Crore
Day 10 Collection 26.2 Crore
Day 11 Collection
14 Crore
Day 12 Collection
14-15 Crore (Early Guess)
Day 13 collection

The Kashmir Files Total Collection

In the first seven days, The Kashmir Files Box Office collection has reached 118 crores and it has entered the 100 Crore club on Day 8. We are amazed to see the growth in daily earnings of the movie as we have not witnessed anything like that before. We hope that this movie will grow day by day and will reach multiple crores in revenue.

What are your views on The Kashmir Files movie and its growing collection? Leave a comment about how you feel about this movie.

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86 thoughts on “The Kashmir Files Collection Day 12, 13 – Day wise Earning Report”

        • This is happening since last thousand years & we as peaceful people are forgetting every Genocide,
          -Hindus never cry for their justice in front of the world,
          – They accomodate other in their culture & no descrimination based on beliefs although they are completely opposite to our culture & civilization, faith idolatry, etc.
          – Hindus have no problem of faith without idol worship but they have problem.
          – Their history is to loot innocent people, property, womens, girls, selling them in bazar, brutal killing of hindu leadership.
          – They are always unhappy with Leadership of Hindus, because they don’t want us to have leadership eg. Bjp, Rss, Vhp, SS, etc.
          – in Kashmir also they first killed leadership of Hindus people started from Mr. Taploo,
          -Isis also had similar pattern of not tolerating others,
          – This was happening since many years before Genocide,
          Jihad was slowly increased & day of dooms /kayamat ka din came 19 Jan 1990, was a black friday after jumma ki namaz,
          Mosque preaching done Innocent kafirs,

          Aliv galiv chaliv,

          Conver, Run, die

          This will surely happening tomorrow in different area of Bharat.

          Jai Hind 🇮🇳🇮🇳

    • Very courageous director, thankyou Mr. Vivek Agnihotri for making this movie.the movie compelled the people to think about the massacre 😭

  1. Every Indian should watch this movie, Make awareness about the hidden facts and figures. Being an Indians at this stage shouldn’t be discriminated. Full stop and put an end for these kind of tragedy in india. Irrespective of Caste, Gender, Religion all should live like brother hood and like one family !!
    Never and Ever think about the politics with civilians and Media should be work non discrimination.
    Indian won’t excuse CONGRESS ever and ever !! they should be punished another 50 years by not voting them!! Condemn and Shame less !!

    • Why Congress at that time BJP was in the centre and president rule in JK BJP governor was their why they did not stop please Google for correct information

      • So you mean to say that the party who has ruled for 5 years is not responsible but a party who has won just a month ago is responsible what a logic.

      • U foolish girl,it occured in 1990…but it was already there since 1984 and till 1990…bjp govt. came in 1989,which was too late to handle the situation created by jihadis…so better read full info then come,U madrassa passout

      • Get your facts right , that time CM Farooq Abdullah resigned on 18 jan 1990 a day before the genocide after which Jagmohan Malhotra was appointed for the administration of kashmir on 20 jan but due to bad weather he landed in kashmir on 21 jan , then how can you say that he is the one is responsible and one more thing that time BJP not in center it was Janta dal , and what are you trying to prove by blaming everything on BJP instead you should be ashamed that your beloved i$lam killed innocent people.

      • congress came back in 1991 did congress not suppressed the event and who created the article 370 it was congress article 370 was created by congress government

      • Idiot any incident don’t start at a single day rather it happens like a process from many days.
        Likewise on 19 january this tragedy took place but at that time jagmohan hadn’t reached the J&k as a governer he was just appointed as a governor before 19 January. I think on 18 January. Also before appointing him as a governor there had been many riots and persecution of hindus when congress had their government.JKLF was operating under congress.
        Congress did meeting with Yasin Malik and called him freedom fighter and youth icon instead of arresting him.

      • idiot, it was not just out of blue explosion, the situation in kashmir that led to final blow of 1991 KP exodus and genocide was the result of years of bad policies and short sightedness political steps….starting with Nehru itself. First blunder(accepted by nehru himself) was taking the issue of kashmir to UN.

      • Don’t divert or being diverted, the theme of this movie is all the muslim community of Kashmir were responsible of this genocide….. So need not to be discussed about which party was in power, but about the inhumanity of muslim community…

      • Either u hv not watched facts properly or u don’t want to admit it. Concentrate again on dates, VP singh govt sworn on 4th dec 89. Before this rajiv gandhi and farooq pair was there. On 19th jan 90 Jagmohan came as governer. Now u say who was behind all this genocide ?

  2. The movie is well directed and the story is well narrated. I saw twice on consecutive days. I still feel atrocity on kashmir pandits is not fully included or might have been censored. The governments, the media, article 370 and the jehadi mentality of Muslims are responsible for the killing of innocent pandits. Blood boils when they say Kashmir is ours without hindu men but with hindu women. This shows the dirty mind of these hard core Muslims. While hindus treat all women with respect and accommodate all religions as one family. The six exodus and the seventh genocide is to be remembered by all hindus all the time if they want their future generations to exist on this earth.

    • Very well said Maruti. There is a saying if you do not learn from history then it will repeat itself again and again. Thouse who are saying this movie will devise the nation and spread hate know exactly this and hence they want to hide this so that such genocides can be planned in future.

  3. यह भारत की सच्चाई है , और सच्चाई को लोग देखना चाहते है, लोगो में देशभकी अभी भी जिंदा है ।

  4. The reality of muslims is portrayed in this movie.
    Those who say Hindu-muslim bhai bhai are mad, ignorant fools who don’t understand the ulterior motives of muslims.

  5. I stopped watching Bollywood movies- all trash- when I was 15, in 1960, at least for the next 6 years, because they had nothing to do with reality. I did watch about one movie per decade after I got married to give company to my patni.
    This is the only movie that represents the reality fully, since 1957 (first movie I watched.) I hope the Criminal gang, called Bollywood, goes out of business.

  6. ‘Kashmir files’ is not a film anymore it is an emotion now.
    Huge respect to the Director and entire cast of the movie for the courage they have shown by bringing the filthiest truth about kashmir.

  7. हिन्दू अफगानिस्तान से भागे , फिर पाकिस्तान से भागे, फिर बांग्लादेश से भागे, फिर कश्मीर से भागे, इण्डोनेसिया में हिन्दूयो का सफाया, वियतनाम से सफाया, अब अगली बारी केरला , असम और वेस्ट बंगाल का है?

  8. Show the movies to children’s. Tell them the truth about these muzzies. It will help them to how to survive if these muzzies further attack our regions.

  9. It was emotional and shocking to know what had happened with a particular community (Read Hindus) 32 years ago. People were forced to leave their own homes, businesses, lands as it is and still living in their own country as refugees. No words to describe their pain. Was weeping through out the film. It was scary and I hope that such incidents would not take place in future.

  10. Mai aap sabko ek baat bata du ku agar Narsangharr dekhna h to abhi bhi dekh sakte h lekin dekhne to aap jayenge lekin wapis nhi aa payenge West Bengal jall raha h Date 12 February 2023 ko ek Ladki n post kri thi jisme usne bataya tha ki uske gharr k pass ek Majar h or waha se ladke aate hue Stones pelting krte hue gandi gandi gaaliyan dete hue challe jate h or police bhi kuch nhi krti
    Jinhone Mamta Banerjee ko Vote diya h wo bhi or nhi diya h wo bhi
    Gharo se ladkiyo ko nikal krke Balatkar kiya jaa raha h or isne State Government shant h kyuki Central Government ko ye sab Pata nhi or Pata bhi ho to wo Rastrapti sasan agar lagte h to jitne loog waha bacche h wo bhi Hindu marrey jayenge bahut hee buri halat h waha ki

    Sabhi ek rhe
    Nek rhe
    Bharat Mata ki jai
    Jai Sri Ram

    • सत्य है, पर लोग वोट देते टाइम मंहगाई, बेरोजगारी देखते हैं, बाद में इज्जेडटी लुटती है, घर से बेघर होते हैं।

  11. After watching the movie I felt that how the previous government for 60 years it was supporting terrorist’s now all most all Indians came to the true face of previous government now its blaming current government now pervious party want to get position & again want to support terrorist’s. We became intelligent & wont support such party which is supporting terriost.

  12. The movie is well directed and the story is well narrated. I saw twice on consecutive days. I still feel atrocity on kashmir pandits is not fully included or might have been censored. The governments, the media, article 370 and the jehadi mentality of Muslims are responsible for the killing of innocent pandits. Blood boils when they say Kashmir is ours without hindu men but with hindu women. This shows the dirty mind of these hard core Muslims. While hindus treat all women with respect and accommodate all religions as one family. The six exodus and the seventh genocide is to be remembered by all hindus all the time if they want their future generations to exist on this earth.

  13. अगर इतिहास से अब भी नही सीखा तो आने वाले समय में परिणाम इससे भी भयानक होंगे

  14. One the best movie I have seen kashmir file zindabad, but its time to #boycottbollywood the charsi , nashadi ganjadi gang Bollywood movie, who didn’t promote Kashmire file or supported.

  15. I watched this movie today 13:30 show at Inox firum mall, Whitefield Bangalore.
    The auditorium was almost full.
    A good movie, after the years and years the public had got a chance to know the truth.
    As a Christian I heard so many genocides, Armenian, Iraq, Syria.
    So this is a true story nothing more.

  16. This type of realistic Movie should be produce so that all the human being will get perfect knowledge and aware from insane

  17. सत्य कहा आपने ये अत्यन्त दुर्भाग्य है कि देश वासी इनके काले कारनामों को देख और समझ नहीं पाए।
    भारत माता की जय।

    • जो सभ्यता अपने इतिहास से सबक नहीं लेती है उनका विनाश हो जाता है। अपने स्वाभिमान जगाओ संघर्ष करो। हमारा स्वर्णिम इतिहास है जागो हिन्दुओं जागो।

  18. Hope This makes it to our school textbooks
    1. History Textbook: Ramayan, Mahabharat, Mopplah, Direct-Action Day & Partition Terror, Royal Indian Navy Revolt of 1946 which led to the India’s Independence.
    2. Math Textbook: Hindu Numeric System, Rename Al-Jebra with Vedic Ganeet Shastra & Trigonometry & Calculus with Jyotish Shastra, Sulbha Shastra, & Surya Siddhanta
    3. Medical & Science Textbook: Surya Siddhanta, Ayurveda, Carakh Samhita, Susharuta Samhita, etc.

  19. फिर भी कुछ मूर्ख हिन्दू इसको प्रोपेगन्डा बोल रहे है भगवान न करे उनके साथ भी कल ऐसे हालात न हो

  20. Every one, all over the world should watch it, especially the non-Hindus to see how Hindus have been subjected to brutality by the terrorists, Muslims, Media, Leftists, International Politicians. Furthermore, the entire country should put uniform civil code, monogamy (NO COMPROMISE), strong anti-sedition laws, strong messaging to everyone so that this does not happen to any community, any individual or any territory.

  21. These types of things don’t happens in weeks. Jihadi movement started in 1980. Art 370 & 35A was enacted in 1954 which was root cause of alienation. Congress was creation of English man AO Hume. So it was playing role middle man since then. There is hidden agenda of Congress to finish Indian culture. History and values. Congress must be punished for this. Another big lies Congress man that they have given India independence. Bulshit English people were seated in our judiciary, intelligence agencies, civil services, military services till 1960. All lies fed to indian minds and Congress man have looted India more than English. Most of them have houses abroad why?


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