The Kashmir Files Box Office Collection till date, Day wise earning

By reports, the film was initially released on 700 screens. Still, due to rising occupancy and a positive response from audiences to the trailer, who were eager to learn about the heart-wrenching story of the Kashmiri Pandits, The Kashmir Files Box Office have expanded their screenings to over 1000 screens. The number is sure to increase during the weekend.

The Kashmir Files Box Office Collection

The Kashmir Files, a film starring Anupam Kher and Mithun Chakraborty, has finally been released into the public domain. Despite several legal obstacles, the film was released on March 11 as scheduled. The Kashmir Files, directed by Vivek Agnihotri, is a real narrative based on the life of Kashmiri Pandits in 1990, during the Kashmir insurgency, and is set in the Indian state of Kashmir.

The film was only shown in a small number of theatres. Despite this, it collected a consistent amount of Rs 3.55 crore.

The Kashmir Files, directed by Vivek Agnihotri and co-starring Anupam Kher and Mithun Chakraborty, encountered several setbacks before ultimately making their way to the big screen on March 11. According to reports, The Kashmir Files is now playing in a limited number of theatres (630-plus screens).

Despite this, the film had a steady increase of Rs 3.55 on its first day of release. Taran Adarsh, a trade analyst, revealed the film’s opening weekend box office total and anticipated that the picture would experience a significant increase throughout the weekend.

Day Earning
Day 1 Box office Collection 3.55 Cr
Day 2 Box office Collection 8.50 Cr
Day 3 Box office Collection 15.10 Cr
Day 4 Box office Collection 15.05 Cr
Day 5 Box office Collection 18 Cr
Day 6 Box office Collection 19.05 Cr
Day 7 Box office Collection 19.50 Cr
Day 8 Box office Collection 20.1 Cr
Day 9 Box office Collection 24.5 Cr
Day 10 Box office Collection
26.2 cr
Day 11 Box office Collection 14 Cr
Day 12 Box Office Collection 15-16 Cr
Day 13 Box Office Collection

The Kashmir Files Box office

According to the director, in a tweet, Vivek Ranjan Agnihotri expressed his delight at the film’s success, noting that it had earned Rs 4.25 crores globally on its first day of release. “It’s a fresh start. A new revolution is underway. It all began with a brief video about the greatest tragedy in the history of humanity. His message to Indians was simple: “Thank you.”

The Kashmir Files Day-wise earning

When it comes to the box office, The Kashmir Files, a film based on the lives of Kashmiri Pandits, has made an impression by earning around Rs 4.25 crores on its very first day of general release. In anticipation of a significant weekend rush by March 13, the picture released on March 11 is presently being shown on more than 1000 screens.

Although the film was initially released on 700 screens, rising occupancy

and a positive response from audiences eager to learn more about the heart-wrenching storey of the Kashmiri Pandits have prompted theatres to expand their screenings to more than 1000 screens at this time, according to the reports. Through the weekend, the number may grow.

Various estimates indicate that the film will gross between Rs 14 crore and Rs 15 crore (net) over the weekend based on its performance on premier properties. Please keep in mind that the film will only be distributed in theatres throughout India and cannot be viewed via digital platforms at this point. One of the biggest OTT platforms requested that filmmaker Vivek Ranjan Agnihotri refrain from using “Islamic Terrorism” in the conversations.

The Kashmir Files Collection to date

A lengthy interview with OpIndia CEO Rahul Raushan was conducted by Vivek Agnihotri, the director of The Kashmir Files. They spoke at length about the film’s production, the hurdles his team encountered, and how he ensured that the film would be released in theatres nationwide. He said that over-the-top (OTT) platforms operate inside a narrow ideological framework.

The ideological isolation of the film has also led to film reviewers like Anupama Chopra allegedly undermining the picture, NDTV changing the SEO settings by labelling it a “propaganda film,” and television chat programmes refusing to promote the film, among other things. As well as legal difficulties, the film had encountered opposition from those who sought to prevent its distribution.

Contrary to this, once the film’s release date was announced on March 11, social media users were observed pushing viewers to see the film by tagging it with the hashtag ‘Must Watch.’ According to one of the viewers, the movie was more than a film; it was an emotional experience. Everyone must watch this film to learn about the gut-wrenching reality of the Kashmiri Hindu genocide, as described in a Twitter message.

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      • Beyond all that everyone has the right to tell their side of the story. Even if you want to remain blindfolded to the sufferings of any non-muslim people in the country. Repeat it till you believe it ‘There was no genocide, There was nor Ethnic Cleansing and No Forced Migration’ – Far Right people


          • Mere bhai rishabh tiwari bro jatiya kaha per nhi hai mujhe batana chahe Kristin and Muslim sabhi me hai bro
            Tumhe jaha se bhi ye gyan mila jara padhna fir kahi per gyan dena ki videsho me jatiyan nhi hoti

          • The problem with socialist secular Hindus is that they do not understand the meaning of being a Muslim (a person who follows Islam) and instead use rational logic on an irrational religion called Islam. Therefore, these secular idiots come to the wrong conclusion and end up making a fool of themselves.

        • Oh, great discourse!
          I don’t know what is your grasp about Kashmir and Kashmiri Hindus and the facts about the atrocities kashmiri Hindus have suffered but it seems you are myopic. If it is not a ethnic cleansing, then what do you call it? Open the horizons of your mind and try to grasp the facts, Mr Aggarwal. I can say nothing more than that.

        • I am sure you have never faced such problem …so you think it doesn’t exist … But that doesn’t change few hard facts what extremists have done with Kashmiri Hindu ….

      • It’s not about Pandit…It’s all about the existence of HINDUS.
        They have a problem with the existence of Hindus be it a pandit kshatriya shudra or anyone else.

        • Absolutely it is about intolerance by Kashmiri Muslims towards non Muslims in this case Hindus and the silent support to it by others (including so called liberal Hindus)
          The left gang will paint a picture of oh it is only against Brahmanas etc.. bulldust… When Jihadi come attacking he is not going to check if you are a Tripathi, Khanna or Mandal!
          as simple as that

          • Very well said. It is written in their book and preached vehemently that all non-believers of Allah are kafirs and are to be killed. So jihadis do not look what you are
            And also very well said that the lefts will start dividing our people into castes and nullify the danger coming to all from the Jihadis who are the danger to humanity

          • I was in Kashmir in June 1990 when we have to leave overnight after our names came up on the HIT LIST in the local Masjid in Karan Nagar, Srinagar…..we came to know about this from the local Kabadi, and then 2 rounds were fired by the terrorists on our main door.

        • it is not about per there book and Mullas they have right to kill anybody who doesnot believe in Allah..So enjoy the secularism till u are alive
          u can see all around world they have problem with christian, Buddhist, Hindus, Sikhs and Jews

          • It is also wrong interpretation of what was original guidance. The book was tampered 200 years later.

            The black dictact is conviniently used by Muslim leaders. And no one is questioning them.

      • It was a genocide of kashmiri Pandora and as usual we all need to remember who was chanting slogans – allah hu albar.

        • World wide muslims are converting ans in west they dont want loss of there expensive buildings so now they have an islamophobia day in march .as an ex muslim i have one thing to say get together and unite or loose your country hindus no need for any aggression just be firm dont loose temper the world is waiting to blame mr modi .so beat them at there game by words good luck .for them you are kaffirs .

  1. Very shocking that several such facts were deliberately white-washed and brushed under the carpet, leave apart teaching in our history books. Isn’t concealing the truth and sheltering anti nationals a crime?

  2. Hmare media aaj bhi use kashmir insurgency bula rha h sach bolo yrr jaise vivek agnihotri ne bola not insurgency but islamic jihad islamic terrorism word use kro..

    • Am a Christian and I really don’t want to watch this movie. Reason, I wontbe the same again with my Islamic friends.

      • Think I terms of what is needed to avoid this kind of things in future so that world can live like a family. Just stand by the truth.

      • But for you it is ok if hindu has suffered. But you don’t want to loose ur Muslim friends. You Christians such a mean ppl. You and jihadis have one thing in common, hindu hatred and india hatred. This film has demonstrated that even if you mean ppl don’t watch a film can be successfull.

  3. Kashmir Files opened the pandora box first time in the Indian history of cinema. In the name of secularism truth was never told. The film will be a big hit as it is establishing an emotional connection en masse. The film will also open the flood gate for more and more such films to be produced in the country.

  4. सभी सनातन हिंदुओं से निवेदन है कि “Tha Kashmir Files ” मूवी को जरूर देखें। और सेकुलर और भाईचारे वाले तो जरूर देखें।

    • It is movement which should continue. This movie should be telecast across all medium so that Hindus become aware what is in store for them unless and they unite and fight for their survial. Remember Hindus were present from Indonesia to Afghanistan and now only limited to Bharat

  5. This movie will break all the record there are 1m + tweet on tweeter this is the record itself and this movie deserve oscar also

    • Oscar is an American based awards giving company.So why would you want another country to praise your country movies.By the way, Oscar goes “only” to shitty American movies.Share this to everyone and watch The Kashmir files

  6. It must be the biggest blockbuster in recent times…to encourage such honest film production & encourage the Director to take up such brave untold themes

  7. Ensure Khangress Mukt Bharat to have permanent peace. Boycott all anti nationals to save our culture and heritage. Pseudo Liberals must be isolated including the Pseudo Intellectuals.

  8. Hindu life matters but in india killing or massacre of hindus is not TRP. Mapila riots in kerala again this was supressed and story not know to 99% indians. channels like NDTV, India today, ABP should be banned for not being truthful. Who are they appeasing their terror sympathizer Aakas siting in dubai

    • well said Pavi. Hindu Life matters should be the new slogan to bering truth to Indian Government and world. Out Media should be exposed and brought to justice for not showing to public by Banning those channels for hiding such a Maccacre in the Nation. Leftists should be exposed for their antinational activities including appeasing tactics.
      Kudos for your thoughts. Action should follow outrage not apathy.

    • You cannot be a Tikoo for sure or you are brain dead . If you are saying it’s one sided. Tell us the other story and face your maker some day .

      • Kaul Sir, you are correct. I also believe that some anti national has posted the comment here under Tikoo surname which is essentially a Kashmiri pandit one. Tikoo’s of Kashmir are a very respectful khandaan and one of them would never stoop so low to term the film as based on untruths. The fact is that the incidents shown in the film are 100% true. All india loving people should see the film. If it happened to us in Kashmir in 1990, it can happen to other Hindus in the rest of the country if they do not wake up now.
        Jai Hind.

    • Surprised with your comment!! Your surname suggests that you are a kashmiri pandit but could be with dubious name!! Please ping me at [email protected] and i will be happy to understand your view point – BUT – showing naked truth is not raising communal hatred sir. Also, your comment “not based on truth and facts” – lets see what have you got!! I am a kashmiri pandit, lived those times first hand and i openly say that whatever is shown is absolutely TRUE, albeit, the movie time of 2 hour 50 minutes – they could only cover 10% of hard hitting facts!! So – before commenting -do check your basis!!

      • I was looking for place where should I post comment on Kashmir File. I found this place to write. The director of the film tells about past history of Kashmir through various conferences, discussions, promotions etc on youtube connecting Kashmir with Ashoka, Buddhists, Natya Shashtara creation, abode of rishies etc. As I am Brahmin and have some elementary knowledge of Sanskrit, Vedas, Mahabharata etc. One of the main principles of Natya Shashtra is this that tragedies are not to be depicted or written or shown in plays or nataks or in any form for knowledge and entertainment of the general public.Films are extensions of plays and are creations of playwriters or in a way screenplay writers on modern times. Why so much blood shed, rapes, cutting the torso of woman etc. Such morbid scenes should not be shown. I have not seen the film yet but saw numerous videos, clips, conferences, interviews etc on YouTube and social media. This is too much of publicity with vested interests. India has produced many grand films for social causes but depiction in Kashmir Files is morbid, disturbing, driven with greed to make fast buck. Further it may spoil political stability and may create rift among Hindus and Muslims as it happened during partition of 1947 wherein millions of people were uprooted.

    • If u had a bit of intellect you would have figured something which your eyes could not. Unfortunately, you do not have.

    • R u Kashmiri? Mr.Tikoo ? Your surname looks like u r kashmiri, I am not kashmiri , but I can feel the pain of this incidents in JK, these are facts , that lady put in electric woodcutter is true, its truth and fact is recorded , please find time to open in google and read

    • You have been watching the other side all these while – the virtual and lopesided version !
      – sadky, mirror can feel wrong, but can it be wrong or unreal ?


  10. The Kashmir Files is Honest Film , IT speaks for Kashmiri Pandits Genocide. Great effort.THis is a reality Hindus are getting slaughter on the name of Islamic Terrorism. Its a real truth. Some so called fake Secular agenda is running from last many years by TUkde Tukade gang to bleed India with thousand cuts.
    A brave effort by Vivek agnihotri.

  11. Is film ka maksad kashmiri pandito ka dard dikhana nahi sab jante hain is film ka maksad nahi to isme vp singh ko jo bjp ka support tha uske bare me bat hoti magar nahi hui 2023 up ki taiyari thi par omicron ki vajah. Se nahi ho paya tha sare facts ko onesided kar diya gya hai aur kuch nahi

    • You can confront film maker, he is having hundreds of proofs , interviews, paper clippings. Don’t live in fools Paradise.

      • Please don’t be so aggressive and harsh towards my fellow countrymen – it is our duty to sanitize the distorted facts imbibed in our memory

  12. Dhanyawad
    The Kashmir Files Team ko
    Ab aap loogo ko Kam se Kam 10 or History base Movie banani h jisme Hinduo k saath aamanviy Ghatnaye hui ho jiski wajah se aane WI generation apna paisa Movie dekhne m lagaye to History base Movie dekhne pr naki Story or Drama Romance

    Jai Hind
    Bharat Mata ki Jai

  13. सभी देश बंधुओं से निवेदन है की फिल्म को डाउनलोड या ऑनलाइन माध्यम से ना देखें यदि आपके पास पर्याप्त समय है तो सिनेमा घर में जाकर देखें यदि आप ऐसा करते हैं तो यह भारतीय होने के नाते आपका अग्निहोत्री जी के उत्कर्ष कार्य को प्रोत्साहन देगा

  14. Very rightly depicted massacre and atrocities on hindus. This is one of the thousands of instances where muslim invaders killed hindus starting from mohd bin qasim in 712 AD til now and is still continuing in Indian subcontinent. 8 crore hindus have till now been killed by these invaders a d will continue till ghazva e hind but hindus remain ignorant, selfish and still divided in castes and region.

  15. Each n every member has to not only go n watch the kashmir files in theatres but also rate it as 10/10 on google n IMDb so that it grabs eyeballs globally!!!

  16. i read comments of some tikkoo saab who said not true facts and one side????? i m not kashmiri nor pandit but not seeing the movire till now bcz still not got tickets of movies! but aap sabkoye baataduu our neighbors who were living in anantnag district theytold us their stories how they run nange pair only having 10 rupees by help of truck driver and it is very disturbing they told us long ago when i was child how their muslim neighbors raped & killed their girls ! woh chawl ki bori wla scene 1000 % sach hai so plzzzzzzzzzzzzz it is naked truth ko pechhano o fake kashmiri tikooo! plzzzzzzzzzzzzz mat marne do aur hinduooo ko!!!!

  17. Shame on cecular hindu I said to govt plz justice for Kashmiri pandits ab samay aagya h ek minereoty me kasmiri pandito ko waha punah vishthapit kare or kashmir me Bangladesh pakistan me se hinduo ko le or kasmir basaye hindu bahusankhyak tor pe justice abhi baki h

  18. As per Jihadists and leftists on The Kashmir files.

    2004 movie Main Hoo naa showing a Hindu character shooting kashmiri Muslims is speaking truth (even though there is no truth in it as the movie disclaimer clearly states it as imagination) But in the kashmir files movie which clearly mentioned based on real incidents showing Islamic jihadists killing 24 Pandits at point blank (even the government records shows it) is a propaganda movie.

  19. Each n every member has to not only go n watch the kashmir files in theatres but also rate it as 10/10 on google n IMDb so that it grabs eyeballs globally!!!


  21. आंधी है यह जलजला है
    पूरे वेग से चला है
    किसमे दम है जो लड़ा है
    कौन रह सका खड़ा है
    The Kashmir Files in top 10 movie of South America and Australia, demands are from there, where no Indian movie had released yet..
    It is THE BEST MOVIES of India, by emotions, by truth telling, by facts and by collection 🔥

  22. It’s not just film it’s truth of our country… It’s time to rights and fight for our kashmiri family jai hind jai bharat

  23. સાચી વાત છે આ ફિલ્મ મા ઈસ્લામ નિ ક્રુર હિનસા નો ભોગ નિદોસ પંડિતો બનયા છે.

  24. What shown in movie is even not 10% of actual what has happened
    Over the period false narratives are killing Kashmiri traditional Culture, Recipes, practices everything

  25. एक बार योगी को दिखा दो फिल्म
    फिर साला मसला ही हल हो जाएगा।
    उन कुत्तों को आजादी देगा।।

  26. Now the time has come to redefine the secularism,
    The hypocrisy of the minority and victim Hood narrative to be changed

  27. All non muslim indian should feel ashamed for the 19th jan. 1990.
    in fact 19th jan Should be observe as GUILTY DAY.
    To prove our condolence to KP’s.

  28. Go and watch Bitta karate’s interview on the YouTube. It’s available. Then decide yourself if a killer is admitting openly that he killed people only because of his faith what should be your reaction. I desperately want the same thing to happen to you, so your soul know the depth behind it.

  29. Bhai itna hi Bhai chara tha to Pakistan aur Bangladesh kyo bana ?
    Ye log itne hi shantipriy hai to US 9/11 kya tha , Mumbai attack kya tha ?
    Ye log itne hi shantipriy hai to ISIS kya hai , Al-Quida kya hai , Talibani afganisthan mein guns leke kyo ghum rahe hai ?
    Ye log itne hi dayalu hai to Sambhaji ki kahani padhiye , krur Aurangjeb ne kya kiya unke saath.
    Ye log itne dayalu hai ki Pruthvi Raj chauhan ne Ghauri ko 14-15 baar jivan daan diya aur last mein Prithvi raj chauhan ko hi bandi bana liya aur andha kar diya , ye hai inki insaniyat ..
    Pakistan aur Bangladesh bana based on religion , lekin hamne inko India mein rahne diya …. aur abhi ye hamare hi pith mein khanjar khop rahe hai ….

  30. Mene Sale massage pade inme muje 1 ya 2 muslims ke massage milye vo bhi koi afsos wale nahi..isase sabit hota he ki muslimo ko koi fark hi nahi padta 1990 me kashmir me kya huwa…problam hum hindu me he jo unity nahi bana rahe..hindu hi hindu ka majak uda raha…hamne to apni jindagi adhi ji li muje kabhi apne bacho ko dekh kar rona a jata ki ye..apni ane wali jidagi kese jiyenge hamare jane ke baad. agar insaniyat he to kabhi akele me beth kar sochna…

  31. As a proud American now, originally from Pakistani religious minority, This movie is telling the true story of all minorities living under the religion of piece or communism be it Qdiyanis, Ahmedis, Ismaelies, Parsis, Christians, Hindus or Sikhs – the same stuff happens to us almost every day over in muslim countries but nobody is there to report it or make a movie about it. I have already watched this movie twice in theaters here. I never thought I’d see the day when someone will have the guts to make and show a movie like this. Why is this story repeated over and over and over and over again, in the history of humanity, by the same bad characters i.e. muslay and commies. Why are their tactics, track record, history and methods exactly the same? From ancient times and regions till now present day India and USA ——I see the same exact crapppp going on in American media, schools and colleges, as is shown in movie. Why are we the people of the world putting up with this anymore. We must see that both these bad characters have so much in common that they have joined hands now and are covering and helping each other by fooling us all with the same methods and tactics. The biggest culprit though is not the snake that bites you its the people who keep feeding the snake. Yes I am talking to you naive, good hearted people or the people with Stolkhom Syndrome… all of you who are so easily convinced by the sweet talking tactics of the Islamoo-commies disguised as woke SJWs. without your help and backing everyone would know their true ugly faces and they would have no power. Please Translate and post the material put up by Robert Spencer, David Woods, Bill Warner and Apostate Prophet every where you can and demand or support 2nd Amendment – learn not die begging for mercy on your knees rather learn to fight and die honorably fighting 2 of the most genocidal evils in the history of humanity

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