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Vivek Ranjan Agnihotri, the director of the film ‘The Kashmir Files,’ revealed that his new film, named ‘The Delhi Files,’ would be released in theatres this summer. The filmmaker did not provide any details about his next movie, although rumors are circulating that it would be based on the 1984 anti-Sikh riots and the Delhi riots which happened in 2020.

The Delhi Files

Following the success of The Kashmir Files, filmmaker Vivek Agnihotri has announced the release of his next film. On Friday, he came to Twitter to discuss his next film, The Delhi Files, and his ambitions for it. The Kashmir Files became one of the most successful films to be released in India after the outbreak.

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On Friday, April 15, director Vivek Agnihotri went to his social media accounts to express his gratitude to his fans for their love and support for his record-breaking film The Kashmir Files, which was released in 2017. He said that it took him four years of hard labor to create TKF and that it was vital for him to raise awareness of the injustice and genocide perpetrated against Kashmiri Hindus.

He also announced his next project, “The Delhi Files,” which would be released shortly. Since he made the news, fans have erupted in excitement, and the hashtag #TheDelhiFiles has been a hot topic on Twitter. We are sure that, like with TKF, Agnihotri would not leave any stone unturned in his pursuit of The Delhi Files.

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In the same way that Vivek’s previous project, The Kashmir Files, was based on the actual events of the mass killings and exodus of Kashmiri Hindus from the Kashmir Valley, Vivek’s new project will follow the actual events of anti-Sikh riots that occurred in 1984, following the assassination of the then Prime Minister of India on October 31, 1984, which resulted in the deaths of more than 3000 innocent Sikhs in New Delhi and an estimated 8000-17000 deaths.

The armed separatist Khalistan movement, which desired independence from India, was responsible for the continuation of bloodshed in Punjab throughout the 1980s. During this period, the Sikh community was targeted, and a series of organized murders of community members took place. The assailants brought iron rods, clubs, gasoline, and fuel when they invaded Sikh neighborhoods to kill them. It is one of the darkest episodes in India’s historical record.

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There was a lot of enthusiasm among fans in response to Vivek Agnihotri’s tweet, which was shared by many others. “You have established yourself as a legend. I’ve often wondered: Is there no director in our country who can create a film on the Kashmir holocaust, or about partition tragedy, or about mopla or Noakhali, or any of the other topics on which there is a huge list? It’s possible that God sent you to do this. “Wishing you the best of luck with your future endeavor,” one of the social media users said on Twitter.

Following a lengthy sit-in by Muslim women on the Seelampur-Jaffrabad route to protest the Citizenship Amendment Act, 2019, violence between Hindus and Muslims erupted in Northeast Delhi in February and March 2020.

Violent protests occurred as BJP leader Kapil Mishra threatened to forcibly remove the demonstrators if they did not clear out by a specific deadline.

In all, 53 people were murdered, and many structures were damaged, according to government data. During the unrest, many local inhabitants were forced to flee their homes.

Meanwhile, Agnihotri is still reveling in the popularity of his most recent film, The Kashmir Files, which depicted the exodus of Hindus from the Kashmir Valley during the early 1990s, when separatists threatened them.

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  1. This hate spreader who calls him self I am budhha selling violence first sold Hindu Muslim hatred ,now will sell Sikh Hindu divide .but never show the saffron viruses involvement in both the tragedies .No sensible man can believe that Rajiv Gandhi got more than 400 seats without involvement of RSS support BJP reducing only 2 To whom this virus wants to fool.

  2. Will this movie depict the number of Hindus killed prior to 1984 which caused 1984 and assignation of Indira Ghandi? Or just everything after? We need the full story – before, during and after.


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