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The Batman is just a few weeks away. With Robert Pattinson in the lead and Matt Reeves behind the camera, the Caped Crusader is poised to enter a new age. Even better, the film will be over three hours long, making it the longest The Batman solo film ever filmed.    

 The Batman 

Batman was the most extensive superhero series on the big screen before the MCU. Even though Warner Bros. has had to start and stop a few times since Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight trilogy ended, fans’ enthusiasm for the caped crusader from Gotham is always strong. That is the case with The Batman, his most recent adaption.

Matt Reeves scripted (together with Peter Craig). They directed The Batman, a completely fresh take on Ben Affleck’s Batman character that audiences saw in Batman v Superman and The Justice League. However, there are also rumblings about how Reeve’s Batman would connect with Warner Bros.’ ongoing efforts to construct a DC Universe to challenge Marvel.

The Batman Release Date

On March 4, 2023, The Batman will be released exclusively in cinemas. The film has already been postponed twice because of the continuing epidemic, but it now appears to be released globally in theaters at the beginning of March.

The Batman

The following superhero picture from Warner Bros. will also be accessible on HBO Max. On the other hand, Batman will not debut on the studio’s streaming channel until 45 days after it hits cinemas, according to its 2022 release timetable. Then don’t expect it to arrive until April 18 at the earliest.

The Batman Cast

Commissioner Gordon is played by Westworld’s Jeffrey Wright, who also appears in Pattinson’s film. Catwoman, portrayed by Zoe Kravitz, completes the ensemble. Kravitz, who signed on in October 2019, may have beaten out numerous other candidates for the post. Vanessa Kirby of Hobbs and Shaw was a contender for Selina Kyle at one point, but Kravitz won out in the end.

Actor Character
Robert Pattinson Bruce Wayne/Batman
Andy Serkis Alfred Pennyworth
Zoë Kravitz Selina Kyle/Catwoman
Paul Dano Edward Nashton/The Riddler
Colin Farrell Oswald ‘Oz’ Cobblepot/The Penguin
Jeffrey Wright Jim Gordon
John Turturro Carmine Falcone
Peter Sarsgaard District Attorney Gil Colson
Jayme Lawson Bella Reál

Besides considering the role from a woman’s perspective, the actress has also noted. “How does it feel to play this role as a woman?”? How are we going about it, and how are we making sure we’re not fetishizing or establishing a stereotype in the process? It has to be a genuine person, I knew.”

The Batman Plot

After facing off against Superman and Steppenwolf in the most current incarnation of the caped crusader, Batman aims to go back to basics. “In his second year of battling crime, Batman discovers corruption in Gotham City that relates to his own family while confronting a serial murderer known as The Riddler,” according to IMDb.

Another critical narrative tidbit we’ve gleaned from the trailers is that Batman and Catwoman look to have a shaky, flirty relationship in the film; this is a common theme for the two characters in Batman films and comics. According to reports, Batman is on track to be one of the longest superhero films ever filmed, with a runtime of about three hours.

The Batman Villain

Reeves went into great detail on the corruption in Gotham City and how it relates to the film. We witness Batman’s tense meetings with the Gotham Police Department (who will soon receive their own HBO Max series). He’s also seen looking at Commissioner Pete Savage, portrayed by Alex Ferns, from a distance. Despite sharing Vandal Savage’s last name, the character was invented by Reeves and did not appear in DC Comics.

According to Reeves, although the film is not an origin story for Batman, it is for a handful of his foes. Selina Kyle (Zo Kravitz), the woman who would become Catwoman, is one of them. Selina appears in a couple of trailer images. In the first, she’s taken from a crime scene while dressed as a cat burglar, replete with a pointy-eared balaclava. It seems to be the same murder scene where the Riddler can also be seen.

The Batman Trailer

The debut of the fresh new trailer was one of the most anticipated unveilings during the event, and it was one of the most anticipated unveilings of the event. The first trailer emerged online, and this fresh glimpse gives us a closer peek at the caped crusader’s newest film.

Fans got their most good glimpse yet at Paul Dano’s The Riddler, as well as a convoluted connection between Zoe Kravitz’s Catwoman and Colin Farrell’s The Penguin. There are also several footages of Robert Pattinson’s Batman beating off thugs.

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