Spider-Man No Way Home Box Office Collection, Movie Review, total earning till date

Spider-Man No Way Home was a huge (extended) 1st week at the Spider-Man No Way Home Box Office Collection with 148 crores in just 8 days. It’s reminiscent of the good old 2019 when Indian cinemas saw the best collections ever generated month after month with countless films entering 100 Crore and 200 Crore clubs. Audiences made a big comeback with the 1st Sooryavanshi in November, and SpiderMan: No Way Home rekindled the momentum.

Spider-Man No Way Home Box Office Collection

  • SpiderMan: No Way Home collecting Rs 150 crores after 9 days in India.
  • SpiderMan: No Way Home will be collecting more this Christmas weekend now.
  • SpiderMan: No Way Home has become the biggest Marvel movie since Avengers: Endgame.

Spider Man No Way Home

Full Week 1 Breakup of Spider-Man No Way Home in India

Thursday  Rs 32.67 crore
Friday  Rs 20.37 crore
Saturday  Rs 26.10 crore
Sunday  Rs 29.23 crore
Monday  Rs 12.10 crore
Tuesday  Rs 10.40 crore
Wednesday  Rs 8.70 crore
Thursday  Rs 8.50 crore
Total Rs 148.07 crore

Through 7-days, the Film’s Totals Stand At

  • $385.8M domestically. That’s the #3 seven-day total of all time, in the back of most effective Avengers: Endgame with $473.8M and Star Wars: The Force Awakens with $390.8M. It’s better than #4 Avengers: Infinity War with $338.3M and #5 Star Wars: The Last Jedi with $296.6M.
  • $490.2M overseas. The main markets to date are the United Kingdom with $ 61.4 million, Mexico with $ 46.0 million, France with $ 31.0 million, South Korea with $ 29.9 million, Brazil with $ 28.4 million, Australia with $ 28.2 million, India with $ 24.9 million, Russia with $ 23.1 million, Germany with 17.2 million of dollars. M, Italy with $ 17.1 million and Spain with $ 14.2 million. The film is yet to be released in China.
  • $876.0M globally. It is already the best English title of the year, ahead of No Time to Die with $ 774.0 million and F9 with $ 726.2 million. Of all languages, it’s No. 2 of the year behind China’s only The Battle of Changjin Lake with $ 902.5 million, which looks almost certain to overtake on Friday.

The film is already a super hit and is approaching blockbuster status. Although this is a Hollywood movie it worked for the Hindi film industry and audiences are back in theaters and now the game is ready to get the kind of mass content that would keep them coming back to theaters week after week.

There has been all this unnecessary and messy talk about how audiences will now prefer OTT to theaters after 20 months of silence due to the pandemic.

However, those two bigwigs have come and shown the way, and now it’s up to the industry to find the right movies that come out in style in theaters and make everything count to keep “achche din” going. for the coming months.

World Wide Market Collection Through Thursday

United Kingdom $61.4 million
Mexico $46.0 million
France $31.0 million
South Korea $29.9 million
Brazil $28.4 million
Australia $28.2 million
India $24.9 million
Russia $23.1 million
Germany $17.2 million
Italy $17.1 million
Spain $14.2 million

It is likewise breaking new statistics globally every day, rising because of the most powerful movie global in the pandemic era. No Way Home had earned $813 million globally on Thursday, surpassing No Time to Die because of the highest-grossing Hollywood movie of the year.

It continues to be on the number three spot in the highest-grossing movies of 2022 though, in the back of Chinese movies The Battle at Lake Changjin and Hi, Mom, each of that have earned over $900 million.

However, analysts predict that No Way Home will soon overtake both. Insiders say No Way Home is set to become the first and only billion-dollar film of 2022.

Directed by Jon Watts, Spider-Man: No Way Home stars Tom Holland in the lead, alongside an ensemble cast featuring Benedict Cumberbatch, Zendaya, Willem Dafoe, Alfred Molina, and Jamie Foxx. The movie marks Tom’s third solo journey as Spider-Man other than his appearances in different movies of the MCU.

After exactly one week, the numbers continue to rise for the biggest Spider-Man No Way Home Box Office Collection, the superhero sequel SpiderMan: No Way Home from Sony Pictures, Columbia Releasing, and Marvel Studios.

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