Sofia Ansari Bio, Instagram, Wiki, Videos, Family, Early Life

All the information about Sofia Ansari will be made available to you in our article. We will tell you what their Instagram account is and also we will try to give complete information about their family. Not only this, we will tell you what could be Sofia’s early life. Also, clear information about her biography has been provided in our article. So read our article carefully till the end.

Sofia Ansari Bio

Sofia was born on 30 April 1996 in Gujarat. She completed her studies at Ryan International High School, Gujarat. Her college education was also completed in Gujarat. Her father’s name is not available and her mother was a homemaker. Sofia’s annual income is 70 lakh rupees. She raises herself on her own. At the age of 26, she achieved a very high position. She is also known as Tik Tok Queen.

Sofia Ansari is a famous Tik Tok star who is very much liked by the people. Sofia is also famous as a Social Media Influencer, Actress, and Model. Her fan followings are in the number millions. It became famous on Tik Tok due to its lip-sync music videos and dance moves. She is currently living in Mumbai, Maharashtra. Where right now she is focusing more on her modeling courier.

Sofia Ansari Instagram

Sofia also has an Instagram account where you can follow her. The name of her Insta account is sofia9__official, her account has not been verified yet, due to which she has not got a blue tick. But you can easily follow them by searching on Instagram. Currently, Sofia’s Instagram followers are 8.8 million. This number is huge and the fan following of Sofia is equally huge on other platforms as well.

Sofia Ansari Wiki

Miss Ansari’s courier started from Tik Tok. The app was made later. But due to her high fruit following, her trap gave him a lot of love on the rest of the platform as well. Now videos are made on Instagram as well as on MX Taka Tak. Sofia says non-veg along with dring. Apart from this, she likes dogs very much. Sofia’s favorite actor is Akshay Kumar.

Sofia Ansari Bio

Sofia Ansari Videos

Due to making videos on Tik Tok, her followers were 5.2 million. In addition, she has also created a YouTube channel. Where she makes makeup videos. She has 2.59k subscribers on YouTube. She also got the verified tag because of the videos on Tik Tok. Sofia was well-liked because of her irresistible smile and looks. People also like Sofia’s dressing style and her personality.

Sofia Ansari

Her full name is Sofia Ansari and she is from India. There is no information available about her father’s name. There is no specific information about their siblings either. But some time back Sofia made a make-up video with one of her sisters. Which people liked a lot. But there is no clear information about him whether she has any sister or not. Sofia is not married yet.

Sofia Ansari Early Life

In the coming life, Sofia can also be seen doing modeling. Right now she is working for her courier in Mumbai. Where she also works as a model and also makes Insta videos. The youth generation follows Sofia a lot. Everyone keeps waiting when Sofia will post her next video. You will soon get information about her early life.

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