Shriram Properties Share Price, Growth, Future Prediction

Shriram Properties is a part of Shriram Group which was incorporated in 200, is a real estate development company in South India. As of 30 September 2022, the company has completed 29 projects, out of 29 posts, 24 projects have been done in Bengaluru and Chennai. Shriram Properties IPO was started on 08 December 2022 and it ended on 10 December 2022, in this article we are going to discuss Shriram Properties Share Price, Growth & Future Prediction. So, be with the article till the end.

Shriram Properties Share Price

As I mentioned above Shriram Properties is part of Shriram group, Shriram Properties IPO was started with price of ₹113 to ₹118 per equity share and it was listed on 20 December 2022 at the price of ₹90 on NSE, now as on 24 December 2022 (13:40 IST) per equity share price is only ₹84.90 on NSE. On 23 December 2022, per equity share price was closed at ₹90.15 on NSE.

Shriram Properties Share Price

When the share market opened today (24 December 2022) the share price of Shriram Properties was ₹90.15 on NSE, but at the place of increasing, the price has gone down. In the last four days, the share price of Shriram Properties has decreased by -14.86%.

Country India
Share Shriram Properties
IPO Opening Date 08 December 2022
IPO Closing Date 10 December 2022
IPO Listing Date 20 December 2022
Per equity share price of Shriram Properties (IPO) ₹113 to ₹118
Listed on 20 December at BSE & NSE ₹90 (NSE)
Shriram Properties Share Price (As of 24 December 2022) ₹84.90 (NSE) (13:40 IST)

Since 08 December 2022, the Shriram Properties share price has gone down and down. When the IPO (Initial public offering) was opened on 08 December 2022, it was expected that the company’s share would make a good graph in the share market. Sad to say that whoever had bought the share of Shriram Properties before Initial public offering has gone into a little huge loss. Per equity share price was between ₹113 to ₹118, but it was listed at ₹90 on NSE.

Shriram Properties Share Price Growth & Future Prediction

Nothing can be said about Shriram Properties share price growth, it will grow or not god know better. But, according to few Share Marketers the per equity share price of Shriram Properties will go down more, buying the share may be a risk. Share Market words are “Individuals may get great financial loss, after buying the share of Shriram Properties.” They have also mentioned that the company’s shares have been going down and down since the last four month. There is no prediction about the growth of Shriram Properties. 

The Shriram Properties share was listed on NSE at ₹90 on 20 December 2022, and on the same day the share has increased by ₹13.74. On the second day (21 December 2022), the second Shriram Properties Share price had come to ₹101.90 and after that the share price kept decreasing. But few other Share Marketers have narrated that the company’s share can grow in some consequences, according to them. 

Note: If you want to buy the Shriram Properties Shares, do it at your own risk. 

Ravi Singhal who is the Vice Chairman at GCL Securities has said that weak listing of Shriram Properties shares can be attributed to the negative sentiments of the market on rising Omicron cases in India.

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