Russia-Ukraine War News- Developments so far, US & Nato Reaction

Putin ordered his troops to “keep the peace” in two separatist areas in eastern Ukraine, only hours after recognizing Donetsk and Luhansk as autonomous states. On Monday, Putin issued two formal decrees instructing the country’s defense ministry to undertake “the role of keeping the peace” in the country’s eastern regions due to Russia-Ukraine War.

Russia-Ukraine War 

Following Russian President Vladimir Putin’s recognition of two separatist enclaves in Ukraine as separate entities, US President Joe Biden authorized extra US soldiers to go into NATO member states in eastern Europe. Biden claimed he had “authorized increased moves of US soldiers” stationed in Europe to NATO partners in the Baltics. US sanctions against Russia will remain tight, Biden said. The first punishment aims to prevent Russia from receiving financial aid from Western countries.

With a dangerous opponent advancing on Ukraine’s territory, Western politicians must hurry to react to a geopolitical nightmare that is taking shape. The United States and European Union imposed many penalties while Germany scrapped the Nord Stream 2 natural-gas pipeline project. As the situation evolves, our experts weigh in on what this critical moment means for Ukraine, Europe, and the rest of the world. This site will be updated as people follow this critically important story and offer their thoughts, analysis, and reporting.


Russia-Ukraine War News- Developments So far

Ukraine claimed its government website and banks had been attacked by a large-scale cyber assault. US data with Ukraine indicated that a Russian strike was impending. However, Ukraine is hesitant to believe it since prior intelligence assessments predicting similar attacks on February 16 and 18 failed to materialize.

Russia-Ukraine War

Meanwhile, Russian forces are moving closer to the border; according to US estimates, 80-100 percent of Russian troops are in invasion-ready formations. Russia had already evacuated its embassy in Kyiv and lowered its flag.

President Vladimir Putin had previously delivered a video statement in which he said that he was still open to conversation but that Russia’s interests were “non-negotiable.”

The world is “in jeopardy,” according to the Secretary-General, who described the situation in Ukraine as “the most severe global peace and security crisis in recent years.” According to US Ambassador to the United Nations Linda Thomas-Greenfield, a Russian invasion of Ukraine might result in the displacement of up to 30 million people. Meanwhile, Russia’s UN envoy urged the UN General Assembly to put a halt to Ukraine’s “military ambitions.” The UNGA is currently in session.

Russia-Ukraine War News – US & Nato Reaction

The Biden administration’s application of full blocking restrictions (rather than lighter penalties) against two financial institutions is critical: It establishes a precedent for strict future action against the majority of Russia’s central banks. Sanctions on secondary market trading of Russian government debt were also a sensible move (bonds).

These steps seem to align with the administration’s goals: tough sanctions that pique the Kremlin’s interest while keeping the majority of the population in the dark. It’s an excellent intermediate reaction to Putin’s aggressiveness, with the US penalties, the German decision on Nord Stream 2, and what I hope is in the EU sanctions package (e.g., sovereign debt limitations). Nevertheless, this is more of a warning shot. And there’s a chance that the aggressiveness will become worse.

President Joe Biden slammed Russia’s “unprovoked and unjustifiable aggression” on Ukraine on Wednesday, vowing that the international community will hold Russia and President Vladimir Putin responsible.

“President Putin has chosen a planned conflict that will result in terrible loss of life and human misery,” Biden said after Putin launched military action against Ukraine in a statement.

Biden said he would address the country on Thursday to reveal more sanctions the US would implement in addition to the ones currently in place.

President Vladimir Putin had just announced that Russia would begin a military campaign in eastern Ukraine in a televised speech the night before.

Putin said that the measure was taken in reaction to threats from Ukraine. Putin said that the Ukrainian “government” is to blame for the carnage. He went on to say that Russia has no intention of occupying the nation.

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  1. Mr. Putin is no less to Mr. Hitler in as much as his attempt to have sovereignty over a region which had changed its boarders during the past 100 years. Present day civilisation demands mutual acceptance to exercise any degree of authority over the other. Permission by the society of the day to divorce in a family, the basic constituent unit of society, itself an evidence for this fact. Right to rule cannot be there without mutual acceptance for coexistence. Mr. Putin cannot demand allegiance from humans by force. Humans have right to live on their own. If Mr. Putin had any personal ambition to live together with Ukrainees Or other, he should have convincing capacity to achieve ideal, instead misusing the power delegated to him by millions of humans. He is not only cruel but also a fool in his ambition to exercise authority over a population which abhors his association. By now he bacame a rival in his own family and country paving way for his own fall in a very short time to come. He is painting his ugly picture in the pages of history. He should come out of the influence and craze of power and save himself. Will God blesses him-?

    • Mr Kumar are you high on drugs or what ??

      What do you know about EuroMaidan 2014 ?
      What do you know about Azov battalion and their action in Eastern Ukraine ?
      What do you know about bio-labs (30) in Ukraine ?
      What do you think for they were collecting DNA samples of Slavic ethnicity in Ukraine ?
      What do you think about Covid spreading in Russia from Western borders?
      What do you know about Ukraine being the whore house of Europe ?
      What do you know about Ukraine being hub for human organ trafficking in Europe?

      I can say none…go and educate yourself first and then comment. Here this may help you – “Ukraine on Fire” by Oliver Stone and “Confession of an economic hitman” by John Perkins
      And kindly don’t make comparison of Mr Putin to Mr Hielder…

      If doubt search in youtube 2007 speech of Mr Putin and what was he saying. Ill-informed people like you are the “useful” idiots that media targets and people like you are the parasites that eat entire country from within.

      Mr Putin is to go down in the history as one of the greatest leader in the world. As I watched what was Russia like when he became the president and what is Russia like today. Talking about civilization demands – have you wonder about the same in Iraq, Libya, Syria or even Afghanistan ? kindly don’t just start throwing your views without educating yourself and think that mainstream media is the only truth.

  2. Russia warn them… And so they OBEY😄😄😄.. NATO AND US don’t dare to fight Russia ant they will soon see RUSSIAN EMPIRE….then a possible WW3

    • Why do stupid people think war is the ultimate answer for war.killing people to satisfy war is madness.maybe you think your exempt from being shot.


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