Russia Nuclear Weapons Tally: How Many Warheads does Russia Have?

So far the world has only witnessed nuclear attack twice, both during WWII. But the current war between Russia and Ukraine has the world worried about how far Vladimir Putin is willing to go. The chances of a third World War are not totally absent. There are nine countries with nuclear weapons and most of them do not intend to use them but Putin is different. 

Could Putin Start Nuclear War?

Putin has been threatening the USA with nuclear war for a while now, placing missiles close enough to get to the capital of USA. Ukraine would be lost if attacked with nuclear weapons. News just in, he is already using illegal cluster bombs in civilian areas of Ukraine. Kharkiv is under BM-21 Grad attack right now. It is used for ‘area denial’ and not for direct attacks on civilians.

Putin is bordering on war crimes already and he has ordered his nuclear forces to be ready for “enhanced combat duty”. Russia does have the most nuclear weapons.  

This is either Putin having gone crazy because what he is doing will have him prosecuted eventually. Or, he is being very calculative in doing what he can get away with and still manage to scare the world into giving into his demands and Ukraine to surrender, without actually going full nuclear. So, if Putin does use all his deployed nuclear warheads, what do we have in store? 


The Treaty on the Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons (NPT) prevents Russia, USA, UK, China, and France to wield it as easily as the USA did in Japan back in 1945. India, Pakistan, and Israel have not signed the NPT yet. North Korea backed out of the Treaty in 2003. These are all the countries with nuclear weapons successfully tested so far.

Russia Nuclear Weapons Tally

Russia Nuclear Weapons Tally

The current Russian nuclear arsenal is the largest, followed by the USA. If Russia and the USA go to war, there will always be a theoretical chance for nuclear war once again. 

Russia has 6,257 nuclear warheads of which 1,456 are currently deployed. It has conducted official nuclear testing 715 times. 

To compare, the USA has 5,550 of which 1,357 are deployed. It has the highest number of tests at 1,054. 

United Kingdom has 225 nuclear warheads of which 120 are deployed. France has 290 of which 280 are deployed. China has 350 known nuclear warheads and no records on how many are deployed. 

Coming to the non-NPT powers, India has 160 nuclear warheads and we don’t know how many are deployed. Pakistan and North Korea have 160 and 45 nuclear warheads each and none of them are deployed. Israel has 90 undeclared nuclear warheads. 

Of these, the nuclear missiles of Russia, USA, China, and India have the triad delivery method. 

Journey of Russian Nuclear Arsenal

The Soviet Union had tested the RDS-1 in 1949. It then tested the RDS-37, its first megaton hydrogen bomb in 1955. At its peak in 1986, the Soviet Union had 45,000 nuclear warheads. 

Currently Russia has three variants of torpedoes ranging between 20 and 150 kilotons and more than ten types of RDS bombs. Out of them, the RDS-220 Tsar bomb is the most powerful. It was tested at 50 megatons but Russia has a 100-megaton design. 

Russia also has about 24 listed models of Intercontinental Ballistic Missiles. Details on them are mostly unknown. 

Don’t Be Too Worried Yet

Despite committing war crimes in Ukraine already, it is unlikely that Russian nuclear weapons will be wielded. International Humanitarian Laws (IHL) will come into effect if nuclear weapons are used. The NPT does not make the world fully immune to nuclear warship but the IHL would classify nuclear war under war crimes for its obvious effects if not for the act of wielding one. 

The kind of nuclear weapons the nuclear-weapon states (NWS) have in this generation will cause more damage than Hiroshima or Nagasaki. Hence, any nuclear war is a war crime according to the Laws of Armed Conflict. Generational DNA damage and intended civilian massacre are only some of the reasons to classify nuclear war as a war crime to the prosecution of which, Putin is not immune.

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  1. All the technology we have and all the sophisticated weapons we need one that could destroy all the nukes before they are deployed from Russian bases or any part of the world

    • I’m sure it depends on volume of weapons fired. I’m not sure what the threshold number for multiple missiles. Let’s say 200 were fired within a minute or so, it’s doubtful we could pick up all of them.

      • Am surprise at the propaganda going on against Russia. U keep provoking the super power and continue Arming smaller country to fight them as a neighbor? Can u imagine a hypocritical country like Canada applying to join EU, how would US react to that?

        • I see you totally have no idea what is going, pls don’t stress on things u don’t know man. Russians are the one’s committing war crimes, propagandists as well as invading countries starting from Georgia, Japan, Moldova, Ukraine since 2014. The Kremlin are causing the world to hate Russia. Man go and do some homework before u come here and start blabbing, Ukraine is a sovereign country and so they decide what they want

          • And was Serbia a sovereign country when it was bombed by NATO to enable brutal separation of its autonomous province Kosovo? What about Avganistan? What about Lybia? Please respect other people and try not to give them homeworks before you did yours. Both sides are protecting their interest and are acting without any hesitation. In most of the cases the bill is being paid by the small manipulated countries and their people. Would not be able to look myself in the mirror and say that Russians are propagandists and the Americans are not…

        • Russia is not a super power. Super powers are respected. Respect must be earned. The world is no longer intimidated by the little man in Russia.

          • Some respect is due to a country that fights against a combine of 40 others, first in history. UK-USA scheming to pull down European progress by entangling it in current conflict. Europe is a model for rest of the world and must guard against taking rash decisions. UK is smart but leads in turning one against the other.
            Best wishes for peaceful success of Europe, Ukraine and Russia.

    • Lucky we have some of the most advanced weapons in the world. If Putin decides to launch his entire arsonal at once, we would be able to pick off a ton of them.

        • So can usa! These SOB’s stole the technology from us! They do not have our latest and would be massacred by a full response.

          • Either way USA would be the biggest looser and China will rape what ever is left of the western civilisation… exactly what China wants… US and Russia to destroy each other… and one more thing the the rich Elite in America will never let that happen!!!

      • Given the well known lack of maintenance of Russian arsenal, how many nuclear missiles are still operational after decades ? I would say that at least half of them would blow up inside the silos when ignited. Of course the problem would be the remaining ones.

  2. comon……u serious down there?…..humanitarian laws my ass…Puttin want’s to push that button, then put himself out of his own misery, so whatever can get russia ways to connect to the net……we can keep thoses missle’s on the ground, unfortunately, it will take the other army forces to prevent those missles to be launched manually

  3. Laws of Armed Conflcit or any other international law means less than zero to Putin. And as Bush showed in 2003, international law and the UN are there to be ignored by America, too. If, as he faces failure by conventional means, Putin opts for nuclear holocaust, civilization will be obliterated and its laws too.

  4. It’s ballistic missiles dude no country had achieved complete ballistic missile defense, one thing we can do is simply pray that no nukes will be launched for sake of humanity.

  5. If we haven’t learned from the despots in history, that one insane person can murder millions if not stopped, compels me to agree with those like Senator Graham, who believe the only way to stop Putin is to liquidate Putin. If the Oligarchy had any sense at all, they’d do it.

    They need a Col. von Staufenberg, but a successful one.

    • Do you really believe that Putin is controlling the whole nuclear arsenal of Russia? That Bush is controlling the whole nuclear potential of USA? There are numerous levels above them. No county would be so crazy to give a button to one person…and I am sure that both sides are regularly having an espresso and planing what to do next…

  6. we have traded tech with the greys for over 50 years whatever you can imagine we have it.we got lasers that can bounce off satilites and knock out any missles It done matter if they mach 1000!!! nothing is faster then light!!!

    • The whole point of a ballistic missile is the ballistic part, once it has made it into the air and the engines are done propelling it, it is going to land where the trajectory threw it. They are re-entering the atmosphere at an absurd rate of speed, and as a result, have massive heat shields to protect them from that heat. No laser we can wield is going to so much as scratch the protective container.

  7. Why are people hating Russia when they are provoked by evil America.
    Russia could have fired nuclear weapons on Ukraine but they are testing there new weapons made.

  8. I have never seen people put off flames with fuel!will supply of arms to kyiv end the fight? But those guys of nato may be preparing to join.

    • Sorry to inform you Africa will lose 59% of the population most wild and domestic animals will die your chance of survival on a scale of 1 thru 10 is 2.45

  9. What a world
    The USA and Russia would eliminate all of North America ,Europe and Russia and more than likely Israel would eliminate every large Muslim city and India and Pakistan would destroy each other while the USA would use 4 Ohio SLBMs to launch 835 nuke warheads on China and North Korea,in the end a nuclear winter for 10 years with over
    4.2 billion dead
    89% of all livestock dead
    91% of all crops destroyed
    34% of all oceans dead of sea life
    And remember over 25 thousand chemical and other storage sites releasing poisons into the air over 4 thousand major wild fires out of control no power,food game over

  10. We the world are going to end up with an Ukraine/Korean conflict that will last for years and only benefit the arms dealers there will be no winners only losers


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