Rishi Nityapragya Biography, Early Life, Death Reason, Family

In this article we will be looking at Rishi Nityapragya Biography, Wife, Kids, Age, Height, Weight, Family, Net worth and all about social media. Rishi Nityapragya was a famous Indian musical artist, known for his albums such as Sumeru Sandhya, Trinetraya, Ulhas, UTSAV, Aradhana, Guru Saath Ho. Rishi Nityapragya passed away on 27 December 2022.

Rishi Nityapragya Biography

Rishi Nitya Pragya was a Rishi, followed by many of his followers, he was their soul. Unfortunately, recently he passed away, the news of his death shocked many people.

His fans can’t believe the news and they confirm the news, they have doubts about how he died and the Rishi Nitya Pragya’s cause of death. Let’s find out all these questions through this post.

Let’s read about the work and the personal life of Rishi Nityapragya. Rishi Nityapragya has Indian nationality, the zodiac symbol of Rishi Nityapragya has not been found yet.

And the religion of Rishi Nityapragya is Hinduism and its ethnicity is Brown. Rishi Nityapragya was born on October 25 in Gujarat, India. Rishi Nitya Pragya’s age in 2022 is 40 – 50 years old.

Rishi Nityapragya Biography Overview

Name Rishi Nityapragya
Nick Name Rishi
Famous For Spiritual Music
Date of birth (DoB) October 25
Age 40 to 50 years
Birthplace Gujarat, India
Hometown Gujarat, India
Nationality Indian
Job Musician
Religion Hinduism
Education Qualification Graduate
Ethnicity Brown
Father’s Name Shri Mahadev Limaye
Marital status Married
Wife’s Name Tabuja
Height 5 feet 8 inches
Weight 70 kg
Net Worth $500,000 Approx.

About Rishi Nityapragya Ji

As far as we know, Rishi Nitya Pragya was a pious person and a role model for many people.

They trusted him, he showed and taught people and we can gain spiritual wisdom and balance our lives through dedication, devotion and surrender.

He had a special place in people’s hearts, he had even published a book, called Celebrating Life, which was released on 1 March 2022.

He had his Instagram account with the username @rishinityapragya, he had over 30,000 followers on his IG account.

He used to post his latest update with his followers as well as his thoughts, books and lectures.

Rishi Nityapragya Biography

What Is Rishi Nityapragya’s Death Cause?

Speaking of Rishi Nitya Pragya’s death, he passed away yesterday morning around 7:30 am IST. Rishi Nitya Pragya’s cause of death has yet to be revealed, some say he died of natural causes.

Internet users are always looking for it. relatives and family members are now in awe as they are in shock and mourn his sad passing.

Rishi Nitya Pragya’s words touched people’s hearts, he was also active on Twitter and shared his spiritual wisdom. So that people can adopt it.

We pay tribute to him, as we can see the wave of condolences on social media networks.

What Was Rishi Nityapragya’s Age?

Rishi Nitya Pragya’s date of birth has yet to be revealed, however, we have found that he was between 40 – 50 years old at the time of his death.

And his birthday month is October, he belonged to Gujrat, India. He had a degree in chemical engineering. His listening source was satsang and writing books, which were bought by the people.

Rishi Nityapragya’s Net Worth

Rishi Nitya Pragya can have a decent net worth of about $ 500,000.

About Rishi Nityapragya’s Marital Status

Rishi Nityapragya was married and his wife’s name is Tanuja in 1994 and they never revealed anything about their children.

Rishi Nityapragya and Tanuja celebrated their 27th wedding anniversary. They were very happy together.

Rishi Nityapragya’s Family Details

Rishi Nitya Pragya’s mother’s name is not available and his father’s name is Shri Mahadev Limaye. His wife’s name is Tanuja.

He never revealed anything about their children. Rishi Nityapragya was raised in Gujarat, India by his parents, while Rishi Nityapragya was born on October 25 in Gujarat, India.

Rishi Nityapragya’s Social Media Handles

Instagram @rishinityapragya
Twitter @Rishiji
Facebook Rishi Nityapragya

Rishi Nityapragya Education Qualification

Rishi Nityapragya completed his education and undergraduate studies in the most prestigious school and college. He completed his bachelor’s degree in chemical engineering.

Rishi Nityapragya Career

Rishi Nityapragya was a well-known Indian music artist and best known for his albums such as Sumeru Sandhya, Trinetraya, Ulhas, UTSAV, Aradhana, and GURU SAATH HO.

Talking about Rishi Nityapragya Biography, he was the program director of the Art of Living Foundation, the world’s largest non-profit organization. Established by His Holiness Gurudeva, Sri Ravi Shankarji, this Constitution applies to 156 countries.

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  1. Devastating news . Can’t believe it at all .
    It is shocking . I always loved his devotion to Guru. His teachings always touched my heart .


    • Om Shanti
      I don’t have words to describe Rishiji
      Without listening to his bhajan Har Sundara nanda mukunda I can’t at peace even for a single day. Peace giver to this mundane cosmos is at perpetual peace

  2. Great loss to the nation, a real guru, always smiling and positive attitude. May parampeeta give him space in his pramdham.
    Om shanti om.

  3. Absolutely shocking news.
    He was divine darling..
    I met him four times, twice in Mumbai and two other times in California…
    Incredibly warm person.
    Praying for him.
    !Om Shanti!

  4. Saddened to hear untimely demise Rishi Nityaprgya. He was always smiling and his bhajans were close to everyone’s heart.
    May God bestow peace to his noble soul. Om Shanti 🙏

  5. Really shocking Had done various courses of Art of living with him and his voice and satsang very intoxicating Missing him today and will always miss him

  6. Shocked, speechless. unbelievable news. always remember his vivid smilling face and fabulous Bhajans. May his divine soul rest in eternal peace, Om Shanti.

  7. Shocked, very very sad, unbelievable, restless, pain will stay in my heart till my memory remains alive. His bhajans were so touching, making me very happy. Which ever song he touched it became spiritual. Some film songs he sang….became pure became unforgettable bhajans.

  8. It is really shocking to know that Shri Rishi Niryaprgya is no more !!!
    It is a great loss to the devotinal and internal peace seekers 😭

  9. I have got to see, hear, know ever so little about him only about two and a half days after he was gone! Never, never ever before.

    And yet the difference to me it makes!!

    Aghast, I am.

    Why? O why?

    What makes me feel so hapless, so unfortunate? And so mesmerised, too?

    Whatever dragged me to him, or Him to me?

    Don’t know.
    Who would ever know?

  10. Unbelievable. Why cause of death is not revealed so far.. Also about his age, from His chemical engineering degree certificate, one could find out his exact age. Really shocked to learn this news.
    Aum Shanti… Shanti… Shanti…🌹🌹🙏🏻

    • I cannot believe Rish Nityapragya is no more. His voice was divine and full of happiness. I don’t know how many times I have listened to his Parameshwaraya Shashishekaraya. If he were to be a bollywood singer he would be one of the greatest singers. Pray for his soul to rest in peace. Miss him dearly.

  11. Unbelievable that he is no more. He was such a live person that I had never seen in my life. While singing he was so involved in the words of the song that others have a divine feeling. Miss you Rishiji.

  12. Totally unbelievable news. The first time l heard him sing was so very mesmerizing that l searched for more of his songs. Filmy songs made divine by his devotion to his Guru. It’s sad that such a wonderful soul has been taken away from our midst. May God Almighty give him eternal bliss. Om Shanti!!

  13. Dear Rishiji
    You left the world AND LEAVE your Guruji on Earth
    YOUR LOVE will keep the spirit strong and guide the life.

  14. I have done advañced çourse with Tanujaji as teacher. During satsang in the evening one day Tanujaji told us that she is “besur” but her husband is a good singer. That is how I came to know about him. After that I always listen to his songs. I am very sad to kñow of his untimely death. May his soul RIP

  15. I have had little exposure to RishiNityaPragya Ji but that was enough to be profoundly impressed by him.

    His figure though a little plum was very endearing & so was his illuminating smile.

    Whatever he said or sang seemed to come straight from the heart.

    I was newly acquainted to this personality & I had resolved to see him more on You tube though I would not call my self a tech savy guy. I was sure I would be much more enlightened about life through my interactions with him or his posts.

    Before I could implement my resolution I had to endure this jolt of his premature & sad demise..

  16. I am a bit sad to hear he left us. I enjoyed his voice and devotion in his singing. I always enjoyed peaceful time listening to him. May God give him refuge at his feet for ever. Hari bol.

  17. I am a bit sad to hear he left us. I enjoyed his voice and devotion in his singing. I always enjoyed peaceful time listening to him. May God give him refuge at his feet for ever. Hari bol.

  18. I am a bit sad to hear he left us. I enjoyed his voice and devotion in his singing. I always enjoyed peaceful time listening to him. May God give him refuge Hari bol.

  19. Gone too soon. I am shattered. Rishi Nitapragya’s positivity and music always touched my soul. God bless the noble soul. You will always touch our hearts and remain with us forever.

    • Deeply sad to hear the loss of a motivational leader. Shri Rishi Nityapragya having co headed the organization will be a great loss. His Bhajans were inspirational. Jai Gurudev. 🙏🙏🙏

  20. All the way from Kharagpur, I travelled to AOL Bangalore Ashram to do an Advance Course under Rishi Nitya Pragya. In one of the meditation session, as we opened our eyes, Nitya Pragya appeared in front of us. An inspiring teacher, the architect of Vadodara’s AoL Ashram, the leading light of AoL’s message across the globe. We will miss you Rishi. Many a deaths due to COVID had unseated our balance, but yours left a sense of utter helplessness. God bless your soul. Jai Guru Dev.

  21. Hare Krsna
    Aum Shanti

    My family deeply sad at heart on the sudden death of Shri Haripragya Ji. His music no doubt soothes your heart and takes you really to Almighty GOD’s feet. Our heartfelt condolences to the bereaved family members. May Almighty GOD bless the family to overcome the death of their own dear to their hearts. May Bhagwan Shri Krsna (Mathura and Dwarka Krsna) Bless this wonderful soul. May the soul rest in peace.


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