Putin Blood Cancer News, Ex-Spy say he is seriously ill

‘Christopher Steele’ is rumored to have said that Putin Blood Cancer News is everywhere as he is sick and that this plays a part in what is going on in Ukraine as he ran MI6’s Russia desk in London from 2006 to 2009. He also worked at MI6 in the 1990s. In the 1990s, Steele worked for MI6 in London from 2006 until 2009. He said, “It is not apparent precisely what this condition is — whether it is incurable, fatal, or anything else.

Putin Blood Cancer News

A leaked audio clip of an unidentified oligarh stated that Russian President Vladimir Putin was “very unwell,” which brought the widespread rumors about Putin’s health back into the spotlight during the conflict with Ukraine. The American magazine New Lines is supposed to have received a tape in which a member of the oligarchy who goes by the code name ‘Yuri’ claims to have remarked, “Putin is sick with blood cancer.”

Putin Blood Cancer News

At the Victory Day commemorations in Moscow on May 9, speculation grew regarding Putin’s supposedly poor health after he was alleged to walk with a limp and sit with a blanket over his lap.

The Russian president delivered a speech in commemoration of Nazi Germany’s surrender in 1945. During his speech, he created an impression of Russian strength and military power despite the failing conflict in Ukraine. The event was held to commemorate the surrender of Nazi Germany.

The rumors started flying regarding Putin’s health around two years before he decided to attack Ukraine. In the latter half of 2020, a political analyst named Valery Solovei, well-known for being a Putin opponent, speculated that the Russian president had Parkinson’s disease. Sources said that Putin spokesperson Dmitry Peskov insisted that his boss was in “great health” and that any rumor to the contrary was “total rubbish.” The rumors gathered such popularity that the Kremlin was obliged to go on record and refute them.

Putin Illness News

According to the Independent, Putin was the only person in his group who required extra covers to handle the comparatively moderate 9-degree Celsius temperature. Putin was seen coughing and was wearing a black bomber jacket.

In the audio, the Russian businessman claims that soon before Putin ordered the invasion of Ukraine, he underwent surgery on his back related to his blood malignancy. This operation took place shortly before the war. He continues by saying that the president has completely lost his mind.

Recent footage of a meeting between Vladimir Putin and Sergei Shoigu, the defense minister of Russia, shows Putin gripping the table tenaciously and not releasing go for the duration of the whole 12-minute movie.

“We all share the wish that Mr. Putin will pass away. According to the billionaire, he single-handedly brought the economies of Russia and Ukraine and those of a significant number of other countries to their knees. “There’s something wrong with his head. One mad individual has the potential to flip the world upside down completely.

According to New Lines magazine, the western businessman who taped the discussion without the oligarch’s consent has withheld the oligarch’s identity to protect the confidentiality of the recording.

Ex-Spy say Putin is seriously ill

Since he was initially elected president of Russia in 2000, it is common knowledge that Putin has had several back ailments. A report quoted by other sources said that he was rendered temporarily unable to function during his first tenure due to an accident in which he fell off of a horse.

In more recent films, he may also be seen limping, which has become such a prominent trait of his public appearances that the Kremlin press department at one time forbade official news media from reporting on it. You can see him limping in both of these videos. Another player collided with him while playing ice hockey in Sochi in May 2017, causing him to fall awkwardly and hurt himself.

During that time, the orthopedic traumatologist Sim stayed in the area near Putin’s apartment for eight days. According to the sources, “Putin had either a surgery or a highly severe procedure, most likely in the back.” It was alleged to have happened “at least two times.”

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