Ozark Season 4 ending explained – Who lives, Who dies

In this article, you will learn about the season 4 finale of the American crime drama Ozark and who dies in the last episode of season 4. Ozark Season 4 ending has piqued the interest of those interested in who died. Whatever the case, whether it is Ruth Langmore, Marty Byrde, or Wendy Bryda who perished due to the last bullet. If you are also watching the previous episode of Ozark season 4 and are interested in how it will finish, we have you covered right here.

Ozark Season 4 Ending

Ruth (Julia Garner) is a mentally disturbed woman who is on the quest for Wyatt’s murderer in the second installment. It doesn’t take long for her fury to manifest itself in the form of a fatal shooting of Javi in front of the Byrdes and Shaw medical head Clare Shaw (Katrina Lenk).

Ozark Season 4 ending

The Byrdes deceive Omar Navarro (Felix Solis) to protect themselves and Ruth into believing that his nephew has gone missing and is assumed dead. In turn, Navarro is in a solid position to confirm his extradition agreement with the FBI, but first and foremost, he must recover control of his drug trafficking organization.

He does this by arranging for Marty to carry the news that he has murdered Javi personally and by appointing him to serve as his ambassador in Mexico for some time. The revelation does not go well with the public, and someone attempts to take Navarro’s life — that someone turns out to be his sister.

Ozark Season 4 Ending Explained

In the last episode of Ozark, Camila Elizonndro completed the task and murdered Ruth before claiming control of the syndicate and taking over the world. Unfortunately for Navarro, this was the beginning of the end of his existence. She orchestrated the situation such that he was shot while trying to flee after being transferred to a detention cell. As part of her plan, Camila had one of her men masquerade as a police officer, deposing the driver of Navarro’s transport truck and then assassinating Navarro herself with her own hands.

Who Dies In Ozark Season 4?

There are several options as to who may have perished due to a bullet fired by Jonan after the story. It might be seen from a variety of different perspectives. Jonah may quickly have shot Mel to provide for his family before wrapping up to follow in his father’s footsteps. In Ruth’s prior conversation with Jonah’s grandparents, this explanation seemed credible. During the chat, she suggested that he grow up to be a “little Marty.”

In the same vein, he may have attempted to kill his mother in retaliation for the murder of his adored uncle. It is okay, but it’s unlikely that we’ve learned much from this program other than that Wendy and Marty can handle practically anything. And it’s possible that Wendy was correct: the automobile accident indicated her true unstoppability.

Brydes in Ozark Season 4 Part 2

Ozark Season 4 Part 2 concluded with the sound of gunshots, signifying that the Byrde children had decided to follow in their mother and father’s footsteps. The series finale shows us that the Byrdes will not be able to depart and start over with a clean sheet of paper. Whatever they did, their old violent methods would always narrow the distance between them and the rest of the world.

After stumbling about in the mud for most of season 4, they now have access to all the finances, and financial support needed to further their grandiose objectives. For the time being, Charlotte and her mother have an excellent working relationship. However, it is unclear if she would continue to work with her mother in the family system or go on a new adventure of her own.

Navarro Cartel Ozak Season 4

Now that the joyous reunion has concluded let us focus on politics. Wendy and Marty make yet another modification to the cartel partnership towards the conclusion of the second installment. Say farewell to Omar, and welcome to Camila in this podcast episode.

A vote in favor of Omar Navarro (Felix Solis) would have necessitated Marty and Wendy attempting to have Omar removed from the Specially Designated Nationals list, which is a list that pays particular attention to individuals or organizations who may pose a threat to the United States national security or economic policy. That was a significant stumbling block. Randall Schafer was the third person.

Marty and Wendy’s best chance of getting Omar removed from the SDN list came from a former Republican Senator. He would only agree to take Omar off the list if the Byrdes assisted him in committing massive fraud using his grandson’s vote suppressing voting equipment, which he did with the cooperation of the Byrdes.

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  1. The writers are as bad as the people they made up. Should have killed nasty evil Wendy! Was told what happen I don’t even want to give the show owners one ounce of my time. Just shows the most evil always win.

  2. There is a possibility that Ruth is still alive we see one bullet shot pierce through Ruth however can she have survived this would place a whole new twist if this does happen

    • I was thinking the same thing. Maybe the other cousin comes out and kills Camilla. At any rate, Netflix is stupid for ending this series. Was the best show on television.

  3. I agree with Betty above. If the Byrdes are not going to be punished, especially Wendy, and one of the only decent people in the show, Ruth, is killed, I’m not wasting any more time on it, either…………..

  4. It was a good season finale, but as ” The end” of The show doesnt work at all. The story is not wrapped, The Byrdes are still working for The cartel or they got out? It doesnt give You a straight answer. There wasnt any closure at all.

  5. Was Navarra’s execution of his sister Camilla carried out when he gave a phone contact to Marty when visiting him in jail?

  6. Ruth didn’t die. She moved to New York and became Anna Delvey. She was well trained by Wendy and Marty Byrde …

  7. The director needs to gives us more . This is too confusing as we need more shows on the real ending do they go to Chicago . Never should of killed Ruth she should had been the last one standing.

  8. The series survived on the shoulders of Ruth, Marty and Darleen (and maybe – the kids). Wendy was a psyco, anyhow – never likeable.
    I sensed the writer would kill Ruth and so I initially refused to witness such disastrous ending. I was hoping Rachael or Three would shoot Camila. I still hope Ruth is alive (even though this supposedly was series finale). She is the real hero!
    The “Ending” – showing 2 evil witches (Camila and Wendy) win – is total injustice and screw up of the other wise decent series. What a shame!

  9. Netflix is a business – they set this up for a season 5 by keeping all the main characters alive and establishing a new drug kingpin, plausibility of Ruth surviving since we didn’t see her technically “dead” etc.

    Rinse / Repeat for Season 5

  10. Agree! Ruth the bones of the show. Was let down by the ending. Just like Game of Thrones Ending. Cersi should have had a cruel death and so should Wendy.. Great acting by Laura Linney & Julia Garner


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