OKB Coin Price, Stock, Value, Prediction, Mining, Market Cap

OKB Coin Price, Stock, Value, Prediction, Mining, Market Cap will be discussed here. Read the article to know more. The OK Blockchain Foundation has released OKB coin, a leading cryptocurrency token that runs on the Ethereum platform and is a worldwide utility token. OKB coin are available on numerous platforms part of the OKB ecosystem, including Ledger’s hardware wallet, Aliniex, Bynex, and Vietnam’s top fiat. There are 300,000,000 OKB coin in circulation, and if all of them fall into dilution today, their total value will amount to be roughly 1.5 billion dollars.

What is OKB Coin?

In June 2020, there were moreover 40,000 holders of OKB throughout the world, with a worldwide single-day volume exceeding $300 billion. If a customer purchased OKB $1,000 on January 14, 2019, he might have $12,775 on February 16, 2020. The value of the OKB coin has increased by 1100 percent.

The OKB token was launched in March 2018 by OKEx and the OK blockchain foundation. OKB was an ERC-20 token that ran on the Ethereum network when it launched. OKEx announced the launch of OKChain, an OKEx-owned public blockchain, on February 11, 2020. After that, OKEx moved OKB from the Ethereum blockchain to the OKChain blockchain.

On the OKEx exchange, the OKB token is to make payments. You may save money on trading fees if you keep it. If you hold it, you’ll be able to use the OK Jumpstart initial exchange offering (IEO) platform.

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OKB Coin Price Today

Advantages of OKB Coin

Discounts on Transactional Fees

Levels have been set on the platform depending on your OKB holdings. The higher your level, the more transactional discounts on OKB coins you will get. Aside from that, the site designates VIP members who get special discounts and privileges depending on their trading volume.

OKB Coin Price

Sessions to Get You Started

OKEx provides a Jumpstart session, an OKEx token sales platform, and anybody who has held 100 OKB tokens for at least five days can participate. Each user receives after the session varies by the quantity of OKB held and the length of time spent handling the tokens.

Merchants who have received a designation

A small quantity of money is often left in the wallet when trading, unused. OKEx offers small-balance conversion to address this issue, allowing customers to convert all remaining balances into OKB tokens.

OKB Burning’s Game Plan

When a product’s supply is limited, its value rises, and demand rises. OKB, meanwhile, employs a three-month burning plan. The OKEx transaction fees allow us to repurchase OKB and send them to the black hole location for burning. As a consequence of the supply reduction, the value increases. The 7th burn, which began in December and finished in February, consumed 3,183,344.61 OKB.

OKB is a win-win situation in the blockchain business, and its stable and safe model allows anybody to enjoy the wonders of cryptocurrencies.

Is OKB a secure platform?

To safeguard the security of its users’ private keys, OKEx’s hot wallet technology employs numerous layers of protection, including:

Risk management solutions that are both online and semi-offline

Multisignature services that are semi-offline

Risk-reduction techniques based on big data

Before being put to the blockchain for confirmation, all user-asset deposits and withdrawals must go through many layers of risk control.

OKEx claims that their semi-offline servers can’t go down, even if attacked. It is the case because a user’s private key resides in a temporary memory file on the server rather than a permanent hard disc. Hackers will be unable to acquire access as a result of this.

OKEx does not employ the standard Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol (TCP/IP), which is the technology used to communicate digital computers over vast distances. Instead, this communication uses a proprietary, partly offline network communication protocol that protects against an internet assault.

Finally, there are many backup private-key activation emergency plans in various places.

OKB Coin History

A Maltese crypto exchange, OKEx, and the OK Blockchain Foundation issued the OKB token as a direct listing on OKEx in March 2018. OKB has a circulating supply of just 60 million out of a total quantity of 300 million. The entire collection is one billion, but 700 million are set aside for next year.

The token has a buyback and burns program to maintain its value. OKEx uses 30% of its spot trading fee revenue every three months to purchase back tokens, which then burnt, lowering the overall supply. Over 34 million OKB tokens have ceased to exist thus far. On May 3, 2022, the all-time high for OKB token was $44.17.

OKB Coin Price

The current OKB price is USD 23.51, with a trading volume of USD 89,634,603.48 in the last 24 hours. Our OKB to USD pricing updates in real-time. In the previous 24 hours, OKB has lost 2.62 percent. The market capitalization of OKB is $1,410,774,218.63 USD. There are 60,000,000.00 OKB coins in circulation, with a total supply of 300,000,000.00 OKB coins.

OKB (OKB) is a worldwide utility token issued by the OK Blockchain Foundation. It aims to link potential digital asset projects with OKEx users and professional investors, creating an OKEx ecosystem that aids in the development of blockchain technology and the digital asset sector. OKB is a utility token available on the OKEx Exchange that enables customers to save their trading costs by using it.

Also, OKB is the native asset of the OKChain blockchain and is a worldwide utility token created by OKEx. OKB uses to pay transaction fees and is present in OKChain’s decentralized applications (Dapps). Also, uses various additional applications, both within and outside the OKEx ecosystem.

OKB Coin Value

The platform token ‘OKB’ was released today with ten trading pairs by OKEx, the second most popular cryptocurrency exchange by trading volume. OKEx presents OKB as a worldwide utility token issued by the OK Blockchain Foundation on its official support website. OKB will have a total accessible quantity of one billion tokens (1,000,000,000), with a distribution methodology that provides 60% of the supply to OKEx customers for community development and marketing initiatives. OKEx announced earlier this month that it has formally issued OKB on the ERC20 standard.

The firm refused ICO (initial coin offering) and public fundraising. According to reports, the business indicated that it would move the token to its OK chain shortly. It would be helpful not just on OKEx’s platform but also on other associated projects. One billion tokens will be distributed internationally, with 600 million coins going to OKEx customers for community development and marketing efforts. Rest will serve prison time for a year to three years.

OKEx announced earlier this month that it has formally issued OKB on the ERC20 standard. The firm refused ICO (initial coin offering) and public fundraising. According to reports, the business indicated that it would move the token to its OK chain shortly. It would be helpful not just on OKEx’s platform but also on other associated projects. There will be 1 billion tokens distributes internationally, with 600 million coins going to OKEx customers for community development and marketing efforts. Rest will remain in prison for a year to three years.

OKB Stock 

Binance Coin is a worldwide utility token comparable to this one (BNB). According to their OKB balance, 50% of service charge revenue goes to token holders. The power to vote on the platform, the opportunity to invest, and the ability to trade on OKEx are all OKB privileges.

1 billion OKB are available on the market, with the following allocations:

Founders & Project: 40%; Founders & Project: 40%; Founders & Project: 40%; Founder

Investors accounted for 10% of the total.

AirDrops & Rewards are 50% off;

Until 2023, 700 million OKB will not be available. It implies there will be 300 million tokens available in 2022.

The 700 million extra OKB that will issue in 2023 will go in the following manner:

Early investors will get a total of $100 million.

The founding team retains the initial investment of $200 million.

The OK Blockchain Foundation will get $100 million.

Three hundred million dollars are remaining for public rewards.

What is the OKB Worth?

In OKEx, the OKB token plays an important role. Users can receive discounts of up to 40% on purchases (depending on the number of tokens a user has). Users fall into two status categories on the exchange: normal and VIP. Regular users get a level based on their OKB stock, whereas VIP users receive a level based on their trading volume. The commissions are changed daily, and users get a discount based on their level.

Members of the platform who own OKB tokens and participate in OKEx Earn may earn passive revenue (this project helps users make their assets). In addition, OKB tokens help to distribute money on the OKEx Jumpstart platform. Only after registering on the site is it possible to participate in Jumpstart; sales take place via MixTrust.

The original asset of the OKExChain is OKB (the OKEx blockchain). On the chain, the OKB token promotes spot trade, derivatives trading, and the creation of several scalable apps simultaneously. A layered design also increases scalability and security while reducing consensus times.

Burning tokens every three months increases the value of OKB and makes the digital currency more attractive to users. These burns appear on the OKEx website. OKEX utilizes 30% of the revenue from commission fees for this operation. Additionally, new users exist given welcome incentives.

OKB Coin Market Cap

One of the core infrastructures of the OKEx trading platform is OKB, a worldwide utility token created by the OK Blockchain Foundation.

OKB (OKB) is now trading at 23.81 USD, with a market value of $1,428,973,851 USD and a circulating supply of 60,000,000 OKB. This cryptocurrency has lost 1.83 percent of its value since yesterday. With a 24-hour volume of 61,287,334 USD, the OKB coin trades on ten active marketplaces. It is now in the rank of #65 among all cryptocurrencies.

OKB Coin Price Prediction

In the aftermath of the Pandemic, the world’s economy took a dramatic turn. The same may hold for cryptocurrency. However, OKB saw a lot of positives in 2020, as the token has maintained its upward trend. OKB tokens hovered around $10 to $20 in 2020-2021. Based on historical data, what started below the $5 barrier concluded with a $22 mark, nothing short of fantastic news. Since then, price projections have shifted more toward optimism than pessimism, making OKB an attractive investment at current prices.

Investors and traders have begun betting on the long-term movement of OKB tokens rather than significant currencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Binance Coin, and others. As a result, the OKB price prognosis for the whole year remains positive, predicting that the anticipated price will rise to about $30 as the lowest in November. The token price will increase to around $35 as the maximum price in December.

Price Prediction for OKB in 2023

According to the same optimistic outlook, there are projections that OKB will continue to rise even in the following year, 2023. Following the trending pattern on the price chart, mainly how it trades inside the constraints of a symmetrical triangle. It is self-evident that the OKB cryptocurrency will follow the same positive trendlines. Though it’s too soon to say if OKB will burst through the summit, one thing is for sure: things are looking up. Considering the sequence of successive peaks and troughs, the price for OKB only shows a positive trend among the retreating Pandemic scenario, reaching $48 as predicted by our model.

Price Prediction for OKB in 2023

OKB has been deviating from its plan. Generally, every couple of years, based on shorter and longer price patterns. As a result, the end of 2023 or the beginning of 2023 may not be ideal for OKB in terms of escalation, mainly if competitors catch up with the heat or markets play hide and seek. There’s a chance OKB may lose money, but just a tiny amount, and drop back to $40. It, however, remains a bleak picture, and several experts disagree with these projections.

Price Prediction for OKB in 2024

The prediction is that OKB would dominate the crypto kingdom with a performance of price capped around $60, even though a jaw-dropping potential does not exist and that bulls will ride the crypto market. It is the same as predicted by the end of 2022, demonstrating OKB’s ability to survive and expand continually under challenging circumstances.

Price Prediction for OKB in 2025

According to OKB projections, this year might be the landmark year, as the OKB price could easily approach $65. Specifically, no significant events such as a pandemic or a recession are likely to disrupt the foundations of global economies this year. The majority of the harm done is likely to be on the path to repair work in all international economies. With widespread use, OKB will reach about $70 by 2025, a record high. Traders may swap OKB for a significant long-term gain.

Beyond 2025, the OKB Price Prediction

As a result of Pandemic, technology has provided investors with a lighthouse in the shape of OKB. OKB recognized an opportunity to decentralize power and deliver better service, and the people reacted positively. OKB seeks to provide a deep-seat benefit to its users via the distribution of its rewards system, backed by an expanded decentralized agreement and strengthened network. In short, it simplifies the development of Decentralized Applications to be developed on OKB while using less energy and providing more excellent dependability – all at breakneck speed. OKB may raise the price to $100 or more in the future years due to their growing impact as thought leaders and influencers.

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