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Ms Marvel is currently not only the best-reviewed Marvel Cinematic Universe series on Disney Plus, but its score of 97 percent on Rotten Tomatoes from critics puts it even further ahead of Black Panther’s score of 96 percent, making it the best-reviewed Marvel Cinematic Universe show or movie ever, at least for the time being. Because of this, it is notable that the Marvel Cinematic Universe series Ms. Marvel reviews has the lowest score on IMDB based on the user ratings for the series. And the answer to that question is that it is being review-bombed.

Ms. Marvel Reviews

On the entertainment database website IMDb, which Amazon owns, there is now a review bombing going on on the newest Marvel Studios programme, Ms. Marvel. The reason for the negative reviews that were given to Ms Marvel wasn’t immediately evident. Still, it may have something to do with the show’s significant advancement in representation in a field that white guys still dominate.

Ms. Marvel Reviews

Ms. Marvel is the first Marvel Cinematic Universe programme (or movie, for that matter) to feature a Muslim superhero and South Asian heroin in the starring role. The show is named for its star, Iman Vellani. It is also the first authentic investigation of South Asian culture to take place inside the Marvel Cinematic Universe. As of this writing, 1,694 individuals, equivalent to 22.9 percent of all reviews, have rated the programme 1 out of 10.

Ms Marvel Viewers analysis

There is a wide range of potential causes, including unrelatable portrayal, racism, and Islamophobia. The miniseries was rated with one star within three minutes after its publication, suggesting that the users did not even view the whole episode, as stated by an American commenter named Joe Vargas.

Users on Reddit and Twitter have provided evaluations that include remarks that are racist, Islamophobic, and sexist, labelling it as “cringe,” “childish,” and “wasteful.” On the other hand, the programme completely contradicts this expectation. Iman Vellani, a Pakistani American girl, was cast in the lead role, and other South Asian actors were allowed to tell their own stories of bravery and love. These decisions represent a significant step forward for Marvel in terms of representation in a franchise that white, North American males have traditionally dominated.

Other possible explanations include that the programme is primarily aimed at a young audience and that devoted comic book fans may feel that Kamala Khan’s abilities in the show do not accurately represent those shown in the comic.

Ms Marvel Series Ratings

On IMDb, Loki has the highest rating of any MCU series, with an 8.2/10, while Ms Marvel has the lowest rating of any MCU series, with a 6.6/10. Loki’s rating is the highest among any of the MCU series. The magazine claims that when we go further into individual data, we find that the poor score for Ms Marvel is due to users spamming the website with one-star ratings for the programme in significant numbers.

Previously, highly lauded Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) programmes such as Loki and WandaVision have garnered an average of 2.5 per cent of one-star ratings. However, Ms Marvel has been blasted with 22.2 percent one-star ratings in only one week. A blatant prejudice is at play here since the programme is being reviewed poorly without ever being given a chance to succeed.

And this is something that can be said with absolute certainty since, after all of the one-star ratings are removed from the equation, the programme has garnered a divisive amount of 44 percent of 10/10 star evaluations, which is more than any series has ever gotten. The Marvel Cinematic Universe series now has the most incredible score after having deleted all of the spam one-star ratings.

Ms Marvel Rumours 2023

To begin, it should be noted that there was rivalry for Ms Marvel from the beginning since it launched at the same time Obi-Wan Kenobi was showing. Obi-Wan Kenobi had the most successful opening weekend of any Disney+ programme. In addition, the first episode of Ms Marvel premiered at the same time as new episodes of The Boys and Stranger Things were shown.

Ms Marvel suffers from several deficiencies compared to the other three series, which all have several strengths. To begin, the audience is quite acquainted with the characters, and they know what to anticipate from the show. On the other hand, Ms Marvel isn’t a very well-known hero to many people who watch television. Iman Vellani is doing an outstanding job in part, but the audience has never seen her before.

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