Monkeys Killing Dogs – Complete Story and Latest Updates

A weird type of thing has happened in Beed, Maharashtra. Two monkeys have killed nearly 250 dogs. According to ANI, the monkeys have taken revenge for the killing of an infant monkey. If you want to get detailed information about Monkeys Killing Dogs then keep reading this article till the end, because we are going to discuss this incident.

Monkeys Killing Dogs

Two monkeys have killed about 250 dogs in a Maharashtra village, all the killings are done by the two monkeys in revenge mode. Actually, some days before the incident a young monkey was killed by the dog, that is why these two monkeys killed nearly 250 dogs.

Monkeys Killing Dogs

The incident of killings of nearly 250 has happened in Beed, Maharashtra. Beed is a district of Maharashtra, which comes under the Aurangabad division. A few days ago an infant monkey was killed in the same region, where two monkeys do these killings.

Country India
State Maharashtra
District Beed
Division Aurangabad
Incident The killing of nearly 250 dogs by two monkeys in act of revenge.

Beed Forest Officer, named Sachin Kand told to ANI i.e. Asian News International “Two monkeys involved in the killing of many puppies have been captured by a Nagpur Forest Department team in Beed”

Two monkeys who have killed the puppies or dogs are being shifted to Nagpur and they will be released in there’s nearby forest.

Lavool is a village in Beed District, where the killings of dogs were committed. Locals of villages had said the monkeys had gone mad from the past couple of days, they have been killing the puppies. Whenever the monkeys saw a puppy, they grabbed it and took it to the highest place to throw it from there in order to kill the puppy.

The Villagers contacted the forest department when they came to know that the monkeys were trying to hurt the kids too.

Peoples’ Reaction on the Monkeys Killing Dogs

After this bizarre incident not it’s only creat the buzz among villagers and authorites, but even for the meme creators.

The Incident of killings of nearly 250 dogs make a great outrage among the citizens, few of them talking the incident seriously and few are taking it very lightly.

One thing everyone should note that the killings of dogs are not any excuse it is sad to hear about this, that type of killings are by the monkeys can be harmful to every individual. This incident opens the truth about the monkeys, they can also be harmful to us if they think that we have harmed them by any activity.

As I wrote in this article, I will not take the incident likely. This is the thing that we should understand, in an act of revenge if they killed the puppies today. Maybe they get more aggressive in the future, they even try to hurt the humans. To be safe from it we need to work for our society.


Why are nearly 250 dogs killed by the two monkeys in Maharashtra?

Nearly 250 dogs or puppies are killed by the two monkeys in Maharashtra in an act of revenge.

What is the reason behind the killings of nearly 250 puppies or dogs?

Actually, a few days ago a young monkey was killed by a dog, therefore the two monkeys killed the 250 puppies in an act of revenge.

We hope that after reading this article you have gotten the detailed story and information about the Monkeys Killings Dogs. Even after reading this article if you have any questions or queries related to this bizarre incident then feel free to ask it by commenting below. We will try to answer all your questions and queries as soon as possible.

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