Maandhan Pension Yojana 2023 – Online Registration, Login using Mobile Number

Pradhan Mantri Kisan MaanDhan Yojana (PMKMY) is an old-age pension scheme for all small and marginal farmers (SMF) in the country. It is a voluntary and contributory retirement scheme for the entry age group of 18 to 40 years. The maandhan pension yojana has been in effect since August 9, 2019.  

Maandhan Pension Yojana

Workers will now be entitled to a central government pension. Pradhan Mantri Shram Yogi Mandhan Yojana (PM Shram Yogi Mandhan Yojana) is a fantastic program for workers in the unorganized sector, vendors, rickshaw drivers, construction workers, and others in the unorganized sector will be helped to plan for their retirement.

With this scheme, the government guarantees workers a pension. You can get a pension of Rs 36,000 per year while saving only Rs 2 per day in this scheme. You need to make a monthly deposit of Rs 55 to start this program.

For example, if you start saving around Rs 2 per day at age 18, you can retire at age 40 with a pension of Rs 36,000 per year. If a person starts this scheme at the age of 40, he or she will be required to make monthly deposits of Rs 200. After the age of 60, you will be entitled to a pension. After age 60, you will receive a monthly pension of Rs 3000 or Rs 36,000 per year. 

 Features of the PM- Kisan Maandhan Yojna

  1.  It is voluntary and contributory for farmers aged 18 to 40 and has a monthly pension of Rs. 3000 / will be made available to them from their 60th birthday.
  2. Farmers have to pay 55 to 200 rupees per month into the pension fund by the retirement date, i.e. the age of 60, depending on the retirement age. A monthly contribution of 55 to 200 rupees, depending on the age of entry, into the pension fund until retirement, i.e. the age of 60.
  3. The monthly dues expire on the same day of each month as the registration date, and beneficiaries can also pay their dues quarterly, quarterly, or semi-annually.
  4. The spouse is also entitled to a separate pension of Rs.3000 / through separate contributions to the Fund.
  5. Life Insurance Company of India (LIC) will be the administrator of the pension fund and will be responsible for paying the pensions.
  6. If the business owner dies before the retirement date, the spouse can pay the remaining contributions up to the age of the deceased business owner.
  7. If the spouse does not want to continue, the entire contribution made by the farmer plus interest will be paid to the spouse.
  8. If there is no spouse, the total contribution plus interest is paid to the nominee.
  9. If the farmer dies after the retirement date, the spouse receives 50% of the pension as a family pension. After the death of the farmer and spouse, the accumulated amount is credited to the pension fund.
  10. Beneficiaries can voluntarily withdraw from the system after a minimum of 5 years of regular contributions. On departure, LIC will refund the entire price plus the current savings bank interest.
  11. Farmers who are also beneficiaries of the PMKisan plan have the option of deducting their contribution directly from the benefits of this plan.
  12. If the regular contributions are not met, the beneficiaries can regulate the contributions by paying the outstanding fees plus the prescribed interest. Up to 1 month from the first unpaid contribution, no late payment penalty will be charged. The requirement for three payment cycles for the interest-free payment of the premium would increase.


Any unorganized sector worker under the age of 40 who is not a member of any government scheme may participate in the Pradhan Mantri Shram Yogi Maandhan pension scheme. You are told that the person applying for this scheme must have a monthly salary of fewer than 15,000 rupees. 

Documents Required

A bank account and Aadhar card are required to participate in this program. The age of the person must not be under 18 years or over 40 years. 

How to apply for Maandhan Pension Yojana 2023 

The enrollment to the Maandhan Pension Yojana can be done through self-registration online or through the Common Service Centres in various states. The enrollment is free of cost. The Common Service Centres will charge Rs.30/- per enrolment which will be borne by the Government. 

Registration process 

  1. Eligible SMFs wishing to join the program must go to the nearest Common Service Center (CSC) with their Aadhaar card and bank passbook or contact details.
  2. The Village Level Entrepreneur (VLE) present at the CSC will complete the online registration process after entering the details of the Aadhaar number, name, date of birth, spouse and candidate details, mobile phone number (optional), address, and some other details.
  3. The online registration process includes entering bank details and carrying out an auto-debit mandate on the subscriber’s bank account to debit the amount of the contribution from the subscriber’s bank account each month.
  4. The request will be made by the sponsor bank / IDBI, on behalf of LIC India. The data will be verified by the CSC through manual verification of bank details from supporting documents, Aadhaar demographic authentications, etc.
  5. The mobile number (optional) provided by the subscriber will be verified by the OTP verification process.
  6. The subscriber will authenticate the data of the registration form generated online by affixing his signature.
  7. The VLE will put online a scanned copy of the registration form with signed debit and, subsequently, allow online payment of the initial contribution and issue a receipt.
  8. At this point, the online registration process would be completed and the system would generate a Pradhan Mantri Kisan MaanDhan Pension Card (PMKMY) with a unique pension account number printed prominently.
  9. At the end of the registration procedure and payment of the initial contribution, a registration form will be generated and signed by the subscriber for the acquisition of farmers’ consent for the auto-debit of their PMKisan services through their bank accounts. 

The government has designated the offices of the Ministry of Labor, LIC, and EPFO as Shramik facilitation centers for this program. Workers can find out more about the initiative by clicking here.

The government has set up a free helpline for the program, 18002676888. This number can also be used to get information about the Maandhan Pension Yojana. 

Official Website Click Here
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