Love Mocktail 2 Release Date, Cast, OTT Platform, Plot

The romantic Kannada film Love Mocktail 2 was directed by Darling Krishna. Rachel David stars opposite Darling Krishna. Darling Krishna, Rachel David, Milana Nagaraj, Sushmitha, Abilash, and Kushee Achar appear.

Love Mocktail 2

With a tremendous box office collection, the first half of the film Love Mocktail captivated the public’s hearts. Milana and Krishna, a couple, wrote and starred in the movie Love Mocktail together. After last year’s shutdown, the film became a household name when it became available. Movie songs were also a great success in the Kannada cinema business since everyone adored them. So, after filmmaker Krishna announces the sequel Love Mocktail 2, fans are highly eager for the film’s release date. To keep up with actor Darling Krishna’s next ventures, follow him on Instagram.

Rachel David is a Kannada actress, and this is her debut Kannada film. She has previously appeared in the Malayalam film Irupathiyonnaam Noottandu. The movie has yet to shoot because of the Covid19 epidemic. Darling Krishna and Milana wedded in a filmy fashion on February 14, and they gave themselves a song from Love Mocktail 2. Also, this was the romance film’s opening song. Krishna is now collaborating with music directors on new tracks.

Love Mocktail 2 Release Date

The much-anticipated sequel will hit theatres on February 11, 2023, for a particular Valentine’s Day date with its fans.”We had finished filming the picture a long time ago and had passed censors in October, so holding up on a release was a bit stressful. Initially, it would be for December, but we decided that February 11 would be the most appropriate date due to many releases this month. Also, since Valentine’s Day has always been a significant time for us (Milana Nagaraj and himself), I’m delighted the film will be released on that weekend, “Darling Krishna agrees.

Rachel David will portray the female protagonist in ‘Love Mocktail 2,’ with Milana Nagaraj and Darling Krishna repeating their roles (producers and writers). Darling Krishna returns to direct for this film, while Nakul Abhyankar takes over as a music composer. Sri Crazymindzz is in charge of editing as well as cinematography.

Love Mocktail 2

Love Mocktail 2 Cast

The release date for Love Mocktail 2 has finally been revealed. Darling Krishna, the film’s writer, director, and actor, announced on Instagram earlier on Thursday that the film would open on February 11.

The trailer for the film was published earlier this week, providing fans a sneak peek into the plot. In addition to Krishna and Rachel David’s key roles, Sushmitha Gowda and Abhilash play significant parts. Nakul Abhayankar wrote the soundtrack for the film.

The first part of Love Mocktail, which marked Krishna’s directorial debut, was released in 2019 and was a box office smash. Sandalwood filmmakers Nagashekar directed the Telugu adaptation of the film Gurthunda Seethakalam.

Love Mocktail 2 OTT Platform

The actor’s directorial debut, Love Mocktail, was in February 2019 and was a massive success at the box office.

It was also on OTT platforms and well received by audiences and remade in Telugu as Gurthunda Seethakalam. Satyadev and Tammannaah Bhatia star in Nagashekar’s Telugu adaptation.

Krishna became one of Sandalwood’s busiest performers after Love Mocktail, with more than a half-dozen movies in the works.

In an interview with CE, Krishna said that Love Mocktail was the pivotal event in his career that earned him acclaim from both the public and his colleagues.

“More people began to believe in my abilities. It was not the situation before the release of the film.”

Rachel David plays the female lead in Love Mocktail 2, co-produced by Krishna and Milana Nagaraj. Sushmitha, Abilash, and Kushee Achar, all newcomers, play significant parts in the film. Nakul Abhayankar composed the soundtrack for the film, and the team has released four songs from it.

 Love Mocktail 2 Plot

Aditi receives help from Adi (Krishna), a middle-aged software programmer (Rachana Indar). He then offers to drop her off at her house since he will Udupi, her birthplace. Throughout the voyage, Aditi inquires about Adi’s love past. He answers by telling her about his life up to this point, from high school to now. The video jumps back to Adi’s high school days when he developed a crush on Reema, a student at his school (Vibha Kallianpur). Adi approaches her, but she rejects him since her parents’ marriage collapsed. He met Joshita, commonly known as Jo when he went to engineering college (Amrutha Iyengar). She comes from a wealthy family, and although she adored Adi, she was concerned about his capacity to provide her with the lifestyle she sought.

After finishing school, Adi enters an IT job, determined to dispel her misgivings. Despite this, owing to family pressure, Jo breaks up with him. Adi (Milana Nagaraj), a fellow software employee and a down-to-earth lady, is heartbroken when she meets Nidhi (Milana Nagaraj). Nidhi falls pregnant after Adi and Nidhi make a happy relationship. As Nidhi, however, is unable to deliver the baby and is eventually with ovarian cancer. Nidhi finally succumbs to cancer, despite Adi’s best efforts to save her. Adi shows Aditi Nidhi’s grave in the present, and the video finishes with Adi driving Aditi home.

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