Lil Bo Weep Died (Youtuber Singer) – Who was She, Bio & Family

Lil Bo Weep was a rising musician on Youtube and many other social media platforms. On 3rd March 2023, She died at the age of 22. The Singer was struggling with PTSD, Drug Addiction, Trauma and Depression.

Lil Bo Weep Died

His father posted on Facebook about the condition of her and cause of death was not revealed first hand. His father posted That on the weekend, his daughter lost the fight against Depression, Trauma and Drug addiction.

We are linking his father’s Facebook post on this page so that you may read what he had posted about the death of his daughter.

Here on this page, We are providing the complete biography of the singer and let you know about her more.

Lil Bo Weep Died Biography

Lil Bo Weep was born on 2nd January 1998 in a city in Australia. She was known as a singer for her hip-hop, emo and Lo-Fi style of music.

She used to upload her songs on Soundcloud. Her real name is Winona Brooks and she was registered in the school with the name Cheyenne Green.

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She started to get fame from November 2015 when she first started to post her songs on Soundcloud.

Lil Bo Weep died

Her Instagram account labeled as “Unaloon” gained hundreds of thousand followers.

Artist Name Lil Bo Weep
Real name Winona Brooks
Father’s Name Matthew Schofield
Date of Birth 2nd January 1998
Music Genre Hip-Hop, Lo-Fi and Emo
Cause of Death Depression, Trauma, Drug Addiction, PTSD

We mourne her death and pray to God to keep her soul at peace.

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  1. We must all remember to carry on for Humanity sake.We will be here a short time. So celebrate the miracle of life by helping others,someone needed this wonderfully gifted person to know life is worth living, no matter the cost.Help the blind, the crippled, help people to live in peace. A tree should never be cut down before it fruits…..


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