LIC IPO Launch Date, GMP, Share Price, Lot Size

Therefore, the largest and most publicly-traded life insurance company is about to qualify for a break in the share market. LIC IPO Launch date 2023 is set to open on 10 March 2023, providing perfect news. We suggest that you read this post before subscribing to LIC IPO. The company has a vast network of 1.35 million Insurance Agents and is the oldest insurance business with major government holdings.

LIC IPO Launch Date 2023

According to the expectations, the LIC IPO will be completed by January-March, 2022-22. Nirmala Sitharaman, the Indian finance minister, is closely tracking the process. In preparation for the IPO worth Rs. 80,000 to 1 lakh crores, the company is preparing its financial statements to file the DRHP with SEBI for the last quarter.

Company Name Life Insurance of India (LIC)
LIC IPO Date 10th March 2023
Registrar kFin Tech Technologies Private Limited
LIC IPO Bid Start Date 10 March 2023
Last Date to bid 14 March 2023
Minimum Investment for LIC IPO 14,700 INR
LIC IPO Size 1,00,000 Crore
LIC IPO GMP 2000 INR (Approx)
LIC IPO Price Band 2,000 INR To 2,100 INR
QIB Quota 50%
Retail Investors Quota 35%
LIC IPO Allotment Date By 25 March 2023
LIC IPO Share Price Face Value Rs 10/-
LIC IPO for Policyholders Available (Ask your Insurance Agent to provide details)


The government plans on raising between Rs. 80,000 and 1,00,000 crores through the upcoming IPO. The upcoming IPO is set to attract investors of all kinds. According to the government, the IPO is one way for it to achieve its disinvestment goal by 2022. The government will continue to hold a majority stake in the corporation after approximately 10% of its stakes are offered to the public.

LIC IPO 2023

According to the latest LIC updates, 10% of total shares are reserved for policyholders in the IPO. LIC IPO For Policy Holders has to be applied first by linking your PAN to your Policy Number. It is crucial. The reserved category of LIC IPO can’t be accessed if your PAN and policy number aren’t linked.

LIC IPO Launch Date

This section will find the complete list of LIC IPO Launch Date 2023. Also, LIC IPO status check portals are available for Bid Date, Allotment Date, and IPO Bid Status. LIC’s IPO can prove very lucrative, so we recommend that you bid as soon as it is announced. You should also note that LIC IPO Share Price may go as high as Rs 10 per share, and GMP is widely expected to range between Rs 1500/- and Rs 3200/- per share so that LIC IPO GMP could be around Rs 12 per share.


An IPO from LIC can be profitable for you if the issue price is between Rs 2000/- and Rs 2100/-. In LIC’s IPO, brokers reported a high GMP. If you find good enough LIC IPO GMP, you can transfer your shares to another person. Higher LIC IPO GMP means greater profits for those who get LIC IPO Allotment. You can also get GMP price as per trade rules since the transaction isn’t official. According to our analysis, LIC’s IPO will have a high GMP in 2023.

  • From 10 March 2023, the Life Insurance Company will launch its initial public offering.
  • The LIC IPO Subscription application can be submitted after 10.03.2022.
  • A possible IPO price range for LIC might be between Rs 1500/- and Rs 3200/-.
  • LIC IPO issue price can range between Rs 2000/- and Rs 2100/-.
  • After the IPO is released, the share lot size will be announced.
  • The face value of each share in the LIC IPO is Rs 10.
  • The minimum investment amount for the LIC IPO 2023 is also released after the announcement.

LIC IPO Share Price 2023

Institutions and investors alike closely monitor the LIC IPO process at every step, pinning high hopes on its success. The IPO will be India’s largest ever. As a result, the corporation contributes significantly to the Indian GDP and economy.

Government disinvestment targets for 2020-21 can be achieved through the IPO. A booming economy and a boost to the market are likely to result. Reports indicate that the price range for the LIC IPO will be between Rs. 400 and Rs. 600.

LIC IPO Lot Size 2023

Policyholders with active LIC policies will find this exciting and unique news. Thus, LIC policyholders can now bid for IPOs at a 10% discount, which will result in the issue price of LIC IPOs being Rs 1890/- per lot for policyholders. We recommend applying for the LIC IPO at a good discount and watching your money grow. Even though shares are prone to fluctuations, LIC can give you good returns. LIC IPO 2023 is available with a discount if you contact your insurance agent.

About Life Insurance Company

It is one of India’s largest insurance companies. In terms of new business premiums, it holds a market share above 66.2%. In addition to participating insurance products, the company also offers non-participating insurance products, such as unit-linked insurance, saving insurance, health insurance, and annuities and pensions.

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