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The release date for Vidya Balan and Shefali Shah’s forthcoming film, Jalsa movie, has been announced. The film will be released on Amazon Prime Video on March 18 and available to watch. On March 18, Prime members in India and across 240 countries and territories will be able to see the unique premiere of Jalsa, which will be broadcast worldwide. On February 28, the film’s first look at Vidya Balan and Shefali Shah was shown to the public.

Jalsa Movie

Jalsa is the most recent film available for streaming on Amazon Prime Video. The next thriller from Amazon Originals has two female characters entangled in a web of mystery and suspense as they try to figure out what is going on. The trailer for Jalsa Movie promises that the movie will be filled with ambiguity.

Movie Name Jalsa (2022)
Movie Cast Vidya Balan, Shefali Shah, Rohini Hattangadi, Iqbal Khan, Shrikant Yadav, Vidhatri Bandi, Surya Kasibhatla
Director Suresh Triveni
Release Date 18 March 2023
Movie Language Hindi
Genre Action, Crime, Comedy

It revolves around a criminal story that a journalist portrayed by Vidya Balan is assigned to cover. Shefali Shah may also be seen hiding something from the rest of the world and scurrying about frantically, trying to avoid some tragedy.

The plot and the suspense will be disclosed in due course, with the trailer’s release and the film. We’ll have to wait for it to be released and available for viewing on Amazon Prime Video. Suresh Triveni directed the film. It is being produced by the production organization T-Series Entertainment.

Jalsa Movie Watch Online

Amazon has been releasing blockbuster Amazon originals for quite some time now, and they continue to do so. The most recent addition to its roster is Jalsa Movie, a suspenseful tale where Vidya Balan and Shefali Shah play as the main characters.

Jalsa Movie

The film promises to be an exciting experience that will leave you wondering. We’ve put together this guide to give you all of the required information and methods to watch the Jalsa movie online on Amazon Prime Video.

The film is Vidya Balan’s third collaboration with Amazon, and it is every bit as fascinating as her previous two efforts. The Jalsa movie release date and teaser have been released, and they offer us a hint that the film will be worth seeing on several viewings. You may now read the review of Jalsa as well.

Watch the movie online for free on Amazon Prime with specific chosen plans and an Amazon free trial if you have an Amazon Prime membership. Continue reading to find out more.

Jalsa Movie Plot

Jalsa is a riveting drama that revolves around the lives of two middle-aged women who are both moms of small children and who are both dealing with their troubles and fighting their own battles.

The narrative is separated along class lines and depicts two distinct worlds of two different societies—one prosperous, the other less privileged—in two different ways. Her character, Vidya’s maid, is a top-notch journalist who happens to be the mother of a son who has cerebral palsy, and Shefali portrays her. One night, their lives are shattered by an accident in which the maid’s daughter is struck by a passing car.

After that, the main characters, each for their motives, are suffocated to death. There are many secrets to be exposed, and love and conscience must triumph for the characters to make the correct choice at the appropriate moment. It demonstrates the importance of making the proper judgments at the appropriate moment while putting emotions, motives, and revenge actions aside.

What can be anticipated is that the main actors’ performance is flawless, and the supporting cast’s acting is also of the highest quality. Intense tension builds up to the climax, which has a strong hook point. Even though the tale lags a little at times, it is an exhilarating watch on the whole spectrum. You can watch it right now from the comfort of your own home.

Jalsa Cast

  • Vidya Balan
  • Shefali Shah
  • Supporting Cast:
  • Rohini Hattangadi
  • Manav Kaul
  • Surya Kasibhatla
  • Shafeen Patel
  • Vidhatri Bandi
  • Kashish Rizwan
  • Junaid Khan
  • Mohammad Iqbal Khan
  • Ghanshyam Lalsa
  • Shrikant Mohan Yadav
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