Jalsa movie ending explained – Complete breakdown

Vidya Balan and Shefali Shah star in “Jalsa,” a drama-thriller available on Amazon Prime Video starting March 18. Collaborative production of T-Series and Abundantia Entertainment, the film is directed by Suresh Triveni, best known for his work on “Tumhari Sulu.” Read the article for Jalsa movie ending explained – Complete breakdown.

Jalsa Movie Ending Explained

The moment Rukhsana learns that Maya is to blame for Alia’s tragedy, her admiration for her boss is shattered, and she starts to grudge her for her daughter’s grave condition. Her resignation is announced to Rukmini after she visits Maya’s residence, where she has spent a lot of time thinking about it. Rukhsana, on the other hand, is calm and decides to accompany Ayush on a trip to the beach when the latter persuades her to remain.

jalsa movie ending explained

As soon as they arrive at the beach, Rukhsana takes the ecstatic youngster to the edge of the sea, where she first abandons him to perish in the ocean’s tides. Maya intends to do this to punish her for how she treated her daughter and for lying to her about it. Meanwhile, Rukmini tells Maya that Rukhsana has taken Ayush to the beach but left substantial cash in her possession. A terrified Maya runs to the beach, afraid for Ayush’s safety, after realizing that it is the settlement money the police offered Rukhsana and that she knows the truth.

Jalsa Ending Complete Breakdown

After coming to terms with her remorse after the film, Maya feels ready to reveal her true identity as Rukhsana’s perpetrator. Rukhsana, on the other hand, feels entirely cheated after finding out that Maya is the driver of her daughter’s lover, and she feels thoroughly betrayed. Since she believes the payment came from her, she is suspicious about the valid reason for which her daughter is receiving treatment at such a posh facility. The other family members welcome Rukhsana to Maya’s home with joy.

She expresses a desire to speak with Maya, but the grandma instructs her to complete cooking first before they may speak. Rukhsanna sits dejectedly before the grandmother after completing her task. She is told to lighten up since they have done so much for her that they should forgive a slight disagreement. The classism of generosity becomes clear at this point, as the donor imposes the need for certain conduct on the recipient. When Rukhsana realizes what has happened, she requests that the kid be taken to the beach.

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  1. ”Rukhsana, on the other hand, feels entirely cheated after finding out that Maya is the driver of her daughter’s lover, and she feels thoroughly betrayed.” Is this correctly written in the article?
    Maya Menon, Ruksana and her daughter Alia. The three main characters around which revolving the whole scenario where so many things happened. Kudos to the director who has the guts to keep the girl alive and bring back the terrible pain to Maya when she was tolerating the missing of his only son, who is a special child also. Director wanted to equalize the pain of the two protagonists Maya and Rukshana. Why the girl is alive, how it has been possible are not the main criteria. Director wanted to reveal the real picture of our society where everything can be done to suppress the truth. The film is very well made but it was so tough to see one of the best performances of both actors Shefali Shah and Vidya Balan in one frame at a time. In each frame, both actors proved that they are real assets of Indian Screen with their impeccable acting efficacy and stunning expression in every shot.

  2. The protagonist Maya is struggling with her conscience; all her efforts to provide medical treatment for Alia is not easing her guilt. Finally when the victim and her brother thank her for the medical treat, she decides to do something about her guilt and decides to confess her wrong to authorities and face the consequence. Growing out of fear and being prepared to face the outcomes of her own actions is Maya!
    Ruks is justifiably angry and wants to pay back by punishing Maya’s child who has an intellectual challenge.
    She is able to forgive Maya because the awareness dawns on her that she was actually bargaining for settlement when her daughter was lying critically ill!

  3. Maya is victim human imbalances and unable to face the consequences.
    Momentarily she had taken a wrong decision and financially compensating her cook. The money she returned toMaya has come from some other source. Maya is confused and was constantly repenting her wrong decision. The movie should have ended with confession by Maya to her cook. It is a drama based on human emotions and weakness. She would not have expected the victim to jump on her car at the late night. She was a victim of unfortunate external circumstances. Every human being is imperfect in some way.

    • You are right Sir. Nowadays many films leave the audience to guess the end. It could be very appropriate Maya explaining her guilt to Ruksana holding her hand, the one has undergone tremendous mental agony on her daughter’s Ill fated accident. Then did Maya’s confession to Rohini George went to the authorities concerned, nobody knows


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