Is Kashmir Files real story or fake? Know the truth about it

After watching the movie, The Kashmir Files, there is only one question in everyone’s mind. “Is the movie authentic or factual? Is it entirely fake? To answer all of these questions, here we are to guide you with the facts on the real story of The Kashmiri Pandits. Read the article to know about Is Kashmir FIles Real Story or Fake? Know the truth about it.

Is Kashmir Files Real?

Well, if we discuss the majority, then most people believe that it is a real story and everything shown in the movie was real. It is the answer of about 90 percent of people. They said that this is a true story of The Kashmiri Pandits who were tortured, brutally rapped, and killed at the same time as the slogan in the movie said, “Kashir banawon Pakistan, Bataw varaie, Batneiw Saan! The terrorists wanted more Kashmiri pandit women to convert them from Muslim to Hindu.

is kashmir files real

Makers themselves told that the film is based on actual events. Villains are everywhere. Therefore, fake protestors are everywhere. These protestors say that the film was fake, and false propaganda is shown to the public to increase hate for Muslims. We can easily understand what the word “Azadi” means in the movie. Some Kashmiri pandits can relate to Mithun Chakraborty’s role in the movie.

Is Kashmir Files Fake?

It is a nonsense question; also, I feel pity for people asking the same everywhere. As in the movie, it’s said, “Sach Itna sach hota hai ki hume jhoot lagne lagta hai” (Truth is mighty that sometimes it doesn’t appear to be the truth). I hope this line satisfies the question itself.

The film has already received the support of Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Some claimed that some members claiming to be flag-bearers for free speech were out to discredit the movie, which exposes the truth that has been hidden for years.

Kashmir Files and Politics

The armed insurgency that began in Kashmir in 1989-90 had nothing to do with the rigging of the 1987 elections. It might have been the rigged poll that sparked the situation, but it remains true that Islamists had made it clear during this election campaign that they wanted to set up the Muhammadan rule in Kashmir. Democracies were considered un-Islamic or haraam.

The former Chief Minister of J&K made his first comments on the recently released ‘The Kashmir Files’ on Friday, calling upon the government to create a conducive environment for Kashmiris to return to the Valley. “However, I think that the moviemakers don’t intend for them (the Kashmiri Pandits) to return to Kashmir. “Maybe they think they will always stay away from here,” he said.

“I only want to know if this is a documentary or a commercial film,” he said on the sidelines of a party workers’ meeting in Kulgam.
The makers claim it is based heavily on reality, but it is not a documentary. If the former is the case, we would expect to find the truth to it.

The Kashmir Files explaining the Real facts

If one views this situation in this light, the unrest in Kashmir may not be due to the alienation of the people by the poor governance, lack of development, or violations of human rights. In Kashmir, the youth are fast becoming radicalized, aiming to transform the state into a totalitarian Islamist state radically. Our bleeding-heart-liberal intelligentsia and political parties are ignoring this unpalatable truth.

Their real goal is secession, and no concessions will ever appease these separatists or their leaders. An independent India can never be the right choice for them.

Since the Iranian revolution in 1979, Wahhabism has been on the march in Kashmir thanks to Saudi funding and Pakistani support. As a result, Saudi Arabia began pumping great petrodollars into Wahhabism, which gained momentum as time went by. They aim to establish a kind of Islamic rule without ever considering the possibility of coexistence with those with differing religious beliefs.

According to Bangladeshi scholar Abu Taher Salahuddin Ahmed, Kashmir has demonstrated political trends over the years – Indianness and Kashmiriness.

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      • Hey …. I ma chuckling seeing ur statement
        Your statement seems like u r just a blind and deaf kid u cannot see or understand anything in the world…. They just follow the others…
        C’mon in Every religion there are good and bad peeps
        Then why can we just focus on one religion
        Even hindu do cause destruction….. U can not only point of only one religion
        And read the history rather than just commenting sh*t words about any religion……
        For ur kind information the movie just claims that hindu pandits wear killed but did they show that hundreds of muslims were even killed….. Hindus and muslims , both bloods have flown like a river that time
        I am really speechless seeing people like u
        So pls before commenting anything about anyone just try to go deep into it

        • Imagine a terriorist what do you see? If you ask anyone this question they will tell you they see a person wearing cap (taqiyah) and bisht (the cloth like a throbe). People everywhere thinks of a muslim as a terrorist who kills people. They do it for political benefits and what not but it all comes to muslims. Pakistan is a leading country genrating terriorst all over the world. They kill who ever is against them because of them muslims are blamed for if you want to change it then please change yourself and your community stop playing victim card. These greedy muslims are always trying to convert kafirs and always torturing them. Muslims now have such a huge population through these means no matter what the era is they are the torturers and they are the terrorists.

        • Yeah.. U r right…we have no right to point fingers at any religion. But from the point of view of what was shown in the film, it was the fault of the Muslims.

        • But they kill innocents in the name of Allah, Jihad, and Allah ka farmaan. This is why perception of Islam is changing.

      • It’s wrong to make a general statement… not even 1-2% are terrorists. By and large Muslims are peaceful. The very small percentage drag the name of Islam and Muslims in the mud.

    • Hindu terrorists organization!? 😂😂 Nice joke. I never heard this joke. If you love your country people, namaaz them and stay in your territories. Why do you people want others properties always. Endless greed like hyenas. The so called terrorists don’t have guts to fight face to face with Indian army. Your so called fighters always kill innocent people who don’t fight back with rifil. Murderers

  1. Islam must be banned in all non-Islamic countries. Muslims living in non-Islamic countries must convert to a non-Islamic religion failing which they should be forcibly deported to any of the 57 Islamic countries.

    • Really? If you were Muslim and forced to change your religion and leave your home. How would you feel? People are bad and good not religion.

      • The same what kashmiri pandit felt I would feel the same Mumal. At least I am given choice to freely live and leave which the kashmiri pandit or many other people residing in muslim countries are not given and just killed simply


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