iOS 15.4 Release Date, New Features, Bug Fixes, Download

The iOS 15.4 software is currently being beta tested, and it is expected to be released later this month. Apple’s iOS is a bug fix and security update, and a milestone update. There are also several new features. While iOS 15.4 release date is unknown, you can download a beta version of the software for your iPhone today if you don’t want to wait.

iOS 15.4 

Release Candidate (RC) 5 of iOS 15.4 has been seeded by Apple, following beta five last week. The new features, changes, and additions in iOS 15.4 are significantly more substantial than iOS 15.3. For example, Face ID is now supported when masked for iPhone 12 and newer models, there are new emojis, and Keychain is getting updates. 

The developer program costs $99 per year, which entitles you to download this update. Alternately, you can join the public beta program and get the latest build as soon as it is released. The stable, public release — which will arrive next week — is available to all patients. Here are the highlights of iOS 15.4.

iOS 15.4 Release Date

There will be a final release of iOS 15.4 on the 8th of march, 2023. It is not clear when Apple will release iOS 15.4. The new operating system is expected to be available for download this week. As a result, the public will have the opportunity to download iOS 15.4 on March 14, 2023.

iOS 15.4

According to Apple, iOS 15.4 will be preloaded on the new iPhone SE, green iPhone 13, and the alpine green iPhone 13 Pro. Currently, the software is undergoing internal testing, so the update’s public release might occur shortly. Download and flash the iOS 15.4 updates if you are a member of the company’s developer program.

iOS 15.4 New Features

  • Notes can accompany password entries in Keychain. Entering your Keychain entries is as simple as tapping on Passwords in Settings.
  • A PlayStation 5 DualSense controller with adaptive triggers will work with the iPhone.
  • The Apple Card widget, which you can add to your home screen or the Today view, allows you to see your current balance and spending history.
  • The iPhone 13 Pro/Pro Max will support 120Hz ProMotion through third-party apps.
  • Safari will no longer save your passwords automatically when you don’t log in to a website using a specific username. The program will therefore ask for log-in credentials to save a complete entry.
  • Notifications can be disabled using shortcuts.
  • From iCloud Mail on the iPhone, you can now create customized email domains.
  • The Share Sheet allows you to activate SharePlay.
  • Notes’ left and right corner swipe gestures can be customized.
  • Passkey-compatible websites and apps can now be accessed from an iPhone or iPad.
  • When you trade-in your iPhone, it will be checked for damage with the ‘Cosmetic Scan’ feature.

How to Download iOS 15.4 Beta Version?

  • Apple’s beta software portal can be accessed from your iPhone.
  • Use your Apple ID credentials to sign in.
  • Go to the “Get Started” subheading.
  • Enrol your device by selecting the “Enroll” link.
  • Choose “Allow” when prompted to “Download profile”.
  • The “Profile Downloaded” section is located in the Settings app.
  • You will now be able to download the beta software.
  • Choosing “Install” and entering your password again will allow you to install the software.
  • You will have to accept the consent statement and restart your device to activate the profile.

iOS 15.4 Face ID with masks

As part of the Face ID update, Apple makes it possible to use the feature while wearing a mask. Since Face ID uses a smaller portion of your face, you will need to hold your phone differently when using it. You will even be prompted if you need to look at your phone when it does not work with sunglasses.

iOS 15.4 New Emojis

Apple’s iOS 15.4 update is a must-have for people who use emoji creatively. This update includes 37 new emojis for pregnant people, hands making a heart shape, a salutation, and a lip-biting emoji, one of my personal favourites. Among the other items we discovered last fall were a melting face, a smiling face holding back tears, coral, a lotus, a low battery, and kidney beans.

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