Imran Khan Resignation updates – Pakistan PM loses votes battle

A key ally of Pakistan’s ailing Prime Minister Imran Khan has defected to the opposition ahead of a no-confidence vote in the country’s parliament. The pressure on Imran Khan resignation is increasing. On Wednesday, it was reported that the Muttahida Qaumi Movement Pakistan (MQM-P), a significant political movement in Sindh province, would be withdrawing from the coalition government headed by the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI), which was in power at the time.

Imran Khan Resignation

On March 28, opposition groups in Pakistan filed a no-confidence resolution in the parliament against Prime Minister Imran Khan to force the cricketer-turned-politician from power, citing ‘economic mismanagement.’ The Pakistani parliament will begin debating Khan’s resignation on March 31, according to the Pakistani media.

imran khan resignation

Following the resignations of his two closest supporters, Imran Khan is expected to address the country on Wednesday evening, further fueling speculation of his resignation. Pakistani Minister Fawad Chaudhry, on the other hand, has said that there would be no resignation. “Imran Khan is a player who battles until the very end of the game.” There will be no resignation on my part. He remarked on Twitter, “There will be a match, and both friends and adversaries will be there to see it.”

Pakistan PM loses votes battle

Khan, a 69-year-old former captain of Pakistan’s national cricket team, was elected as president in 2018. As a result of the MQM-withdrawal P’s from the coalition, the governing alliance currently has 164 votes.

Khan needs 172 votes in the National Assembly’s 342-member chamber to reject the no-confidence resolution brought by the opposition, whose ranks have swollen to 177 as over two dozen Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf MPs have defected from Khan.

In Pakistan’s 75-year old history, several coups have been scarred by its strong military, and no prime leader has ever served their entire tenure as prime minister.

According to media reports, Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan has postponed his address to the nation while meeting with journalists and military leaders to discuss the “foreign threat” letter. According to media reports, ministers have also ruled out him stepping down before a vote of no-confidence is held.

Earlier, Pakistani Interior Minister Sheikh Rasheed stated that Prime Minister Imran Khan would address the country at 5 p.m. local time on Wednesday. According to the sources, Senator Faisal Javed of the Pakistani People’s Party (PTI) has said that the speech has been postponed.

Imran Khan Resignation Update

Pakistani media has reacted angrily to charges made by the country’s Prime Minister Imran Khan that a worldwide plot is underway to force him from power via a vote of a no-confidence resolution brought by the country’s opposition parties.

At a public gathering on Sunday, the Pakistani prime minister alleged that a “foreign-funded conspiracy” was organized against his administration. The letter, which he did not read, served as proof of the existence of a conspiracy aimed at overthrowing his administration, and he used it to support his claim. Imran asserted that attempts were being made to remove him from power because he followed an “independent” foreign policy in the Middle East.

Imran Khan Resignation People’s Reactions

“Reliable sources now indicate that Prime Minister Imran Khan’s assertion of a “foreign plan” was based on a diplomatic cable delivered by Pakistan’s ambassador. No nation communicated directly to Pakistan,” Kamran Yousuf, a senior Pakistani journalist, stated on Twitter. The internal communication has been dismissed as a threat or a plan against the administration by those who are concerned.”

“How is it possible that the Cabinet, the National Security Committee, and the Parliament are not aware of this threat letter?” said prominent journalist Murtaza Solangi during a discussion on Naya Daur TV. “How are they managing the affairs of the country?” “I have a copy of the “secret” letter that Imran Khan displayed at his rally today,” tweeted Najam Sethi, a well-known Pakistani journalist. Indeed, the material is freely accessible.

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