Where to Sell Cryptocurrency? Best Cryptocurrency exchanges guide 2023

How to sell cryptocurrency will be discussed here. Bitcoin, for example, is a virtual currency that can be redeemed for digital goods or used as a trading instrument. Bitcoin, as well as other cryptocurrencies, needs to be bought and sold on a crypto exchange. You can purchase Bitcoin through a crypto exchange in exchange for traditional currency or other digital assets. Cryptocurrency exchanges that are the most reliable and secure accept a variety of funding sources, are simple and quick to set up and are easy to use.

Cryptocurrency exchanges: what are they?

Crypto exchanges allow you to convert currencies such as U.S. dollars into bitcoins. The price and platform of each bitcoin exchange may instantly convince you to choose one over another. The type of exchange may be of interest to advanced bitcoin users.

For instance, some exchanges make use of centralized accounts and systems, while others are more decentralized and prioritize privacy. There might be a preferred type of exchange for you depending on what you’re trying to accomplish.

How to Choose a Cryptocurrency Exchange?

Choosing the best crypto exchange might be a difficult task It is important to consider whether the company charges fees, offers security, and sells the assets that you would like. According to Spencer Montgomery, creator of Unita Crypto Consulting, which teaches the uninitiated how to invest in digital currencies, the first thing you’ll want is a safe exchange.

As cryptocurrency has risen in popularity and value, it has become a more attractive target for hackers, and a number of major exchanges, including Binance’s international business and KuCoin, have recently been there for tens of millions of dollars. While exchanges often pay customers whose coins are there via their insurance, you don’t want to be in that situation in the first place. Because of this, Montgomery recommends that you only invest in reputable exchanges.

It’s smart to spread your purchases among multiple exchanges, and to move your crypto from an exchange’s default wallet to one that’s securely protected and not connected to the internet (and thus harder to hack). Otherwise, you could lose all your crypto forever if you don’t watch your passcode, he warns. When you withdraw cryptocurrency from an exchange, though, you must be aware of withdrawal costs. These are often different depending on the coin type.

Consider the cryptocurrencies that are accessible on a certain exchange. If you simply want one currency, you could be OK utilizing a crypto exchange with only that coin.

However, having a large number of coins isn’t enough if no transactions are taking place. You’ll want to witness daily crypto trading worth hundreds of millions of dollars to guarantee you have adequate liquidity to exchange your coins and dollars whenever you want or need to.

Furthermore, low-trading marketplaces may lose you money on sales.How to Sell Cryptocurrency

Where to Sell Cryptocurrency?

 These are the top places where you can sell bitcoin.


Investing directly with USD makes Coinbase one of the most popular and most successful cryptocurrency exchanges. There are currently over 30 coins and tokens available to purchase through the platform, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin. Furthermore, you are able to earn interest on your USDT, as well as reward tokens for completing different tasks.


  • Users verified by 73 million
  • A reasonable fee structure
  • A variety of currencies are supported


  • Fees can be high due to spread pricing
  • Transactions using debit cards incur high fees 


You can earn interest by lending to BlockFi, a cryptocurrency investment platform. In addition to selling your coins, you can borrow money against them. For those just looking to hold their tokens, they can also earn interest for you.


  • Cryptocurrency offers APYs as high as 9.5%
  • Collateralize USD loans with Bitcoin
  • Cryptocurrency trades are not subject to additional fees


  • The interest rate on loans can reach 9.75%.


Kraken is a popular crypto trading platform that provides a variety of coins and tokens for trade and investment. Margin trading is also a feature of Kraken. 

Also, there are some differences between it and some of the top options on this list, including the fact that it’s a real exchange. 

Traders on Kraken are able to trade DOGE and other, riskier, cryptocurrency tokens. It comes in first on this list out of all the platforms.


  • Cryptocurrency exchange that has been around for the longest time
  • Security and trust at a high level
  • Tokens and cryptos of all kinds are available for trading


  • The use of this platform can be challenging
  • Two-factor authentication is difficult

Is it legal to exchange bitcoins?

The United States generally considers bitcoin exchanges to be legal. 

You are responsible for filing your annual tax return on time, but you need to report capital gains to stay in compliance.

Exchanges and wallets: What Are Some Differences?

An exchange where you can sell and sell bitcoins is a bitcoin exchange. You can keep your cryptocurrencies on exchanges as well, which are called wallets. The exchange effectively carries the bitcoin on your behalf when you use a centralized exchange online or through a mobile app.

Aside from an exchange, you can also use Bitcoin with a third-party wallet. “Hot wallets”, which are accessed online and through computers, and “cold wallets,” which work like USB security fobs.

 Bitcoins can be transferred to any bitcoin wallet if you sell them on most exchanges.

Do Crypto Exchanges and Mining Software Have Any Differences?

Blockchain maintenance is made possible by crypto mining software. Computers called miners race to record transactions and gain a small fee that comes from those who make the transactions.

You can join a mining pool to enhance your chances. The downside is that mining consumes a significant amount of power and you could wind up paying more than you earn. 

Bitcoin mining is best suited to computer-savvy individuals.

Is it safe to sell crypto?

Any platform you choose that has been vetted and respected will keep your crypto safe. The Bitcoin price fluctuates more frequently than many other traditional investments, making it less suitable as a safe investment. Using Bitcoin can be valuable if you’re interested in supporting a decentralized payment system. Purchasing things online does not come with any guarantee or insurance, however.

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