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Hockey World Cup Points Table 2023 Team Wise Points check

Hockey World Cup Points Table 2023 Team Wise Points check. Read to know more about the Hockey World Cup Points Table 2023.

Hockey World Cup Points Table 2023

Hockey World Cup 2023 started on the 13th of January. There are a total of 16 teams playing in this world cup for their country. These 16 teams are separated into four-team pools. Two teams on the top from each pool will be selected for the quarterfinals. The teams in pool A are Australia, Argentina, France and South Africa. Pool B includes South Korea, Japan, Belgium and Germany. The next pool, C, includes the Netherlands, New Zealand chile and Malaysia. India will be in the pool D with Spain, Wales and England.

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The points of the Hockey world cup are available on the official website of the Olympics. This tournament is conducted by the International Hockey Federation and will end on 29th January 2023. In pool A, all teams played 2 matches but won only one, except South Africa, who lost all two matches. 1 match was drawn between Australia and Argentina, and France lost one match. Pool B teams played only 1 match each in which Belgium and Germany won and Japan and Korea lost the match.

Hockey World Cup Points Table

The Pool C teams played two matches each, in which the Netherlands won all two matches. New Zealand and Malaysia won one match each and lost 1 match each. Chile in this pool is the team which do not win a single match. In the last Pool also, all teams played two matches each. Except for Wales, all teams won one match each. Wales was not able to win a single match, One match between India and England was drawn, and Spain lost one match.

Hockey World Cup Team Wise Points check 2023

44 matches are going to be played by these 16 teams in this world cup in search of the winner. The world cup is already started, and the end is coming soon; the last day will be on 29th Jan. This mega event of the Hockey world cup is being hosted by India for the second consecutive time. The matches are scheduled to be held in Bhubaneswar and Rourkela.

On the first day of the world cup, there were four matches, two in Pool A and two matches in Pool D. In pool A first match was between Argentina and South Africa, which was won by Argentina. The second match was between Australia and France, and Australia won by doing 8 goals. In pool D, the first match was won by England over Wales. The second match was between India and Spain, in which India won by scoring two goals.

Till now, the Netherlands has the highest 6 points by not losing a single match. In the same pool C New Zealand and Malaysia have 3 points each, and Chile has Zero points. In pool D England and India have four points each. Spain has three, and Wales does not have any points. Australia and Argentina have four points each in pool A, and France has 3 points, but South Africa does not have a single point. In Pool B, Belgium and Germany have three points each. Japan and Korea are with zero points.

Hockey World Cup 2023

The hockey world cup began in 1971, and after every four years, it is organised. The most successful team is Pakistan winning four world cups. The Netherlands and Australia won three world Cups each, and Germany won Two. India has won the cup only once, and Belgium also won only once the world cup. Air Marshal Nur Khan of Pakistan took the initiative of the Hockey world cup. This idea of the World cup was accepted on 26th October 1969 and adopted on 12th April 1970. Pakistan got a chance to host the 1971 Hockey World Cup as decided by International Hockey Federation.

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