Happy Teddy Day 2023 Hindi Shayari, Blessings, Status, DP

Happy Teddy Day 2023 Hindi Shayari, Blessings, Status, DP can be checked from here to wishes your loved ones. To provide all the information about Happy Teddy Day 2023, read the article given on the website carefully. Because in our article you will be told what is the importance of Teddy Day today. Along with this, we will also provide you with complete information about Hindi Shayari and Status DP. I hope that you will definitely read it carefully till the end and celebrate this day with happiness and love.

Happy Teddy Day 2023

Teddy Day is celebrated every year on 10 February. All lovers gift teddy bears to their partners on this day as a gift. Which he gives as a sign of his love. Today is the third day of Valentine’s Week which is very full of love. All the couples celebrate this day with Teddy. If you have not yet expressed your love in Valentine’s Week, then do not miss today’s chance. As soon as possible, express your feelings by seeing teddy to your partner on this day.

Teddy Day is celebrated every year on this date and every year a large number of couples express their love. You can take a teddy from any gift shop and give it to your partner. Today you can very easily give a teddy to your partner. Perhaps you are not telling, but on this day lovers give the biggest teddy gift to their girlfriend. You can give a teddy as small as you want or you can also gift the biggest teddy to your partner so that your feelings can be shown.

Happy Teddy Day Hindi Shayari 2023

On the day of Teddy Day, you can tell your partner about your love by seeing a teddy to the one whom you love very much. Also, if you want, you can make them feel your love by listening to poetry. Through poetry, it can be told what is their importance in your life. For which we will do our best to help you. That’s why some Shayari has been provided below, if you want, you can easily tell your feelings to your partner by using them-

Teddy Day का मौका है
फिर क्यों खुद को तुमने रोका है,
जाओ और दे आओ अपने प्यार को टेडी
इस दिन का मौका ही अनोखा है…
हैप्‍पी टेडी डे

Can I give a hug to
my softest teddy
When you are with me,
I never miss my teddy
Happy Teddy day…

आज कल हम हर Teddy को
देखकर मुसकुराते है,
कैसे बताए उन्हें…
हमें तो हर टेडी में वो ही नजर आते है।

Love me Love my Teddy Bear
Kiss me Kiss me my Teddy Bear
Hug me Hug me my Teddy Bear
Happy Teddy Bear Day…

Happy Teddy Day Blessings 2023

On this day, along with Teddy, all the lovers give blessings to their partner that he should always be with them. To give a teddy means that whenever she remembers you, she can make you feel after seeing that teddy. Couples can also celebrate Teddy Day and can also celebrate Husband Wife. It is not necessary that if you are old then you cannot celebrate this day. No age is important to express love. If anything matters, it’s your feelings. You can ask your partner to express your feelings-

अगर आप एक टेडी होते
तो हम अपने पास रख लेते,
डाल के अपनी झोली में
साथ साथ अपने ले चलते,
हग कर के रोज़ रात को
अपने संग सुलाते.

A Cute Teddy Bear,
To My Cute Friend,
On A Cute & Sweet Occasions,
Just Want to Say,
Happy Teddy Bear Day…

Happy Teddy Day Status 2023

You can express your love by putting status for your partner on WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, etc. There are many couples who celebrate their Valentine’s in this way. You can put teddy on your status and express your feelings by writing in it. You can also celebrate this day in this way. Today is a very special day for all the lovers. Usually, on this day, only boys give a teddy to the girl as a gift. But in today’s era, the girl also gives a teddy to the boy. If you want in status, you can write that-

आज कल हम हर Teddy को
देखकर मुसकुराते है,
कैसे बताए उन्हें…
हमें तो हर टेडी में वो ही नजर आते है।

I touch my teddy,
I hug my teddy,
I love my teddy,
I kiss my teddy,
And my teddy is my valentine
Happy Teddy Day…

Happy Teddy Day DP 2023

On Teddy Day, you can also send photos for your partner through social media. If for some reason you are away from your partner or cannot give them a teddy, you can also express your love by sending a teddy photo. People on Facebook also take DP for this because Facebook is such a platform where you can speak your heart to your partner in front of everyone. If you do not express your love today, then you will miss this chance forever. With DP you can also write some captions like-

ख्वाहिश इतनी है कि,
आज तुझे देकर में Teddy
फ्यूचर में बन जाउं तेरे बच्चों का Daddy
Happy Teddy Bear Day… My Love

It’s Teddy Day 2022,
& I am thinking
of someone cute, soft,
sweet and hugable
Who is you?
Happy Teddy Day…

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