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Happy Navratri Wishes: The nine nights of Sharadiya Navratri began on Monday, September 26th, and will continue till Thursday, October 4th. Several incarnations of the Goddess Maa Durga are honored during the nine days that make up Navratri. Today, September 27th is the second day of the nine-day festival referred to as Navratri. Mother Brahmacharini is the deity adored via various rites on the second day of the Navratri festival. Send these quotes and messages packed with the devotion of Maa Durga to your family and friends and wish them a Happy Navratri on this momentous occasion.

Happy Navratri Wishes

The Navratri festival celebrated as a devotion to Shakti, began on September 26th, 2023. This year there will be a nine-day festival in recognition of the mother. This year’s Navratri is being hailed as an incredibly significant event. Maa Durga is said to arrive on an elephant on the day of Pratipada during the month of Ashwin. It is said that Mata Rani traveled across time on an elephant, which was a perfect choice.

In addition, throughout the nine days of Navratri, various auspicious yogas are produced, which are highly beneficial for the worship of mothers. These yogas are performed across the globe. It is stated that the Goddess eliminates every hindrance from the path of devotees if they spend the nine days of Navratri worshipping Maa Jagat Janani Devi Jagadamba with a sincere heart.

I hope you have nine nights of happiness and love. May Maa bless you with all her passion. Happy Navratri!

May the great Goddess Maa Durga give you the strength, wisdom, and courage to get through everything life throws you. Happy Navratri!

I wish Goddess Durga would always be there to keep you safe from all life’s problems. Happy Navratri!

I hope you have the finest of times, parties, and success this year. Best wishes for a happy, pacifist, and joyous Navratri.

To honor Goddess Durga, let’s bring joy and happiness to everyone around us. Happy Navratri!

May the Goddess Durga fill you with the light of truth and knowledge. You and your family should have a happy Navratri.

May the divine blessings of Goddess Durga bring you peace and happiness for all time, keep you safe from harm, and help you get everything you want. Happy Navratri!

Happy Navratri SMS 2023

Happy Navratri Wishes

May the nine forms of Maa Durga’s powers bless your family and friends.

This Festival of Maa Durga will make you happy and bring you lots of money.

Happy Navratri 2023 to everyone in this country and the rest of the world. Maa Durga will keep you safe from all the evil things in this world.

May Maa Durga give you the strength and power to get through all of life’s bad times.

Happy Navratri Quotes 2023

May Maa Durga always keep her Ashirwad with you and bring happiness into your life.

You get stronger when you know that the blessings of Maa Durga are with you—wishing you and your family a happy Navratri.

May the brightness of this festival bring color into your life and wipe out all the bad things in this world.

We wish you the Nine Nights of Devotion, and Maa Durga’s blessings will be with you always.

On Navratri, may Maa Durga give us all the strength, wisdom, positivity, and devotion we need! Jai Ambe! Jai Bhavani!

Maa Durga is the mother of everything. She is the personification of power. On this happy day of Navratri, we bow to her to ask for her blessings.

Happy Nine Nights. May, the blessings of Maa Durga, the Goddess of power, always be with you! Jai Mata Di!

Navratri Aarti Bhajan

The nine nights of Shardiya Navratri have begun today. Pratipada Tithi marks the beginning of Navratri for the Ashwin month. The festival of Navratri will last for the whole nine days this year. The last day of Navratri will be October 5th, 2023. The battle between Maa Durga and the demons lasted for nine days, and on the tenth day, she triumphed over the Asuras. Several incarnations of Maa Durga are honored through devotion every day.

Mother receives her favorite bhog every day for the next nine days. Maa Shailputri gets celebrated on the first day of Shardiya Navratri, which kicks off the nine-day festival. The Goddess Shailputri is a representation of sound judgment and perseverance. The worship of it will ultimately result in the acquisition of a suitable spouse. The aarti of Maa Shailputri should be carried out using the procedure on the very first day. Let us learn the aarti associated with Maa Shailputri.

शैलपुत्री मां बैल असवार।

करें देवता जय जयकार।

शिव शंकर की प्रिय भवानी।

तेरी महिमा किसी ने ना जानी

पार्वती तू उमा कहलावे।

जो तुझे सिमरे सो सुख पावे।

ऋद्धि-सिद्धि परवान करे तू।

दया करे धनवान करे तू।

सोमवार को शिव संग प्यारी।

आरती तेरी जिसने उतारी।

उसकी सगरी आस पुजा दो।

सगरे दुख तकलीफ मिला दो।

घी का सुंदर दीप जला के।

गोला गरी का भोग लगा के।

श्रद्धा भाव से मंत्र गाएं।

प्रेम सहित फिर शीश झुकाएं।

जय गिरिराज किशोरी अंबे।

शिव मुख चंद्र चकोरी अंबे।

मनोकामना पूर्ण कर दो।

भक्त सदा सुख संपत्ति भर दो।

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