Goa Election Result 2023 Exit & Opinion Polls, MLA Seats

If you want to get all the information about Goa Election Result 2023 then read our article till the end. Because in our article you will be told that when the result of this election will be released. Along with this, opinions will also be told about all the polls. Apart from this, complete information about the exit will also be given. We will try to give you complete information about MLA seats as well. Hope all the information will be available to you in our article.

Goa Election Result 2023

Elections are conducted for this post every year. All citizens choose eligible candidates for themselves on the basis of their votes. Now the elections have been conducted again for the post of Chief Minister. These elections were conducted at all the booths. The nominations for the election were started on 21 January 2023. The last day for filing the nomination form was fixed as 28 January 2023. After that, you could only apply for it.

After applying, the date for scrutiny was fixed as 29 January 2023. The last date of withdrawal for all the candidates was fixed as 31st January. After which you could not withdraw your form. Voting was conducted on 14 February 2023 after the filing of the form. The day all the citizens of Goa went to the voting booth and cast their vote. This election has been conducted for 40 seats. The schedule for this election was released on 08 January 2023.

About Goa Election 2023

These elections are conducted every 5 years. Whichever party wins during this election, only their government is formed for the next 5 years. All the decisions of that state are decided by him. Whichever party does good work during its reign, then people like to form their government next time also. Because the citizens of any state only want the good of their state. But let us tell you that only people above 18 years of age can vote.

Goa Election Opinion Polls 2023

According to the calculations done so far, out of 40 seats, BJP has got 19 to 23 seats. INC has got 4 to 8 seats so far. AAP has got a total of 5 to 9 seats. Also, let us tell you that OTH has got 4 to 8 seats. To win in this election, 21 seats will have to be won.

In the 2017 elections, INC won 17 seats and BJP won 13 seats. Soon you will be informed about the clear results of the 2023 elections. You can get information about this through TV News of any Newspaper.

Goa Election

Goa Election Exit Polls 2023

Every year some seats in the exit polls are decided for different parties. This year also these polls have been decided separately for everyone. This year got 18 seats for BJP. INC has got 15 seats this time. Others have secured a total of 5 seats. AAP has got a total of 2 seats.

To win the exit poll, any party has to get 21 seats. Because 40 seats are given to the opinion poll and 40 seats are given to the exit poll. Voting will be conducted in a completely fair manner. Because of this, the future of the people of the country is decided.

How to check Goa Election Result 2023 online?

  1. For the result, you have to visit the Goa Government website.
  2. Then the home page of the portal will open in front of you.
  3. In which you can search for elections.
  4. After searching, all the news related to the election will come in front of you.
  5. Through which you will get all the information.

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