Girija Tickoo Bio, Family, Real Story, Photo

The film directed by Vivek Agnihotri about the 1990 massacre of Kashmiri Pandits that led to the migration of the valley has been critically and commercially successful across the region. An example of the horrors that occurred during that period was the gang-rape of Girija Tickoo and her death by an automatic saw while she was still alive.

Girija Tickoo

 Girija Tickoo, a Kashmiri Pandit, was raped and murdered during the problematic era in Kashmir. A mechanical saw was used to cut her in two, and the startling fact is that she was still alive when she was gang-raped and sliced in half.

Name Girija Tickoo
Husband Name Kanya Lal Tiku
Date of Birth 15.2.1969
Date of Assassination 11.6.1990
Residence Arigam, Bandipora, Baramulla

As a laboratory assistant in a government school in Kashmir, Girija Tickoo was a married Kashmiri Pandit from Bandipora. She was brutally raped and murdered while she was only in her 20s, and her husband was killed as well. Bhasha Sumbli (Sharda Pundit) portrays her in The Kashmir Files’.

Girija Tickoo Bio

The late Girija Tickoo came from Bandipora, a Kashmiri Hindu community. A university laboratory assistant, she worked in the Kashmir Valley. But she and her family had relocated to Jammu in the wake of the ‘Azadi Movement,’ which was carried out by terrorists affiliated with the Jammu and Kashmir Liberation Front due to growing prejudice towards Kashmiri Pandits.

Girija Tickoo
In June 1990, she returned to the valley after receiving a phone call from someone who said that the situation in the valley had improved and that she could collect her money. The individual also guaranteed her protection.

She met up with a Muslim coworker from her neighborhood, utterly oblivious that Jihadi militants were watching her movements. In an unidentified location, she was kidnapped and raped, and killed. Her niece is pushing Indians to view the documentary Kashmir Files, which depicts Kashmiri Pandits’ horrors during that period.

Girija Tickoo Family

Kanya Lal Tiku and Girija Tickoo were married. They were both married and had children. However, there aren’t much data about her children available on social media. After being quiet for over three years and suppressing their thoughts, Girija Tickoo’s family has now spoken out about the tragedy.

Girija Tickoo’s family has now spoken up about the event in their home after remaining quiet for more than three decades and keeping their inner thoughts hidden from the public. Her niece, Sidhi Raina, sent a poignant message on her own Instagram account, which has now gone viral. It was published a letter from her mother in which she discussed how she and her family are still waiting for justice, and she encouraged everyone to see the film.

Girija Tickoo Real Story

According to the allegations of Girija Tickoo’s family, Girija Tickoo was employed as a librarian at a college, and she had gone to pick up her paycheck when she was abducted. While returning to where she had come from, the bus halted, and what happened next continued to give them chills, tears, and nausea.

A taxi was summoned, and Girija’s brother was thrown into it, where five men had already arrived; one of them, a colleague, had been waiting and had been cruelly tormenting her. Afterward, she was raped before being brutally murdered with a carpenter’s saw before she fled from the scene.

Currently, there is no information on the age of Girija Tickoo available to the general public. It was a viciously raped woman in her early twenties that tragically died due to her horrific rape. In The Kashmir Files, Bhasha Sumbli plays the role of her. Even after her death, material about her beginnings wasn’t as widely publicized as her death.

Girija Tickoo and the Kashmir Files

Vivek Agnihotri’s documentary film, The Kashmir Files, discusses the challenges that Kashmiri Pandits encountered in the 1990s, which resulted in their expulsion from the valley. This film has successfully brought an enormous number of people to the theatres.

The fact and sufferings of Kashmiri Hindus living in Kashmir are brought to light in this report, exposing Muslims’ mass killing, raping, burning, and converting Hindus. One of the most horrible incidents occurred in Kashmir during the turbulent era in which Girija Tickoo was raped and murdered. Tickoo was a Kashmiri Pandit. Even though she had been gang-raped and sliced in half with a mechanical saw, the incredible reality is that she managed to live.

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        • You don’t know the reality of Kashmir and history as well or don’t want to know or pretend to mislead the personnel from fact knowingly.
          Every thing is available in research centres and anyone may knwo the fact easily. Also many more facts are still dormant except showing some reality part in this movie.

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        • Well said. I have heard and watched debates on Kashmir Pandits. I felt when can we hear that people can lead a peaceful life I Kashmir. From so many years terrorism is happening in Kashmir and people are living in nightmares. So Modi government has to make sure the people in Kashmir are safe and protected. People can lead their lives as normal when will it going to happen???????

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  1. Justice will not be denied anymore. We’ll see kashmiri pandits and our we’ll known Hindu culture coming back. That’s why I say, vote for someone who can bring this change not foreigners.

  2. What were the names of her friend who called her or Girija went to visit? Who was that colleague who was tormenting her? Name them if they are alive. Put out their addresses. Easy to trace them and shame them then.

    • I think those are really big and revealing questions which various bodies of our government are trying to find out! This author is a copycat and that too a bad one so do not expect her to know the details pertaining to this unfortunate and unspeakable incident.

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  5. “Tickoo was a Kashmiri Pandit. Even though she had been gang-raped and sliced in half with a mechanical saw, the incredible reality is that she managed to live.”

    Can someone live after being sliced in half? How long did she live after being sliced?

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    • The genocide in Gujarat was again perpetrated by Muslims by burning Women and Children in Godhra – not by Hindus.

      More coverage is needed for 1984 Sikh Genocide by Congress cronies – it was a political act and not a racial act by Hindus against Sikhs. It was fueled and fanned by Congress Politicians against innocent Sikhs and should be covered in full and Congress made to pay for it.

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