Eddie Hall Bio, Boxing, Family, Career, Age and Weight

In addition to having previously held the titles of World’s Strongest Man and World Record holder in various lifts, Eddie Hall is a retired strongman competitor. He is the father of two children. Eddie Hall was a strongman competitor in the late 2000s and early 2010s until announcing his retirement from the sport in late 2017. Read the article to know about Eddie Hall Bio, Boxing, Family, Career, Age and Weight.

Eddie Hall’s Biography

Eddie Hall is a former professional strongman and weightlifter from England crowned World’s Strongest Man in the 2017 World Championships. He has competed in the World Strongest Man competition since 2008.

Additionally, Hall holds the world record for deadlifting, having lifted 500 kg (1,100 lb) under strongman standards (2016). He has shown himself to be a heavyweight, having won several championships, including the UK’s Strongest Man and England’s Strongest Man titles.

Age 33
Reach NA
Height 6′3″
Weight 200+ lbs
Marital Status Married
Wife Name Alexandra Hall
Kids Two (1 Son and 1 Daughter)
Address/Residence Newcastle-under-Lyme, Staffordshire, England
Country England, United Kingdom
Endorsement boohoo Man, ARLA, Blakeman’s Sausages, and Pulse Fitness
Net Worth $5 Million
Birthdate January 15, 1988
Record 0-0 (1 Charity boxing match)
Achievements Multiple-time UK’s Strongest Man, Britain’s Strongest Man, and England’s Strongest Man winner2017 World’s Strongest Man winner
Nickname “The Beast”

He began receiving in-home tuition shortly after that. Robert Wiseman Dairies in Shropshire, where he started in 2008 as a mechanic in the garage, was his first job as a mechanic.

After competing in strongman competitions, he began training as a bodybuilder at the Iceman gym in Stoke-on-Trent, Staffordshire. He then moved on to the strongman circuit after winning the tournament.

Eddie Hall Boxing

The first thing that comes to mind when people think of Eddie Hall is his two significant accomplishments. Getting the title of “Strongest Man on the Planet” is the first. Having lifted half a tonne, or 500kg, for the first time in human history is the second most significant accomplishment. To be precise, Eddie Hall is one of just two persons (the other being his boxing competitor, Thor Bjornsson, who lifted 501kgs) to have deadlifted 500kgs in a single set of exercises.

Eddie Hall Bio

Eddie was dismissed after breaking the deadlift world record twice when rumors circulated about a 500kg deadlift. Many believed he couldn’t do it. Eddie was motivated by this and arranged an agreement to be paid a large sum of money if he could deadlift 500 kg.

Eddie Hall Career

He has had a successful sporting career so far, and he does not seem to be planning to retire from the sport anytime soon. We will certainly be watching what transpires in the next few days with interest.

All of this achievement results from a great deal of hard work and commitment, and we have seen him dedicate the better part of his life to being able to win major tournaments. Here’s an in-depth look at the former English strongman and his life.

Eddie Hall Height and weight

Hall, who stands at 6ft2in tall and weighs 164 kg, is managed by Mo Chaudry, one of the country’s most successful businessmen and entrepreneurs. As a result, Hall is pursuing a career in boxing. In September, he will face long-time opponent Hafthor Bjornsson in Vegas for his first professional fight.

Eddie Hall Family

Hall was born and reared in England by his mother and father. Our attempts to learn more about his family were in vain since no such information is publicly accessible regarding his family members.

Hall does not identify his father by name, but he posts images of him on his Instagram account. When he posted the picture, he and his father had just returned from a vacation to Melbourne. Eddie and his father, on the other hand, were compelled to return home as a result of the Corona lockdown. Additionally, they were forced to take out mortgages on their homes due to this.

Eddie Hall Net worth

Hall’s net worth is believed to be $5 million, with most of his earnings coming from sponsorships and collaborations. He now serves as the brand ambassador for the sports nutrition company Protein Dynamix.

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