Eddie Hall vs Hafthor Boxing Match – Where to watch, Date, Live Stream

The heaviest boxing match in history will occur when Eddie Hall takes on his strongman rival Hafthor “Thor” Bjornsson in Las Vegas. As they prepare for their massive grudge bout this Saturday, the two big guys put the final touches on their training. Both of the strongmen competitors have experienced major physique makeovers, with Hall saying that he lost five pounds and down to 25st 5lb during the summer. Read the article to know about Eddie Hall vs Hafthor Boxing Match – Where to watch, Date, Live Stream.

Eddie Hall vs. Hafthor Boxing Match

There is no more incredible rivalry in strength sports than Eddie Hall vs. Hafthor Björnsson, measured both in combined bulk and bad blood. A tremendous feud between the two strong men, who have won World’s Strongest Man titles and broken historical records, has been going on for years, back to Hall’s victory in the 2017 World’s Strongest Man competition.

Eddie Hall vs Hafthor

The competition was made public in the lead-up to Björnsson’s 501 kg deadlift, which broke Hall’s previous 500 kg record by a significant margin. The contestant, Hall, argued that Björnsson’s lift should not have been legally counted since he accomplished the lift at his gym in Iceland rather than during an officially sanctioned competition.

When Björnsson finished lifting, he immediately challenged Hall to a fight at his post-event news conference. Since then, Hall and Björnsson have been putting in the hours and hours of training to eventually meet and settle the score in a highly anticipated boxing battle in April 2020.

Eddie Hall vs. Hafthor Where to watch

On Saturday, March 19, a heavyweight fight. It will take place in the Dubai Duty-Free Tennis Stadium, which has a capacity of 5,000 spectators.

A preliminarily announced undercard will not be presented on the night, and the Hall v Thor battle is slated to begin at around 9 pm UK time. It will be available to view for free on various streaming websites and will be broadcast live. Their broadcast will begin at 8:30 pm local time on the night in question.

Eddie Hall vs. Hafthor Date and Time

Eddie Hall vs. Thor will take place on March 19. There is an expectation that the main event would begin around 9 pm GMT, corresponding to 1 am local time in Dubai. The match will occur at the Dubai Duty-Free Stadium in the Middle East.

The main event will be divided into six rounds of two minutes each. The participants will be donning more giant 12oz gloves instead of the standard 10oz gloves for heavyweights in the UFC. Knockouts are allowed, and judges at ringside will oversee the action.

Eddie Hall vs Hafthor

Before the match, Core Sports supplied some statistical information on the participants. Hall is 34 years old, stands at 6’3″ tall, and weighs 339 lbs. He has a reach of 80 inches. Björnsson is 33 years old, measures 6’9″ tall, and weighs 321 pounds, according to the Associated Press. Despite having a six-inch height advantage, he boasts an 80-inch reach despite his shorter stature.

After such a lengthy preparation period, there is a great deal of dignity at stake. It is not just a matter of bragging rights, but much more than this. Hall and Björnsson both pledged to donate $200,000 to charity. After a heated exchange on social media, the pair agreed that the loser would have to get the other man’s name tattooed on their body with “World’s Strongest Man,” according to BarBend.

Eddie Hall vs. Hafthor Live Stream

As with most other highly anticipated fights, you won’t have to buy a pay-per-view to watch it live. Segi TV provides a live broadcast of the match for free to its viewers. In addition to the battle, you will be able to see many short documentary pieces about the combatants and their animosity before they enter the ring together.

Both Hall and Björnsson have been active on social media in the lead-up to the battle, providing more information to those interested. Furthermore, Core Sports, the promotion firm behind the bout, is posting information relating to the event on their social media platforms. On Segi TV, you can also catch up on the “Road to the Ring” documentary episodes that took place before.

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