Easter Eggs 2023 Tesco, Asda, Thorntons, Cloe Ferry, Cadbury

In a few days, it will be time to celebrate Easter. There’s less than a week before Good Friday on April 15 and Easter Sunday on April 17, which means there’s not much time left to stock up on Easter eggs for the upcoming festivities. If you’re seeking to put up an egg hunt for the kids or just want a sweet treat for yourself, the chocolate egg tradition is a must-have for the Easter holiday weekend.

Easter Eggs 2023

The clocks have been moved forward, signaling that spring has arrived in full force—less than a week before Easter Sunday, which falls on April 17.

Whether you celebrate Easter for its religious significance or merely to take advantage of the long weekend, food plays a vital role in many people’s celebrations — whether it’s tasty hot cross buns, spiced cookies, or roasted lamb.

Easter eggs

We must not forget Easter eggs, which make for a delectable delicacy that is a must-have for any celebratory weekend. Whether you want something extravagant and exquisite or something that you can pick up at the grocery, there are plenty of options.

Chocolatiers have all significantly improved their skills in recent years. Instead of just wrapping an egg in tinfoil, manufacturers have chosen plastic-free packaging, innovative recipes, added goodies, and many other innovations.

Easter Eggs Tesco 2023

There are just a few days left till we celebrate Easter weekend. Whether you’re a fan of the Easter bunny or prefer the more traditional Christian holiday, some excellent deals on Easter eggs are available that prove that purchasing a last-minute gift isn’t that awful. As you can see below, the major supermarkets offer their specials, which you can quickly locate online, but don’t forget to check your local store!

Because Easter weekend is approaching quickly, Tesco provides a last-minute discount for its Clubcard members that will be available from now until Monday, April 18. Clubcard customers will be able to purchase extra-large Cadbury eggs, including Mini Eggs, Fingers, Fruit & Nut, and Fruit & Nut & Fruit & Nut.

Easter Eggs Asda 2023

If you’re seeking to put up an egg hunt for the kids or want a sweet treat for yourself, the chocolate egg tradition is a must-have for the Easter holiday weekend.

What to give our loved ones (and ourselves) for Christmas has never been more diverse. This year, we’ve been spoiled for choice, from premium or children’s eggs to vegan or nut-free chocolate! However, for those of us who are more thrifty, you may be looking for a fantastic deal on an eggcellent treat.

Easter Eggs Thorntons 2023

Thorntons has a partnership with 104 franchise locations that sell Thorntons goods and utilize the Thorntons brand but are separately owned and operated. It may include places like greeting card businesses, gift shops, and post offices. The shutdown will not impact these establishments.

When the lockout limitations are released, shops directly owned by Thorntons will not be able to resume operations. There are a total of 61 branches that are closing their doors. The move is projected to result in the loss of 603 jobs throughout the chocolate supply chain.

Easter Eggs Cloe Ferry 2023

Chloe Ferry has recently created her chocolate bars and Easter eggs, which she describes as an “unexpected career shift.” Geordie Shore actress, 25, was said to be a billionaire last year due to her television appearances and lucrative cosmetics and eyewear brands, which she launched in 2011.

“I am so pleased to have created the chocolate brand that I even had to include a pretty, pink version to the Easter Egg collection,” Chloe remarked when asked about the unexpected business endeavor, which follows on from Ferry Homely, her newly established homeware line. It’s rather tasty, and once you start eating it, you won’t be able to stop.

Easter Eggs Cadbury 2023

Even though Cadbury Dairy Milk is a firm favorite throughout the United Kingdom, the seasonal collection will leave you spoiled for choice when discovering new tastes to sample during Easter.

Cadbury, the British chocolate company, has something for everyone for Easter with a new line of delicious eggs to reach the store shelves this week. New flavors from the world’s greatest chocolatiers, like Cadbury Oreo white, filled eggs, and a Dairy Milk Hot Cross Bun Bar, have been introduced to celebrate the holiday of Easter.

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