Countries Supporting Russia & Ukraine – Complete List & Reason

Putin has a reputation in the West as an action-oriented man, not as a strategist. At the time of Joe Biden’s assumption of power, the former president had bluntly declared Vladimir Putin a “killer” to the enragement of Russians. Here we have listed the countries supporting Russia & Ukraine.

Countries Supporting Russia & Ukraine

Some or all of these organizations would rush to President Putin’s aid if Russia invaded Ukraine, despite the organization’s reluctance to deal with internal issues.

Azerbaijan (not a CSTO member) is also expected to ignore any calls for rising against Russia during a conflict. Russia’s president brokered a truce between Armenia and Azerbaijan, raging in Nagorno-Karabakh.

Why Belarus is Supporting RussiaKnow Here

A ceasefire pact was only achieved after Putin’s intervention, despite the entire world calling for the war to end. A subsequent Russian deployment aimed at preventing a new ethnic conflict was placed around the disputed area. Even if Azerbaijan does not openly support Russia, it is almost sure that it won’t join forces against it.

Iranian support for Russia would go further towards the Middle East. The Iranian leadership consistently courted Russia for a rejoinder after the Nuclear Deal fell apart.

Russia has supplied arms to Iran and has cooperated with it during the Syrian war, amid rising tensions between the US and its allies on the one hand and Iran on the other.

After Qasem Soleimani’s assassination, Washington and Tehran’s relations thawed. Moscow condemned the attack without ambiguity. Iran is expected to support Russia wholeheartedly as it continues to be subjected to sanctions by the US.

However, one of the most critical factors is that the world’s largest economy, the so-called ‘Asian Dragon’ – China, is one of Russia’s major trading partners. Over the past few years, Moscow has strengthened its partnership with Beijing as tensions between the West and China have continued to escalate.

It is a known fact that both Russia and China are partners on a multi-dimensional basis, with a wide range of cooperation from business to the military to space. According to the Chinese government, the US should set aside the mentality of the Cold War and take seriously the security concerns that Russia holds. China would not hesitate to support Russia in the event of a conflict.

Countries Supporting Russia in War with Ukraine

In the article we published today, we covered the countries supporting Russia. 

  • In this conflict, countries that were once part of the Soviet Union, including Belarus, Armenia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, and Kyrgyzstan, will stand by Russia.
  • Also extending its support to Putin was Cuba, a close ally of the Russians.
  • Due to its good relations with the Russian Federation and Ukraine, India has maintained a neutral position as a non-aligned state.
  • China aims to take diplomatic measures and strike a balance between western countries and Russia. On the other side, the Chinese president Xi Jinping is eager to boost the nation’s ties with Russia, so it cannot endorse the invasion of Ukraine by Russia. Beijing’s foreign minister, Wang Yi, pleaded with all parties to be restrained.

Countries Supporting Russia & Ukraine

Countries Supporting Ukraine

There is full support among NATO countries – Belgium, Canada, Denmark, France, Iceland, Italy, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, the United Kingdom, and the United States. It is the cause of the most massive support for Ukraine from the United States and the United Kingdom.

Germany and France made a hurried visit to Moscow recently to defuse the controversy that has newly erupted. The United States and Canada halted approval of the Nord Stream 2 pipeline after President Putin recognized two breakaway regions of Ukraine as independent nations and sent Russian troops there.

As a result of Russia’s recognition of the two Ukrainian provinces of Luhansk and Donetsk as independent countries, Japan, South Korea, Australia, and Canada are all supporting Ukraine.

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  1. The only way is peaceful negotiation. Ukraine must listen to Russia and see what NATO previously promised that Further explanation of NATO will not be there.This world is a tiny global planet. Here any such groups involving in conflict will lead to disaster. The only way is peaceful negotiation. Already in modern ages countries are going towards Democracy. At the formation of countries’ problems are solved. So there must not be any fresh splitting of countries needed. Such conflict places needs development in education, infrastructure, respect to culture taking country as a whole. Any war is loss of life,natural imbalance and disaster to eco system.

      • can’t reason with a disillusioned mad man, with everything he sprouts is lies. how can a jew be considered a nazi? come on if your going to lie at least make it plausible so the conspiracy nuts might believe it. calling them drug deals wow would expect that from a kindergarten child

          • Not incorrect, he is telling Russian people that Ukrainians are like nazis, Putin can control the media that goes in and out of Russia with as much power as he has. Some Ukrainian parents didn’t even call to check on them, one guy called his father who lives in Russia, and his father actually started yelling at him saying that his son’s people were Nazi-like, he said Ukraine is in the wrong. now tell me why that is incorrect, you wanna say something is incorrect you better back it up with some information otherwise what you say means nothing.

          • I agree Putin is a man stuck in the “iron curtain ” days. Yes a mad man. What I do not get is some of these finger pointing comments are not just one particular countries problems because each individual country has same problems such as hunger, homeless, hatred, racist and rich getting richer but why exactly are we blaming all of Russia ? Majority do not support their own leader but fear is the real leader in this war right now. It’s like Putin has one finger on nuke button and all the countries who support Ukraine are allowing this man to scare them back or away from helping by aiding with military soldiers and not just weapons.
            I do understand fear of ww3 breaking out but we can’t let fear stand in the way because it’s really making us all look like Putin is the kidnapper and the people who support Ukraine are being held hostage because of his threat to retaliate against anyone who tries to help Ukraine and I do understand china kind of supports him but I’m not sure how many would actually stand up to show support if he actually tries to start ww3 and I’m tired of him making the rest of the world afraid to act. The Ukrainian people are a very beautiful example of a country who loves their freedom, just seeing people leave their families and go fight for their country with no military training but willing to fight and die shows me something in that country is being done right . Not too many people around the world would do that for their own country…

          • The Only way now is war, Putin is very anxious to start a all out war, with Ukraine, and the USA. Why else would Nancy Paloski, be funding Ukraine Billions of Dollars in support. Once USA starts funding and the, UK it’s what I would call a all out, world war because once USA is involved all of NATO is too including Canada

          • Not as funny as a starving Russian. Wait for the sanctions and you’ll be driving ladas and lining up for bread again lol

          • USA a stolen land that’s run by Satanic Free Masons that likes killing its own ppl. The proof is on YouTube just watch somany dying homeless ppl hooked on drugs & hopelessness.

          • Wow. I have a great sense of humor but to joke about Ukrainian people and this war in general is in extremely bad taste . Where’s the compassion ? There is absolutely NOTHING FUNNY about innocent people being killed due to this war , especially women and children. I suggest you get some help. You should be ashamed of yourself. ” God forgive them for they know not what they do”! I’d be embarrassed if I was your family member or close friend of yours . SHAME ON YOU😡🤬😫🤯🤯

          • Please don’t devalue the CVNT by comparing him to it, wars have been fought over it, besides it’s the most useful instrument it has the power to control the universe.

          • Hey if you love Russia so much why didn’t you move there get the F out of my country

          • What do you call when when Putin got the news of the sinking of the Moskva ? “You sunk my Battleship”

          • It’s all fun and laughs until the weapons of war are at your doorsteps. Be thankful, humble and peaceful my friend.

          • What ever happening in Ukraine is terrible, but why it is happening is because of an Ego of Super Powers. Only innocent people are dying. Everyone forgot about what happened in Iraq, more than 100,000 innocent civilians died and 30,000 Innocent soldiers died, for war which have no valid reason. All Europe and America are crying for Ukrainian people, but they keep their mouth shut during war in Iraq.
            So, it’s useless to talk about, These Super Powers don’t care about an ordinary person. It’s all about money and power. In my worst criminals in this world are Weapons Manufacturers, who want some conflicts between countries to sell their weapons.
            We all live in cruel world.

        • you are not understanding the fact on the ground. Ukrainian president is a puppet president who just follows the dictates of the Nazi army of Ukraine. most of Ukraine soldier are from NATO who are send by the USA secretely to deRussianise Ukraine

          • are you really that stupid? The puppet president you speak of is of Jewish decent . You people are brainwashed by Putin’s words. He is a douchebag and the world will be a much better place when he is gone . Hopefully the many smart people in Russia can save the country from itself. Putin is a madman who sent millions of Russians to fight a war they are currently loosing .

          • I disagree. The Ukrainian army is fighting sincerely for their motherland. The Ukrainian citizens are protesting; they are going to the Belarussian border and protesting and playing the Ukrainian national anthem. The soldiers are fighting for freedom. They are fighting to protect their homeland from the Russian army. One would not expect that from people who are only fighting as it is their job. These people, these recruits, are fighting sincerely to protect their motherland from that pile of racist NAZISM named PUTIN.
            GLORY TO UKRAINE!!!

          • Du forstår tydeligvis heller ikke kendsgerningerne. Hvad ved du om Nazisme? Tydeligvis INTET. Hvis du ikke befinder dig i Rusland, så skynd dig at rejse dertil. Bestil en returbillet – og giv returrejsen til en russer, som ikke er enig med putin, og som følge deraf lever i fare.

          • “most of Ukraine soldier are from NATO who are send by the USA secretely to deRussianise Ukraine”
            I am a Ukrainian born US citizen and follow closely all the events and life of my motherland for over 30 years .
            What are you reading or watching? Russian propaganda? You repeat exactly what Russian lunatics are saying

          • Yep. I agree. Those sneaky bastards also made them marry Ukrainian women and have kids. Then they made them learn Russian and speak with a Ukrainian accent. Very very sneaky.

          • my family voted freely for their beloved brave President. NATOs forces are on the NATO allied borders. The forces in Ukraine are loyal Ukrainians fighting for rights freedom and their very lives. Hate to sound light on this subject but on our last phone call my Aunt Vasy was threatening to fight with her frying pan if she had to. She remembers the bad times under the Soviet Union.

          • Abby, you are missing some screws in your brain – it’s obviously malfunctioning.
            I have no idea where you are coming from to state what you’ve said,
            but Ukrainian people with Selenskyj as a leader are no cowards and definitely no puppets. All that you’ve said is not correct and borders on insanity (or communism).

          • Are you stupid? deRussianise? In Ukraine leave Ukrainians, not Russians!!!! And yes, we can speak Russian language everywhere if we want to

          • You have the lack of Intelligence Putin society…..scourge of society…will be known in the history books as a COWARD dictator…the most hated scumbag to follow Hitler…clearly his lies are imbedding your tiny brain…you Putin vermin…rot in hell Putin..we see the evidence of mass shelling into residential areas killing innocent people including children who do not make this war..we see the evidence of shelling mostly NON Military areas…YOU and anyone supporting this COWARD and MENTAL MADMAN PUTIN we spit on you and hope you have a short life left….

          • I think you are sick. Are you one of the soldiers deployed by the US Secretary or did you witness it first hand. You must be dumb to believe that propaganda

          • I have had thought ad yours, yet can you give me need articles from any place+country that sets the record straight? Our US media can only convey what the controllers allow. Podcasts say that Ukraine has been the bomber if civilian places and then blamed Russia. What is righ

          • Your as mad as Putin, its misguided brain washed people like you who have allowed this senseless war to happen!

          • Ukraine must not be forced to succumb to Russia’s imperialistic threats. Russia has started its aggression towards Ukraine already in 2014 by illegally occupying Crimea and installing its puppet regimes in the so called Luhansk and Donitsk republics. Still earlier Putin has invaded Georgia and robbed her of part of its teriritory. Russia and only Russia is the aggressor here, and all the lies about the need for denazification of Ukraine are just lies. Russia has more openly operating Nazi sympathizers, including skinheads, than Ukraine or any other county has at present. In view of these facts and many others, Russia under Putin dictatorship hcannot be trusted to respect a possible neutrality of Ukraine, the same way Hitler should not had been trusted. Never and by no one.

          • A Jewish President is commanding a nazi army? That’s a good one. Especially since the White Nationalist group known as AFPAC was chanting praises to Putin over a week ago. Hmmmm,,,,,, Where did you get your information from? the White Rabbit or the Smoking Caterpillar?

          • This is the truth buried by the Obama administration. Our current president was fully a part of that. Would we not purge Mexico’s government if Russia secretly infiltrated it? Of course we would. We.wouldnt want our close neighbor turned against us and in favor of a country almost fully around the world from us. If that happened, there would be collateral damage and civilian deaths in Mexico just like in Ukraine. The West caused this by prowling around the backyards of a distant neighborhood, peering in it’s windows and posting imposters among their leaders.

          • So if that so. Why my county, USA, spends so much money going there to train the Ukrainians. You idea my country secretively supply troops would mean they would already be trained. So the logic of your statement makes no sense.

          • Nazi Army? Really? A portion a Ukrainian people are Jewish! Nazi’s…where did you get that from? It’s really too bad you have no idea on what’s really going on….Don’t you have world wide news or internet?

          • What are you talking about? NATO is not even in this war as much as all of us want to protect Ukrainians. They are not Nazis. I feel so sick when it is obvious you are being lied to and believing it. So very sad

          • So you truly think that a Jewish prime minister is a puppet to a nation army ? So where the fxxk is the nazis not fighting instead of farmer shopkeepers teachers etc 🙄

          • Abby,
            I hope you are kidding. The only nazist in the post-nazism era is Putin. Ukraine is not an innocent child but never did anything to justify this unnecessary war due to Putin’s prostata’s problems. Grow up and study some history before talking about Nazism. Trusting the Russian media now is mere stupidity.

          • So he is a puppet president, what will Russia install try guessing Yes there own puppet president.

          • Are you having a laugh, you need to wake up to what russia is doing to a sovereign state, putin needs to be taken out, and taken out now, its, people like putin who could start a nuclear war, and then there will be nothing to fight for, putin needs to be gone!!!!

          • Good god what a load of verbal rubbish you write. Clearly you are brainwashed by Putin who clearly idolises Hitler, or you are stupid enough to believe the lies that Putin and his cronies are spreading

          • LOL seeing everybody argue is so funny, why don’t someone just say: Putin should stop with his crazyness, stop the war, and be hated for his inability to value human life. And then everyone else can just agree and smile, because were all on the same side, or so I hope:)

          • Brainwashed idiots WILL know the truth in time, when Putler and his cronies are still living lavishly, comfortable, sleeping, eating, safely whilst he sends Russians to their deaths in occupied Ukraine, and the normal Russian people starve, as sanctions take it’s toll.
            As Putler just carries on doing what he wants, ‘cos to him the normal Russian people are just sacrificial cannon fodder, it is a tragedy for the Russian people!!

          • THIS IS NOT TRUE !! PUTIN IS LYING TO ALL THE RUSSIAN PEOPLE About the war in UKRAINE. PUTIN IS KILLING INNOCENT UKRAINIANS AND RUSSIANS FOR THE LAST 25 DAYS AND SPEWING LIES EVERYDAY. PUTIN HAS CLOSED DOWN ALL NEWS Media IN RUSSIA EXCEPT THE ONES THAT WILL TELL THE PROPAGANDA THAT HE IS SPREADING. He is only telling you what he wants you to hear. PUTIN IS SLAUGHTERING MOTHERS, DAUGHTERS, SONS AND FATHERS and saying he is doing it because they are nazi’s THAT IS NOT TRUE !! Please seek out other news MEDIAS to find out the real truth ABOUT WHAT IS HAPPENING IN UKRAINE. The enormous loss of life, the horrific blood shedd and murder Putin is causing in Ukraine 🇺🇦 I am with you Ukraine 🇺🇦


          • You are correct. I wish more people would do some homework and realise that Ukraine has had a dirty civil war raging within it’s borders ever since the USSR dissolved. Russia has already used all the diplomatic options available.

          • Thanks. It is nice to see somebody who can think, not just listen all this western crap regarding Russia. All true media blocked from US, Canada and Europe. It is information war and they so afraid that whole world will learn about real motives of USA in this Ukranian- Russian conflict.

          • I support the point but I also OPPOSE the point. The nazis I think he just ment Nationalists, who can be ANYONE no matter on who you are, jewish or christian. Hitler back in those days was an arian but hes not generally a Nazi. Like, I do not want war like you guys, I have my cousins in Ukraine too, but Im still for the justice. Plus Europe had rights to ruin all deals with Russia by letting Ukraine join NATO, although they weren’t suppost to. They also let murder innocent people in Donbas (14K people were murdered in 8 years) and generally producing illegal nuclear weapons. Putin might have gone TOO far, but he is protecting his country’s honesty and its wealth, like every President. Anyway, why dont we just be friends?!

          • 🇺🇸 You are truly deranged if you believe all the lies that just landed on that screen. If people chose democracy over communism then so be it. People should be free to chose! Glory to Ukraine!!!🇺🇦

          • You are just a primitive and stupid …one of those who can really believe Russian propaganda…just listening to Putler compare what he deliver to the whole world” we don’t wanna war” with 100 thousand of troops getting ready to attack,same they did in Crimea,same they staged in Donetsk… endless lies. You gave to be stupid to believe it or just to be so hateful to support genocide of Ukrainians.

          • I partially support his point. I was born in Donetsk and I literally saw my friends die by those dirty ukranian nationalists! They also are a bunch of LIARS about Crimea, although Russia never annexed it! YOU are being brainwashed YOURSELVES Just think about how many people died in Donbas for many years! Ive been there, and thats real. GO RUSSIA! COMPLETE THE MISSION AND MAKE SURE THOSE NATIONALISTS NEVER EVER ENTER OUR HOMELAND AGAIN!

          • Get a fooking grip lol just cause Russia’s President has lost the plot , spat his dummy out and kicked his toys out his pram …….don’t blame everyone else

          • You are so full of crap. NATO didnt have soldiers in Ukraine. US dont have to do nothing in Ukraine. NATO is the one in charge. There are a lot more countries other than US to help Ukraine. US is not the all mighty saviour of everybody! Ukraine should not ask for american planes or iron dome counter measure sistems. It is national security sistems and nobody should have them. We feel their pain and suffering but at the end , we can not risk our own national security and our people unless is a combined effort of ALL the UN members. Russia should watch his back…China can turn around and conquer them in a heartbeat.

          • Under normal circumstances no person in right might will support a Country invading another country without provocation. We pray that Pres Putin will come to his senses and stop war.

          • Ukrain has a long history of Nazi problem, not forgetting their involvement and support for Nazi Hitler during the 2nd world War, Ukrainian, s where working as guards on Nazi concentrations camps thus rosponsible for death of millions of jews.
            By the way one should make a difference between jews and Zionist Jews, Zionist have a record of following nazi system and partnership with neo faschist and neo nazis, former president of Israel and many others were the best example and Ukrains president Zylinsky belongs to the same group, he is in no way a harmless Jew.

          • it’s true. irrelevant Western aid made him think they’ll come & help him. now they just stare at him. zelenky is a killer of his own people

          • You are so mis-informed – Russia invaded Ukraine as an imperialist [power to steal Ukrainian Natural/Shale gas resources. Russia must lose and be force huge compensation for genocide. Abby you are a really stupid person and have lost your moral compass

          • wow, you must be a part of the propaganda putin is dishing out. sorry, the usa is not perfect by any means like any country. Seriously do you believe ukraine is killing its own citizens execution style and starving them? open your mind to the reality.

          • With thinking like that, they gave you the correct name Abby Normal. Just what the world needs another Putlinacan or Retrumplican.

          • How disgusting you are God help you karma is very very bitter sweet anyone supporting Russia is an idiot wake up he needs a bullet In the head hes a lier noone on this earth inc China will belive the bullshit that comes out his mouth hes devious and would kill his own blood to prove a point china will see through.him and will only be supporting them to help themselves noone does anything for nothing also hes sending his army who know fuk all about war to be just killed look at the way Ukraine 🇺🇦 captured Russian troops they fed them let them ring there mummy’s then you look at Russia killing civilians torture rape bullets in heads tanks to kill a child on a bike your not right in the fukin head if you supporting Russia all I can say is God help you if you live in Russia your lives will be miserable when Ukraine 🇺🇦 win this war which they will trust me they’ve trust loyalty an love for there country Russia is just ice…..

          • You are brainwashed in the same way that Stalin ended up murdering his own people Putin will do the same.

          • Are you actually using the little brain in your head. You are about as clueless as a rock. Engage your brain if you have one and look at what’s going on in the world. Brainless is too much of a compliment for you.

          • You cant claim a fact without proving the facts. That is the issue with your side. Every leader is a puppet of another group, even putin so your statement there is non existent.

            Also you should look up what a nazi is, because the definition doesn’t not even relate to Ukrainians being nazi’s or even the west. Russia by diffinition are natzi and all who supports them. Ukrainians are the modern day jewish and Putin is the modern day Hitler and his army of nazi’s. Imagine if Hitler and his nazi army were going around calling france/UK and the US nazi’s, go figure.

            Also, US/NATO trained Ukrainians to defend and no NATO/US military are in Ukraine nor helping them and so far no proof shows they are, only propaganda by your side. Putin failed at cannibalizing all of Ukraines people to join Russia so now he is invading them forcing them like a good Nazi would.

          • Idiots calling Nazis in Ukrainian army “Russian propaganda” but ignore the fact that Ukrainian Azov had a black sun on its emblem just recently and still employs Waffen SS and Bandera imagery

          • Oh for CHRIST’s sake, who put that rubbish in your head? The generation of Russians I knew during Perestroika who had lived through WW2 were horrified at the idea of Russia getting in another war, and they bloody well knew who the Nazis were, and who was a dictator. Unfortunately they are dead, and a new generation has allowed a dictator to gain control. There are fascists in every country, Russia inclusive, but they are not running Ukraine. Putin is now trying to use the Russian Orthodox Church to to reinforce his agenda, but by raining missiles down on women and children, he has made himself an enemy of the Company of Saints. This isn’t 1625, when churches endorsed large scale murder. Putin has taken Russia backwards in time. Electing a former KGB officer to be President! What could be more natural? He jails his political opponents and poisons others. In France, they ripped down the Bastille. But Lubyanka Prison has been recycled, murder basements and all. Why waste a perfectly good secret police facility? I’m sure it will continue to host people who have retained a conscience and a soul, to their detriment.

          • At least in the West we can see and hear both sides of the reporting not as in Russia with a state protected reporting mechanism with no independent analysis or input – of course you will believe Russia is a victim – that is the only message you are given – as always the poor will suffer the folly of Putin and the Kremlin and the crimes they are committing will isolate those responsible in Russia for a generation or more.

          • You have no brain. Russia started a war with a sovereign country. You silly cunt. You are must be a stupid Russian or someone who loves to rape and murder women and children.

          • 🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦

          • yeah you are so delusional. Also the earth is flat and covid 19 does not exist isn’t it.

            You have a big imagination isn’t it. 😆

          • thats actually hillarious. What the hell would the U.S. “secretly try to derussify ukraine”.lmao Ukraine broke off form the soviet union for a reason. They don’t want to be part of the dictator regime. That didn’t take any influence from the

          • I was in the Ukraine war zone no Nato Soldiers fighting there. Stop writing this lies. Nothing is just black or white ,Putin attacking all of Ukraine is wrong, even if reasons are given to do so. We live on a small planet we always should understand that stalemate is better the the killing of the innocent. Remember, what goes around comes around. Freedom and Peace is what the world needs, war is for people nobody won’t to be with, but unfortunately such people exist on both sides of that particular conflict and most other war regions in our world. Here,Ukraine is defending , it is not the border crossing aggressor.

          • If thats your warped excuse for invading another country where children and women are raped and killed or innocent people being tortured and executed your are a twisted and disgusting less and human person

          • That’s just silly. Isn’t the Ukraine president Jewish? And USA has nothing against the Russian peoples. Maybe against Russia, but as a government, not their peoples right to live and be free. May God forgive Russia, and Bless Ukraine AND the citizens of Russia.

          • I don’t think you know what you are talking about. I’m angry because USA is not allowing military . Those are Ukrainian people who have taken up arms to defend their country. Those are , father’s, mother’s and sisters and any citizen of Ukraine wanting to fight for their own country. No other countries have sent military ,only weapons.

          • I will never call someone stupid simply because we don’t agree, but what exactly is the Nazi Army of Ukraine? Until fairly recently Ukraine was part of the Soviet Union. Until the collapse of the Soviet Union they were considered a valuable ally to Russia proper. So where did all the Nazis suddenly come from? They weren’t Nazis before 1991. Now Putin decides they’re Nazis, America is Nazi, England is full of Nazis. I believe the only nation he hasn’t accused of being a Nazi state is Germany.

          • Russia under Putin is practically the text book definition of a fascist state … and you say the Nazis are who now? You are an idiot or a russian troll … most likely both.

          • I must admit, if you really do believe that, then Russian propaganda must be persuasive. I think what you wrote shows how easy it is to deceive you..

          • The Israelis are killing Palestinians, driving them out of their homes, beating children to death, bombing civilian buildings, making concentration camps for Palestinians, but since the idiots are on the side of the US bastards, everything is fine, why? because they are on the “peaceful” side, I support your opinion



        • Anybody can be anything. Many children that are abused become abusers. Plus, a nazi is a person that wants to ethnically cleanse a group of people ie like the Ukrainian President was doing to the Russians in East Ukraine.

          • That information is not confirmed, but the fact the western counties sat back and watched the Civil War in the dombas region for eight years is annoying. Where was nato all along?

          • Do you have supporting news articles I may read? I concur with you but I have a person that thinks Putin is the Nazi.

          • The Russia lovers in East Ukraine were always free to move back to Russia. They didn’t want to.

          • Wrong Tom. Nazi is short for national socialist. That Z the Russians are using has swastika conetations. Hmm let’s see – Crimea annexation like that of sudaten land and invasion of Ukraine like that of Poland. And Putin has the same disregard for innocent civilians and has a distinct lack of empathy, clearly a clinical psycopath. That nasty arrogant man clearly doesn’t like Ukraine moving on and fulfilling it’s own destiny. India was allowed to choose it’s own destiny. Why not Ukraine?

          • Ethnic cleansing of a group of people is genecide.

            Perhaps the world leaders had this plan many years ago in hopes to minimize financial cost spent on millions of civilians. The less middle-class/poor people there are, the more money/$$ the government/rich people will have.

            Not certain, but it is something to consider.

          • Wake up Tom. You obviously have no grasp on History. You want to talk about cleansing a nation, look at what Stalin did to Ukrainians in the Holodomar or great famine in 1932/33. He deliberately starved nearly 4 million Ukraines because they didn’t want to be part of his Soviet collective system. He censored and repressed everything Ukrainian and then proceeded to resettle much of the southeast of Ukraine with nearly 120,000 Soviet nationalists. This dramatically altered the social and cultural composition of southeastern Ukraine, which is now being played out in the Donbas conflict and the separatists movement in this region. Putin is no different to Stalin in this regard. The Sovietisation of at least southeastern Ukraine is his ambition. To suggest Zelensky was committing genocide against Russians is absurd and stated without evidence. There are nearly 12 million ethnic Russians in Ukraine and your claiming they are being cleansed….. wake up and do some study of the facts!

          • “The Russia lovers in East Ukraine were always free to move back to Russia.”
            – said the “peace lover”
            Yeah, and Ukrainians in Russia were always free to go back to Ukraine, Indians in Europe were always free to go back to India and blacks in America were always free to go back to Africa.
            That’s called nationalism.
            Which is exactly what Russia is accusing Ukraine of.
            Thank you for proving it.

          • Ukraine was not trying to ethnically trying to get Russians out of east Ukraine. Putin sent Russians into east Ukraine to use propaganda of killing Russians. More than half of Ukraine speaks Russian. Many all over Ukraine have Russian blood. It was a process that was taking way to much time for Putin. Like he occupied Crimea he expected to roll through Ukraine.

          • You have no clue what you’re talking about. I am an American volunteer here with the foreign legion and I see exactly what’s going on every single day and how ignorant to think that we’re trying to wipe out the Russian race??? You can’t possibly even have any information to even support that Idiocracy.

          • Ukrainian president never done such thing, don’t be so painfully stupid. It’s one of millions of lies russia spreads every second to create alot of noise and confuse whoever gets caught up in it. Same as with Flight 17, they had like 50 versions of what happened, same with everything else. There has never been ethnic cleansing in Ukraine, and the first people to oppose russian invasion of Donbass were Ukrainian russians and russian-spoken Ukrainians.
            What is happening now is a genocide of Ukrainian people by russia and they don’t even hide their intent. It’s all in their retorics, all over their TV and other media: So please, pull your head out of your ass and start thinking.

          • I had told my wife that I believed Russia was going to invade Ukraine. I told her even before invasion that the world (all countries apposed to invasion) should have united with a promise to Putin that should he invade, we would in a multi nation effort, run air strikes on any ground equipment that is in Ukraine. That any retaliatory actions on Putins part would be returned 4 fold ( or sort). Putin is a bully of the worst sort. The kind of bully which only understands force which unwanted is maybe the only way out of this mess. I truly believe that if he doesn’t get his way he will resort to nuclear weapons. Only thing is having Ukraine continue to fight by themselves is going to continue to be devastating. Air strikes would take days and then either done or see what Putin does. Unless he gets Ukraine he will end up using nuclear weapons.

        • ”How can a jew be considered a nazi?” – It is a well-known fact that Hitler’s military – the Wehrmacht, the Kriegsmarine, the Luftwaffe – had many Jews; thousands of full Jews and more than a hundred-thousand part-Jews joined the military of the Third Reich.
          Read history, know the facts – opinions are useless.

          • I know Holocaust survivors who can verify that your entire theory is full of sh*t! Why would Thousands of Jews Join the 3rd Reich??? You think the Jews are stupid? You have just proven yourself a Nazi.

          • It’s not that a Jew is considered Nazi. It’s that the Nazi took over the Ukrainian government years ago, under biden. The Nazi posted video to YouTube, months before the Jewish president was elected. They were already celebrating their victory. They even said with Ukraine, they’d own the world. The nazis army is the army they tried to impeach Trump for not sending 550 million American dollars too. The nazis have also taken over the US government & Congress. The Ukrainian president begged Putin to come save Ukraine. That’s why most Ukrainians are being taken into Russia. Putin isn’t actually attacking Ukraine. He’s saving it. The US is mad because they have Putin a pipeline that will make Russia the #1 force in all the world. This is a race war that’s about America wanting all the power. So they threatened Putin & forced him into war by using NATO as an excuse. NATO has a peace treaty with Russia. Going after Ukraine puts them in violation.

          • You clown.

            And I suppose they were spared the gas chambers because of their service to the Reich were they? Old Uncle Adolph let them serve did he? The “Unter-menschen Jewish Rats”??? His term, not mine …

            I suppose you would also say the Holocaust never happened?

            And btw mate I am not a Jew …

            But you are a effing d**khead …

          • There were many Jews that were uncovered by Gestapo during WWII via tips that were provided by other Jews. Many non-Jews have given their lives trying to protect their Jewish friends. I know this because this is part of my family history. I am also a child of a civil war in Yugoslavia and what I have learned is that there are only 2 categories of people; good and bad.
            In war politicians give guns, the rich give money, and mothers give their sons. When the war ends, politicians get their guns back, the rich make their money back, but mothers do not get their sons back. What I am trying to say is; that no matter the outcome, there are no winners. Regular people pay the ultimate price. People on both sides of the conflict.
            Part of the war has always been propaganda. Each side uses it and I think this is the case here as well. The truth usually lies somewhere in between. Russia is the executioner, but NATO’s hands are not clean either.
            I feel bad for people on both sides.

        • It is not a comparison bwt jew and nazi (german) but rather putin is questioning the neo nazi ideology which is white supremacy above all others. There is a big difference. So whether ukraine president is jew is irrelevant. The same ukraine ministers support nazi ideaology. Read some articles in jerusalem news and other. Just tried to understand why ….Regardless, there are no winners in war. Bloodshed not neccessary, mediation and diaglogue needed.

          • You have no clue what you’re talking about. I am an American volunteer here with the foreign legion and I see exactly what’s going on every single day and how ignorant to think that we’re trying to wipe out the Russian race??? You can’t possibly even have any information to even support that Idiocracy.

        • Why, you can’t have traitor Jews that supported the Nazis? The Ukrainian president is a rat who doesn’t give a damn about his people. If he did, he would have agreed to Russia’s demands.

          • A sovereign nation does not need to bow to another countries’ demands. Does this mean Z is correct in his denial to allow the two provinces to secede to Russia? Z did not want to give up the land and the resources to Russia; therefore, war and the death of many is the outcome.

          • wow really? You just need to shut up before you spew more unintelligent remarks. Go to Russia then since you support Putin so much.

          • Why should he meet his demands everyone should have the choice of democracy opposed to tyranny and democracy is the choice of the Ukrainian people and I think the rat is sat at the end of a thirty foot table

          • Do you hear yourself? “Russia demands”? What makes you think it is okay for one country to demand anything from another country? For that matter why should it be ok for any one person to demand anything from another person. Why does Putin cut off media outlets to the people of Russia, why does he arrest those who peacefully protest his actions, why does he create a law allowing him to stay in his present position so long, why if he believes he is right in doing what he does are his close advisors kept so far away from him? Let’s see – could he know that pictures of what occurs are proof, could he believe he is above/better than anyone else, could he be power Hungary, could he know that even his close advisors know what he is doing wrong and worry that they might attempt to take him out – I think so! If people were meant to think, look and believe the same things than that is how we would have been created. However, we were all given individual brains – weren’t we. There is good and bad in all of us. It’s up to us to choose which way we want to go. I think it’s clear which way Putin has chosen. I think the world should be afraid as Putin gets older and perhaps failing in health that he will use nuclear and biochemical means to destroy what he can before he goes – thereby achieving more fame for himself.

          • Russia is communist dictatorship. The people in Ukraine 🇺🇦 want to make there own destiny and should be allowed to do just that. Ukraine wants to like in a Democracy. This is 2022 not the nineteen hundreds.

          • Interesting point. Ukrainian “president” is a professional joker who is framing Ukrainian people. Ukraine was a very poor country, rightly looking for the “thriving West”. Their freedom came at a high price. Unfortunately, Russians also suffered.

        • Jewish is a religion not an ethnic group separate from European. Example: Russian-Jew, Germany Jew, Ethiopian-Jew. If a Russian Jewish person took a DNA test what ethnicity/Race would that person be? Can’t be jewish because jewish is just a religion a state of mind. So yes I guess you can be a Russian Nazi and study and believe in Judaism. Nazi is also a state of mind and not a ethnic group/race.

          • A Jew can be secular or orthodox. Jewish is the title of a particular group of people God chose to manifest Himself and to whom He made a covenant, a promise, that He would be their God and they His people.

          • Ukrainian president is trying to defend innocent people women , children
            ,elderly who are being ethnicity cleansed by Putin , who’s taken out maternity hospital and people’s homes ,it’s the Ukrainian people who have been forced to take up arms to defend themselves ,they even tried to reason with the Russian soldiers sent to kill them . So it’s You who has misunderstood what’s actually going on , why don’t you go there and see for yourself ?

          • Jesus came down lived a perfect sinless life and took the punishment humanity deserved suffered and died on the cross for the sins of the world and God rosed Him from the dead 3 days later so humanity will not perish but have Eternal Life. “If you declare with your mouth, “Jesus is Lord,” and believe in your heart that God raised Him from the dead, you will be saved.” Romans 10:9 repent from your sins and put your faith and trust in the Lord Jesus Christ God Bless you brother or sister! May The Lord guide you to the truth.

          • I agree , Putin definitely a time bomb waiting to go off , an Ukraine been left to deal with it on their own bless em cause no fooker dare stand up to him … total respect for Ukraine

          • You are totally right. You can be in a state of mind to be peaceful and the state of mind to be a murderer at exactly the same time. Uh huh. Left brain, right brain. Or no brain at all.

          • Like it or not. U.S is the greatest in the world and you will do what America asks or die.
            Long live U. S. A

        • Are you out of your mind there’s endless evidence that the Nazis even have their own military branch it doesn’t matter that he’s Jewish there is complete unity and he does support the neo-nazism because he gets unless millions from the United States to let them breed and train
          And these Western governments have everyone so unbelievably bring washed not realizing that the United States is you’d seeing Ukraine no matter how many of those people pass away for their own NATO expansion because United States is the one that’s not going to stop until they get Russia or at least they hope

          • look to your own country. your military is murdering civilians and you call it freeing people. what would you do if moscow was attacked and started to be blown apart? your friends raped and executed before your eyes because some madman want power and has trained you to be a sheep. guess your just another tool who believes its ok to be a rapist and pedophile.

        • Which “Jews” are you talking about?…Zionist can be and are Nazis…


        • The name is the Azov Battalion. They are a Nazi army funded by George Soros and made powerful by the Obama administration who planned the overthrow of the Ukraine government. That was 8 years ago. Now we have 30+ bio weapon labs in Ukraine run by the US department of defense. Why would they want to have the most dangerous biological materials on earth in one of the most corrupt countries on earth? This is all public information. Wake up you stupid sheep!

        • Search azvo battalion or kyiv annual Jan 1st tiki torch march the 14th waffen … just as a start of the research. The jews I hear and got enough evidence to convince myself that they are in Crimea and after the referendum that wasn’t recognized by Ukraine and they were left without running water in the Crimea. Putin’s first target was the dam that stopped that water.
          Ie. putin was helping the jews and the nazi’s were attacking and practicing siege warfare on the jews in Crimea, donbas etc etc etc

          • Robert Saltzman, you’re an idiot. Torch march doesn’t mean nazi. It’s just a visually impressive show that has been used all over the world long before Hitler. And in ruSSia they are far more popullar than in Ukraine, by the way. Did you ever search for those?

            You know what makes something nazi? Chanting slogan “ruSSia is for ruSSians, Moscow for moskovites” and throwing hitler’s salutes, as it done on annual ruSSian march shown here:
            The only real fashist and nazi state on earth today is ruSSia. And just like a thieve that cries the loudest “Catch the thieve!” So does ruSSia blames others for all the atrocities it commits, EVERY TIME and ALWAYS.
            So please, shut your stupid mouth, you ignorant, dumb f*ck.

        • A Jew can be a nazi. And Zelensky is a psychopath and an stupid clown,professional manipulator,and the antichrist that separated families, forcing men to joint him at its suicide mission, and exposing women and children to become victims of human trafficking, and putting the world at the edge of a nuclear disaster.

          • Agree with most of what you have said, his people (Mostly far right militia) have been attacking the Ukrainian people of Russian decent in eastern Donbas Ukraine for years, poking the Russian Bear again and again, whining as he cannot join NATO or Europe, non of the former members who have joined both, like Poland, Rumania have acted like he has and the Bear has responded, we should support the Ukrainians with humanitarian aid, but not Military aid as it will just prolong the war, and in the end if losses become too great to take then that might mean the finger on the button and we will all suffer.

          • Right !
            Zelensky is US puppet used by the US to destroy Russia, which is not new, this is a long hand plan of the US government CIA and Pentagon.
            This is not a war of Ukrain it is a war between USA and Russia
            Expansion of Nato toward Russian border threatening existence of Russia is, a US plan to establish a new world order and Joe Biden as he said will be the leader of this new world order, only a person with Dementia can think of such things, he has forgotten that the world is not only USA and Nato countries, half of the world population lives in Asia, and without support of China and India it will stay as a wishful dream of Biden, it won’t be a surprise if the next move will be sanction towards India and China, it will be a war east against the west and we will see who will win.
            It is on no one’s interest to destroy this Beutiful planet with a nuclear war, all those Sanction brought by the rich nations are harming the 3rd world countries extremely but west don’t care as long they can weaken Russia.
            Ukrain war has also shown the ugly racist faces of East European countries who denied to take refugees from Syria Iraq Afghanistan and African nations but for their white brothers and sisters they have opened the border, how ugly is this!
            Thousands of Indian and African students been pushed back by the Ukrainians and the Polish security forcees, wasn’t this racism?
            Do you still doubt that there are no nazis and racist faschist in those European countries, even the European Court of Justice have taken action against Poland and have frozen EU funds for them.
            Check the facts by yourself and stop blind supporting this US Nato war on Russia.

          • Ukra Zelenman is a Professional prankster and “president” lol. Poor Ukrainins. The world is really going to be mad, because many countries already have active clown’s presidents. Do not you see?

        • There were Jewish Nazi’s during hitlers time too. Do I think Ukraine’s president is one, no. There’s a severe lack of evidence to support that stance. But counting him out just because he’s Jewish is a foolish stance to take.

        • Nazis are white supremacists. The German WW2 Nazis were also anti-Semitic, but you do not have to hate Jews to be a neo-Nazi. Nazis can and are trying to get rid of Russians in Ukraine, because they are not trying to get rid of Jews does not mean they are not Nazis

        • Putin has caused so much hurt on the Ukraine, It ill never be forgotten in our lifetime? He has completely destroyed Russia from the rest of the world. The country will take a 100 years to recover from this war? Russia will never be the same and the name will be a swear word many come to come?

        • If you go on Russian state owned TV news channels ( that’s all that’s left now) They show Russian soldiers walking through parts of Ukraine mainly Donbass region, showing alleged atrocities done by Ukrainian soldiers and civilians.
          Things like drug dens, torture chambers in basement of a bombed out school (I mean really) dead bodies with the Swaztika burned on the chest and allegations that the civilians are acting as spies for Ukraine troops and this is why they have to shoot to kill some citizens.
          I watched it for about 10 mins and could not cope with the complete bullshit coming from the Russian media and soldiers and I thought to myself god help the western conspiracy theorists,I think we all know one I certainly do LMAO 🤣.
          Google Novissta, or Sputnik TV. Cheers

        • Ukrainians are pure white Europeans? Lol.
          Russia consists more than 150 nationalities including a great deal of Ukrainians. Bless them all.

        • Thanks Truth. I can not believe to either side of the conflict, I trust myself and my intuition but I entirely agree about Western media. It shows only one side of the conflict and focuses on the atrocities committed by the Russians. So the ordinary people blindly believe it because we are all for a peace in a world. How easy it is to blame Russians and deceive Ukrainians when even the language is the same with the opposite side. Provocations cannot be avoided and they take place on the part of the Nazis. Let the one who has truth and goodness on the side win…No war, no Russophobia.

        • Nonsense. Ukraine was already a vast melting pot when Potemkin extended Russian hegemony over the area. Turks, Jews, Tatars, Armenians, Zaporozhian Cossacks–themselves a polyglot mixture–as well as Poles and Rumanians lived
          In what is modern Ukraine. Imperial Russia attempted to determine Ukraine’s destiny. So did Stalin, who murdered millions. So did Hitler, who did the same; many of the Ukrainians who at first collaborated with Hitler were simply trying to get Stalin off their back, after he murdered thei friends and families.

        • I’am a 3rd generation US ex veteran , my dad was in service 23 years. If we would of went on into Russia after liberating Europe we would not have this evil statistic putin killing his own beloved motherland heritage. He is of the devil . In hell he with get his reproach if he don’t repent unto God n ask for forgiveness.

        • Disillusioned ok man is uncle Sam, 80yo running the 2nd most powerful country, shaking hand with thin air, calling VP as First Lady.

          Having vultures for cabinet, whose only wish is to make Merry at others demise.

          One day we will have the popcorn watch US burn

        • That is one of the stupid reasons “how can a jew be nazi”. Why are jews then corrupt I mean it’s the same both destroys lives.

          Two regions wanted to leave Ukraine on normal turns but Ukraine blocked them. The western countries can’t come together to fight muslims terrorist but they all can come together to fight Russia. That shows that Western countries finance muslim terrorist like IS, Al Quida etc. Western countries doesn’t ban terrorist countries, they don’t take possession of Muslims properties or money. Russian must be destroyed and we speak of Democracy

        • Russians and Ukrainians are mostly ethnically Slavs. In this case a dominant group of Slavs (Russians) are seeking to subdue and assimilate a less powerful, but independent, group of Slavs (Ukrainians). This harks back to times when “might was right”.

          Until the world gets over the system of hegemony, where the powerful have the hegemonic right to “demand” anything of the weaker or face force, there will never peace.

          This applies as much, or more to the west, than does to the east.

          • Russians are generally of finno-ugric ethnicity, this is their real origin, which can bee seen on the map even today. Look at the republic states of ruSSia and find one of Slavic origin, I dare you. Find a republic of ruSSia as well, wile you’re at it and realize that there’s no such thing as ethnic ruSSian either. RuSSian is a great number of deferment ethnic groups with Slavs being the most insignificant out of all of them, and mostly due to forceful relocation of hundreds if not thousands of families from Ukraine, Belarus and Poland.

            The only ancient Slavic state that ruSSia has in it’s possession was Novgorod, which just like Kiev has always resisted Moscowite (russian) rule, until Ivan IV massacred the City State to the point that he had to repopulate it with people from his own territories.

            The myth about ruSSians and Ukrainians being “one people”, “brotherly nations” and other crap started not too long ago, with Catherine the Great of ruSSia and can be easily traced if there is a will and desire to know the actual truth. When Ukrainians say “we have never been brothers with ruSSians” it is not an emotional but a factual statement.

            The ruSSian language is a combination of several Slavic and not only languages with Church Slavonic at its base. It was literally created into a more or less solid form during Peter I great reformation phase, when he realized the need of one language when he was building his new capital, St. Peterzburg, and workers gathered from allover his domain could not understand each other. That language underwent a great number of reforms since then and hardly resembles its original form, but both of those facts point out that russian is the youngest language not only in the region but possibly in the world and is the only thing that connects ruSSians with Slavs.

            As for your statement on hegemony applicable more to the west than the east, again, it’s lacking facts. Great Britain, France, Spain have released their colonies, while countries as China and ruSSia are trying to expand their territories today.

            Your heart is definitely in the right place, may your mind follow.

        • Minsk Protocol was signed by ..Swiss diplomat and OSCE representative Heidi Tagliavini
          Former president of Ukraine (July 1994 to January 2005) and Ukrainian representative Leonid Kuchma
          Russian Ambassador to Ukraine and Russian representative Mikhail Zurabov
          Rebel heads Alexander Zakharchenko and Igor Plotnitsky[12] …Putin just ripped it up and and invaded the Ukraine.

          • From Luis Rojas: “Ukraine never complied with the Minsk Protocol. It was a dead agreement.”

            Every agreement with Russia is a dead agreement – as in 2014, so now in 2022, everyone who remembers Krim knows that Putin cannot be trusted – he is a mad man and will be named as such in the history books.

      • Putin is not the problem but the west. How can you force an ethnic Russian into another country which the west refused to recognize and since then donesk and luhansk has been going through extreme hardship in the hands of Ukrainians. The only sensible thing is to recognize them as independent nations and secondly Putin need assurance that Ukraine will not be used as a launchpad for American led NATO to attack Russia because Ukraine has signed it into law their intension to join NATO. Like America will not allow Russia to extend to Cuba, Russia will also not allow America to extend to Ukraine. Every country needs to be truly independent and not a proxy nation. Ukraine has done much harm to Russia already with the collapse of Soviet union. Going further will be disastrous for Ukraine

        • Wow!

          NATO is a defensive alliance. When you see unjustified aggression and use of illegal weaponry like the barbaric Putin is currently doing, it is no wonder countries want to join Nato to protect themselves from the genocidal despot.

          Every country needs to be truly independent? Tell that to Putin!

          • Excellent comment by SirRandyAndy ..
            Yes….. NATO is a DEFENSIVE organization .
            By contrast Putin is an irredentist Predator … His posture strongly justifies the urgent need for the civilized nations of Europe to maintain a strong alliance .Ukraine should have already been a NATO Partner over 25 years ago .. Putin cannot be trusted and will only respect an immense military defense machinery !

          • Defensive alliance? Tell that to the Siberian who got bombed by NATO. It was done without the authorisation of the UN Security Council. You call that defensive?

          • “Jonny
            Defensive alliance? Tell that to the Siberian who got bombed by NATO. It was done without the authorization of the UN Security Council. You call that defensive?”

            Very true Jonny… I would just like to point out that it should be Serbian and not Siberian. Siberia is a region in Eastern Russia, and Serbia is a country on the Balkan peninsula.

          • You dont know Nobody go on u tube look up an american fighting the nazis for 8 years to get the 100% truth! Russell Bently he will explain it all!! it call a LIBERATION! unless u believe in little girls being raped to death & Russians being blown to bits !& 100 other reasons US wants to nuke russia & regime change inside Russia! OVER HIS DEAD BODY. US WANTS to sell gas to Europe at 10x the cost.

          • Dude, China is just helping people in Xinjiang to get jobs, who are you? Living in another country not knowing what is really happening. You believe America? Aka China’s enemy.

        • Please educate yourself, can’t stand this ignorance. You are either getting paid by Russia for these comments or not really smart. My family from Donetsk, we had peace until Russia started propaganda and gave weapons to the criminals of Donbas.

          • Why are you lying???
            You , from Donetsk???
            Bloody lier. What do you know???
            I am from Enakiyevo.
            Ukranian Nationalists army are responsible for destroying our homes, schools, roads, bridges and thousands of lives since 2014.
            Thank you Russia for saving 🙏 us.

          • You’ve got it upside down. It’s ruSSia wants to revive ussr and Ukraine is a key country for that. Ukrainians strongly disagree with ruSSias attempts to swallow them again.

        • Putin is, indeed, the problem, not the only one, his own party is also a big chunk of the problem. The west is, in this specific case, totally innocent, and why?

          1. Ukraine, historically, was never Russia (besides, if you dig deep enough into history, most of modern Russia was never Russia (lol), either, the Rus were simply invaders, like they are today…). It was forced into Soviet Union but even then it was never Russia.

          2. Crimea was “traded” between Russia and Ukraine in exchange for fertile grounds to the North of Ukraine in modern soviet times between Krutschev-Brejnev eras. So, if Crimeia is to be returned to Russia, the fertile grounds that Russia took as payment must, in turn, be returned to Ukraine. SO, if there are some arguments against Crimea staying Ukrainian, fine, but then the lands to the North must be returned to Ukraine in payment.

          3. Donetsk-Luhansk area is totally different, however, they are Ukrainian, only Ukrainian, never Russian. Many Ukrainians speak Russian but even those are against Putin, most of those so called “spearatists” are nothing but infiltrated russians or russians that happened to live there when Ukraine kicked the butt of the Kremlin puppet off of their country. Those lands belong to Ukraine, if the russians living there don’t like it, then leave. It’s not Russia.

          4. Russia has been in Cuba for decades, the only thing the Americans did not allow the Russians to place there were nuclear missiles. I’m sure an agreement would make sure NATO wouldn’t put nuclear missiles in Ukraine either but that doesn’t means Ukraine cannot join NATO. It is each country’s decision and the neighbors have nothing to do with it, it is not Russia’s decision, neither US’s, it is Ukraine’s. The fact that Putin attacked Ukraine shows exactly the opposite, that Ukraine should’ve been allowed into NATO long ago…

          5. The people of Ukraine has voiced their opinion as they should, in free elections, voting for someone who does not likes (and, apparently, was correct) Moscow. ANd no-one has the right to question it.

          6. This war will drag on and on, it will bleed Russia to exhaustion. Ukranians will hate russians forever, if Russia manages even to conquer the whole country it will have to leave a large force there or the Ukrainians will retake their own country from the enemy with the snap of a finger, and even then, those troops there will be constantly subject to attacks and erosion, much worse than Iraq. This will become another failed war of Russia which already has to keep 13000 troops in Syria constantly eroded by pesky fights with the isalmics to keep Bashar in place, now it will have to keep 100000 soldiers stationed in Ukraine while, at the same time, will be choked to death with sanctions. They will only be able to put their products on the market through china but that will cost them, and will cripple their economy for decades to come.

          It was a bad move and a move that Putin will pay for dearly, unfortunately, dragging the good Russians with him…

          • Thanks for putting things in perspective. Americans are generally ignorant of the history/politics of Europe/Asia. I will continue to do my research too.

          • Interesting. But can you comment or explain why even in the west media, people in Donesk and Luhansk rejoiced, celebrated and were waving Russian flags when Putin recognized their independence? Can you also comment on the Nazi flags and groups in Ukraine?

          • Guy you’re talking trash. Bunch of fake news the USA is so afraid where this could led and if it does become a full war the whole of Africa is ready to fight against the west blood suckers

          • 1.Kiyv is “Mother of russian cities”
            2.Crimea wasn’t traded by Khruschev
            3.Kosovo – is Serbia?
            4.Pfff NaTO had promised not to expand
            5. What do you know about Soviet referendum in 1990? 80% of residents wanted to live in Union
            6. This war ONLY distarcts west civilians from their economic troubles

          • bad move – the blocade of Russian NordStream. real rocket will be price of gas in Europe. Crazy europeans – you must do not overthrow Putin – you must overthrow your proamericans governments

        • Rightly said and exactly this is the cause of war. Moreover from new we can see the Ukrainian racism even at the time of war in leaving behind foreign students of colour.

          Ukrainian aggression against Russia for over a period of time has lead Putin to fire back…send they deserve this as they brought it on them and not Russians.

          • that a lie, in ukraine women and children left.. men stayed and fight, a lot of women stayed to fight..not too long ago ,, the world seen women and children of color be left behind while the men of color fled a country, they were armed to the teeth and ran away..the ukraine are fighting with a lot of ww2 and 1950s arms against modern weapons.

          • WORD!!! I was feeling for them until they became racist to people of colour.
            Though in the end the innocent suffer for the crimes of their leaders which isnt right.

          • Ukrainian aggression against ruSSia? What have you been smoking? How about russias continued genocide against Ukrainians that has been happening for hundreds of years.

        • Kyiv is the capital of Ukraine. Kyiv and other Ukrainian cities are bombed and civilians are dying. You are repeating Putin’s propaganda in which even the majority of Russians do not believe. You hurt Ukrainians, Russians and Belarusians. You make me sick ….

          • I am sorry that Ukraine has to suffer this. We the US are the only winner here. We will support you from a distance, but will not send one single troop. Europe and Russia will be dragged down. Ukraine is just our pawn. We the US benefits the most. The other worthy opponent is, of course, China. And Taiwan is our pawn, we are still working on that.

        • I totally agree , putin is not the problem, the west is

          War crime is only for people who are not in the West Country

        • No Ukraine doesn’t have to listen to what Russia is saying. Putin is a bully. Picking on a country that doesn’t have the military and the weapons that Russia has. Putin want’s to rule. Maybe he should pick on someone else. But I do agree the this should been done in peace talk. But Putin didn’t want to talk to Ukraine president. This was a planned deal. May God Protect the Ukraine people.

          • US needs to give Ukraine what they need to push back Putin’s Nazi militia groups. I am ex veteran know this is just the beginning of the end of the world . God is coming with a vengeance.

        • This makes no sense. Cuba is an ally of Russia, the US has never done an invasion to take it over. Regardless of what is happening politically in a country, you don’t just invade it. Ukraine even before 1991 has always had its own culture and times it was not part of Russia. Ukraine and its people have the right to do what they want inside their country. Russia has no businesses being in there. Even if Ukraine falls it has demonstrated to the world how weak Russia is… Threats of Nuclear usage is desperation and not thinking about even Russia herself. All it demonstraights is Putin like Hitler is willing to see the world burn if he doesnt get what he wants even if it leads the world into Nuclear War when no one wins. In contrast to Zelenksy whose speeches and fighting spirt against the big bully will go down in history regardless if he survives or not.

        • Are you retarded or just utterly stupid? I really cant tell…..
          Perhaps try thinking for yourself, rather than spewing BS that you’re just regurgitating.

        • It’s so many years NATO is not attacking Russia .. but it’s proved Russia is the first to attack so every body has the right to choose while they want to choose .. not kill civilians and bomb place Putin is a crazy ass

        • Your a fool and a nut.

          The west has never attacked Russia. Not once. Unless you count Nazi Germany and that is not “the west” you are talking about in your propaganda filled missinformed drivel of a post.

          Getting your facts from the state controlled media of Russia I see. You talk about puppet states. Putin’s goal is to turn Ukraine into this. He has said so publicly. Belarus is a puppet state as are most old Soviet countries. Standing with Russia on this is simply idiocy. Hopefully people like you burn up first when the nukes start to fall so the world can have a bit less ignorance.

          You talk about valuing peace then claim Russia is justified in invasion. You disgust us all.

          • Ukraine was part of Russia for many centuries. They are in fact fellow slavs from eastern slavs.The usa with cia caused a maidan uprising and placed a pro us poroshenko in power. Now they have a Ukrainian jew in power not even a slav .New elections are needed.Never before have Ukrainians fought there russian cousins. New elections necessary.

        • Going further will be disastrous for Russia. Do you really think Europe is going to let another fascist dictator threaten it’s safety?
          Let’s be clear, how many armed incursions have Europe or any other western nation made within Russian borders? How many times have we threatened Russia with nuclear weapons?
          How many countries have The West invaded?
          Europe and the West only go to war to bring down dictators like Hitler, Saddam Hussain, and those despots who want total control over their people, like Putin. Putin should be very careful, and so should China, they have been busy these past years making plans to corrupt, invade and deceive the world. But the West isn’t stupid, afraid, or weak. We don’t want war, but we Will Go to war, if another madman leader invades a country that doesn’t belong to him. Putin we are coming, we just need you to make that mistake, we all know your going to make, then your history…..

        • At the end of the day, its the innocent civilians on both sides of the coin suffering because of Egos of their leaders. May God intervene for them all.
          These two countries are almost brothers, why not sit at a round table and discuss. We are not in the era of conquering territories. I will not blame Russia alone, what has Ukraine done to avoid this war?

        • So far no to date Ukrainian has invade Putin’s Russia.
          So far to date no Nato country has invaded Putin’s Russia.
          Can you say the same about Putin’s Russia?
          Putin’s Russia is the aggressor nation here, not Nato , not Ukriane.
          The time will come when every free thinking nation on earth will rise up and strike the aggressor down.
          We did it to the Kaiser, we did it to Hitler and we will do it to Putin.
          Stand tall with us or fall with Putin.
          I don’t blame Russia, I blame your leader Putin.
          He is a pathological psychopathic narcissistic megalomaniac .
          Thank god I live in a country where we keep our politician’s in line
          Sooner Putin is put down, like the mad dog he is, the better.
          One bullet and the world is at peace.
          This is one mans war, and that man is Putin.

          • I just want to say Jack o trades , I completely agree with you!!!! Have a beautiful night ☺️👍🌟

        • Thank you finally someone that has a consciousness Putin is not what they’re calling him he’s actually incredibly intelligent he’s been extremely patient while they endlessly commit genocide on more than 14,000 people in Donbas – there’s so many reasons that he could have started a war over

          These people aren’t imagining if Russia came and partnered with Mexico to take over California or Texas and Americans will never admit how the moral doctrine and the manifest Destiny is completely based from white supremacy that ties them back to Brits …. Tejas access to the correct information in container which the morning América news of the world United airlines covid…. Or for most other things but for some reason they just refuse to believe that the Western hemisphere all has an agenda and that they’re lying for this reason irregardless of the endless evidence followed against it

          It’s so nice to see someone that can actually think for themselves

          • “white supremacy”… lost me with the race bating anti human beings who happen to be (insert hated race here).

          • “they endlessly commit genocide on more than 14,000 people in Donbas”

            What? No, they don’t. What we have in Ukraine is a completely insane attack by the fascist regime of Russia who are currently slaughtering civilians as much as they can because that is the only thing they are good at. But they will be driven out.

            Please don’t be another useful idiot regurgitating Kremlin propaganda.

      • The west threaten both of Russia’s warm water ports at the same time, that at Sevastopol Crimea and that at Tartus in Syria. Russia has a legitimate national security interest in maintaining those two ports and doing what ever it takes to do so. After years of Ukrainian negotiations with the west and Russia, the government in Kiev decided to form economic alliance with Russia believing they would do better that route. But that was unacceptable to the US and the west who instigated and then supported the overthrow of the democratically elected government in Kiev installing a pro western government…..

        What Putin is doing was totally predictable, it is completely understandable that Russia would feel threatened by continuous eastward expansion of NATO and logical that Russia would intervene before Ukraine would become a NATO nation, because of course Russia would bring upon the whole of NATO’s 30 countries and the US were they to act if Ukraine was a NATO member due to article 5 of the NATO charter….

        • The West does no such thing. Every western nation wants to live in peace. Putain is a psycho. Hopefully someone from his entourage puts a bullet in the back of his head and allows the majority of good Russians to live their lives without all these sanctions

          • West very much does such things!!! Are we forgetting colonization, the slave trade? What about Germany killing 6 million Jews, Slavs, Gypsies, and anyone that does not fit their perfect imaginary mold?Or perhaps we should forget Belgium under kind Leopold killed 10 million people in Congo and by the way slavery was still legal in Belgian rules Congo at the beginning of 20 century. Yet we are looking at placing human rights right smack in the center of Belgium and they are somehow beacons of Human Rights. Or should we forget the British massacres of Indigenous people of North America and Australia? And Spanish did not eradicate many South and Central American cultures… You are right. West does not do such a thing.
            Get a hold of yourself it is the West that wrote the bloody textbook on the topic.

            Eurasia has had it’s own history of violence and Russia is what Russia is and this whole war is wrong on so many levels. But let’s not pretend that somehow “the west” is an innocents bystander just looking to catch a bus.

        • That doesn’t make it right! Even if Ukraine was in NATO, that doesn’t mean Russia has legitimate security concerns. It only threatens Putin – not Russia!

          • Interesting view… The United States goes halfway across the globe defending its security because it FEELS threatened. But somehow others should not even concern themselves when they feel threatened on their own borders. Makes total sense.
            I agree that Putin is not Russia and should not be allowed to make single-minded self-serving decisions on behalf of the Russian people. But then again wall street and the military-industrial complex are not America yet they make very self-serving decisions in name of Americans. If we are going to look into other people’s yards we have to admit that ours is not cleaned up either. The same standards have to apply to all.

      • How about the people of Biafrans from Eastern part of nigeria that they have been using as sacrificial lamb, yet the UN, EU, AU and other international bodies are neglecting, because we are blacks, one day God Almighty in His infinite grace and mercies will see is through only but one.

        • Amen…Let’s not forget Yemen too… no one is sending them help and worrying about those poor souls. Yet they have been dying in millions for years due to not only war, but hunger.

      • Putin is right in it. It is NATO AND US which were instigating Ukraine and they pressurized Russia to take the move. Why did NATO and US interfered between matter of 2 border countries. Plus, it is US who is trying to use ukraine to bring its arms near Russia. Russia only asked for one thing that Ukraine should never join NATO and then there will be no tensions but due to US, Ukraine did all this…… It is US who wants it war equipment manufacturing companies to prosper, don’t believe me just see the shares of these companies that are in NATO countries. you will see a spike,… I am not a russian/putin_supporter I am making myself clear, I am just in favour to stop the damn war man, people losing their lives because of it who didn’t even did anything….

          • And peace to you too Larissa.
            I found comments about Russians having to line up for bread hurtful and ignorant. Whatever ones views are about the sanctions, I am sure that the president and his circle will have as much caviar and champagne as they want while the general Russian citizen will suffer more and more. The same citizens who have not caused the events or have been misinformed and will have young men they know being sent to do as ordered and dying.
            Yes, I hope peace comes soon.
            Stay safe.

      • USA the warmonger won’t listen after all threatening russia via NATO membership (NATO was a war alliance created to threaten )Soviet/ Russia. No negotiation about Ukraine to threat. Sorry . USA installed politician got Ukraine into this mess . Time to let USA clean up p their own mess. Just leave to the rest of the world in peace.

      • And all this time it’s America and uk that are the peacekeepers and good guys declaring wars for the sole purpose of profit. Afghanistan? Russia battled the extremists there but america funded Afghanistan and along with uk went and invaded them themselves. Iraq… weapons of mass destruction? Turns out there were none only lots of oil and other natural resources.

      • Stop being a greedy cruel man . The murders of innocent people will come back to haunt you . Gd downs not condone what you are doing and he doesn’t sleep

        • What about George Bush and Tony Blair killing million s of Iraqis are they Angel’s, Putin a war Criminal if yes than bring Busch Blair and Obama first to the court for killing of Iraqis Afghans and Palestenians.

      • Obviously you are not familiar with the situation! This should be said not to Putin, but to Joe Biden
        Vladimir Putin is the greatest politician

        • Putin is a great man. The west are the real threat. But the media etc will try to twist it all. Putin is a genuine christian who believes himself guided by God. There was once a vision that the catholic church tried to keep from the people. It involved Russia and it involved them becoming christian. Or the world was doomed. Russia was communist at this time. It was hard to see them ever being what they needed to be. But they did. Putin played a big role in this. Ukraine is run by a puppet govt. The west is cabal run. Russia is Christian.

          • Look into the history of Christianity; they are not exactly very clean in the name of their religion.

      • President of Russia I am willing to support you in the battle against Ukraine but i am not in army or anything I will try my best to support u r country till death
        And let me fight against Ukraine against u r side
        Thank you
        To President of Russia

        • Somebody has to clean up the mess somebody else started and then get blamed for it; that’s the old school, my dear.

      • You are absolutely right, Rebecca. Useless to try a peaceful negotiation with a creature like Putin. He wants war. Period!

      • I want to tell Putin he will cotrol the world in a manner he want.If he recognise the position and POWER God gave him to be a leader, he will answer alot concerning his duty here on earth.You are making it end of world but you forget even if you start killing others you are in the list of among who will die and get barried.
        Nothing sweet here on earth and We wonder what you lack that disturbs you up to killing and destroying properties. Go ask your parents and if they give you okay to continue your dreams….go on !!! And if DON’T….repent

      • Many people in the United States bear witness that Russia disolved the Warsaw pact. They also know like in the Ukraine that the world Zionist leader Jacob Schiff purporting to be Jewish financed the Russian Japanese War in 1904. You know he is also the Father of the NAACP and the Federal Reserve but most importantly a United States Citizen perpetrator that financed Japan to acquired Mongolia creating the two Korea’s of today for Zionists who are not Jews of the Bible such as Zelensky. While I love my enemies I love what I believe as the truth. And if Putin were evil it is my duty to love him as well and his Russian People alongside the Ukrainians. Zelensky should not provoke unless he wants the Ukraine to be one big parking lot for wrecked tanks and left over human flesh

      • Tell that to the West(NATO) for interfering in the affairs of someones families business (Soviet Union)
        Can you remember what happened to Cuba who was trying to have close ties with Russia?
        Go and learn stop the ignorant thoughts

      • You can’t reason with people who have sense organs but do not understand the meanings, thus no point in commenting to “K.Shridhara” above.

        The person writes “Already in modern ages countries are going towards Democracy.” and here we go, an autocrat is devastating a democracy. The commentator also writes “The only way is peaceful negotiation”; even a dimwit can understand that a peaceful negotiation is impossible when one side is just attacking and killing and not willing to listen to negotiation requests. These kind of people do not understand the reality, what war atrocities and suffering may mean. They may have already been consumed by jealously and hatred for the prosperity of other nations and it sounds like the commentator is having some sadistic pleasure from he suffering of the innocent civilians.

        • You right.
          As a Ethnic Ukrainian I am grateful to people for standing up against USA bullies.
          Azov Battalion is NAZI, real fascists.
          Please share the truth.

      • Russia should also look at the nuclear agreement that they all signed it said that NATO will protect Ukraine if anyone attacks them as Ukraine had more nuclear weapons then any one in Europe the Ukraine agree to completely disarm under the understanding that we protect them I wonder if they kept the nuclear missiles how many country would attack ??
        I not a cleaver man but some of the people completely slagging match against a person option that’s how war are started some of the comments are abusive need to think long and before typing any thing on here as it open opinion not A platform to insult people I would be interested in what the opinion of normal people in Russia really think as most Russian I know are kind respectful people so please don’t label every the same war is a horrific experience at I had my experience in the middle East I hope to god nobody in this country ever witness there own blow up or cut in half but a hail of bullets or sent around the bend by the torment of war so please give a deeper thought on what your write about on such a serious opinion may the intelegent people of the world seek a way out of this that every body will agree on to stop the war

      • Who are you? Are you Ukranian?
        No, please stop commenting.
        As a Ukranian I will tell you exactly who terrorising us: USA, Azov Battalion, Zelenskiy and list goes on.

      • It really would help your cause to know history before mouthing off. Russia has been attempting to follow a diplomatic route which is why, when Ukraine began oppressing & attacking their Russian-speaking population (especially since the Maidan in 2014) it has taken 8 years for Russian to decide that any diplomatic agreements with NATO have not been worth the paper they were written on. As such, given the failure of the West to uphold said agreements, Russia has acted unilaterally. An American led West has acted unilaterally many times in the past, warring against nations for quasi-political and purely-economic reasons. Russia acts to protect a Russian people group within the Ukraine and to resist further encroachment of NATO towards the Russian border. Ultimately, Europe has become a patsy in a proxy war between the US & Russia. As is usual with any American war, this has nothing to do with the local people group their wars actually affect the most.

    • Where is the proof of America promising not to expand? No European has ever heard of such a thing and the nato alliance was formed in europe. Ukraine is its own country and does not need to listen to orders from a foreign country. How would you like it if I told your head of state that he has to do what I said if he doesn’t ill attack his people? How would you feel? Not nice when you see it from this perspective is it. This is the only real bad thing about communism, the overall beliefs are OK but when put into practice it can quickly and easily turn to disaster. Little to no stability. Us Europeans have learned over our vast centuries of history How to learn from our mistakes and make ourselves better.
      And just one thing I would like to emphasise as well. Russia as a country is only this big because of europeans. Catherine the Great of GERMANY expanded russia immensely. That is leadership, she set her goals, inspired her people and looked after them and they done her bidding willingly and proudly. Something that is unfortunately not possible with communism. The infrastructure is too weak

        • We already know what the US would do, we went through this during the Cuban missile crisis. We were on the verge of nuclear war. I can fully understand why Russia would not want the Ukraine to be an member of NATO.

          • Really little old Ukraine. Get real. Putin isn’t afraid of Ukraine.He see it has getting more power. Why should he even have a nuclear weapon. He has gone to be a mad man. He’s a liar.

          • Good on you Nick
            It is the matter of protecting Russian people and the border security…
            I was living in democratic Slovakia, now overseas and I could see what EU under the USA finger done to the peoples lifestyle, killing the values and respect for family, teachers culture…

        • I really do hope ur family members get sent to die in a country they will never get ahold of. If Russia or even a much superior army with much superior leadership can’t hold Syria or Afghanistan imagine what will happen against a developed country with full eu support. At least have a spine and stand up for what is right.

          • Russia is rightfully taking on Ukraine. It have destroyed 35 % of Ukraine. Russia won’t give upon this EU and NATO

          • Like America and uk sent their own people to be killed in Afghanistan and Iraq for what. Natural resources? Because as the world all knows now it wasnt for weapons of mass destruction. Hypocrites

        • Totally out of perspective… Ukraine belonging to NATO does not means NATO places missiles there, there are agreements for that, yes, I know, agrrements mean nothing for Putin so he judges the others by is own lack of word, honor, or common sense… But Russia attacking a non NATO country will prop other candidates into NATO as fast as they can, this will backfire to Putin’s strategy. While NATO itself was somewhat indecisive to letting Ukraine in, now it will fast track all others to join…

        • Make sense!! Well said!! I am Indian and I support Russia on this!! I strongly believe Russia has a point. Ukraine president is not matured enough to take the right decision which made his country in trouble and lost many people lives from both the countries. And moreover he is encouraging Ukraine army with a selfie video to fight against Russia and taking Ukraine people lives. Man, why don’t you and your family also come and fight instead of just talking?? When Russia called for discussions, you didn’t care but when Russia lost their patience and started war then you started crying and requesting all the countries to support you. Entire world knows that you believed in US and NATO but did they send their army to fight against Russia? No. Also it is very clear that Ukraine president doesn’t have mind stability. Sometimes he says he wants peace and sometimes he says he fight. Also, Russia is still not trying to harm civilians as best as they can and it is not a big deal to occupy Ukraine in a single day if Russia decided to kill all people. Russia is targeting only army and avoiding civilians. Or else, it wouldn’t take these many days to occupy Ukraine. Moreover the fun part is Ukraine is thinking they are strong and can defeat Russia. I request Ukraine president to take wise decision and save your country. Russia doesn’t want to occupy your country. They just want you to not to join NATO. I agree with Ukraine, it is your decision to take but think from Russia point of you as well. These many days you were not part of the NATO, so did Russia kill your people or occupied any Ukraine land? Russia trying to save their country from US and NATO. If you join NATO then you will allow NATO and US military close to Russia borders. So Russia is not ok with it at all. Currently Ukraine and his president is more dangerous than NATO and US I guess. I know thert are Indians too in Ukraine and they may also die in war. Still, I support Russia here on this point. I request Ukraine president to think straight and take wise decision and save lives of the people and animals too. I am more worried about animals and birds 😔!! Those who support Russia are my friends and those who doesn’t are also my friends!! 😊 Take care and will meet here again if there is no 3rd world war and we are still alive!! Till then bye!! 👋

          • Im also very worried about the animals and wildlife. My dog is terrified of fireworks never mind bombs etc. Heart breaking 😢

          • This is total, utter propagandist nonsense. Hang your head in shame. Shame on you. Shame on your family. Innocent women and children are being killed by indiscriminate bombing of civilian areas. Do you believe in God? If so, stop what you’re doing and consider what his view of YOUR actions will be. You know deep down you are telling lies. You will burn in hell with Putain

          • How is Zelensky the problem??? He is doing everything he can for his country. He refused to be evacuated so he could save his people. He is fighting for his country and is one of the most heroic people I have ever heard of. He knows he might die but he is doing what is right anyway. I fully support him and Ukraine in this war.

          • So you must be a bully. You pick on someone who may have a chance to a fair fight. This is wrong. He wants more power. Point made. He’s a lier. We seen what he was doing. He had this planned for a while.

          • Agreed, 100%. The whole world know the hypocrisy of the US and its allies. They pretend not to understand and dare not tell US, the trouble maker to f..k off .

          • Modi is next… He is anti Muslim, and the West won’t forget this betrayal.
            Many hindu Indians live in my country, and unfortunately they will pay the price for Modi’s Betrayal of Ukraine.

          • Hey Sri, if the Russian Army is being so careful not to kill civilians, why are there so many videos of them dropping bombs, shooting with tanks, and rocket barrage attacks on apartment complexes and other civilian structures? So either the Russian Army is purposely attacking civilians or they really don’t know how to aim their own weapons and are therefore inept and should stop.

          • For not letting Ukraine join NATO is already an indication that Russia WILL attack Ukraine in the future! Wake up and smell the coffee? What is the difference between putting nuclear in Poland vs Ukraine, 3-400 miles? Still can bomb Russia if NATO is crazy enough. But no, Putin thinks others are like his mind and would go crazy anytime. Russia is attacking citizens purposely! Threatening Ukraine and trying to force his will down. But if Ukraine crumbled, next up is Poland! Then all of Europe! Putin is crazy and will not back down, taking everyone into WW3.

          • Absolutely perfectly written with common sense and knowledge. No one wants a war, but Ukraine is very aggressive, keeping the civil conflict with Russians in Ukraine, begging to be part of NATO? Why? They been attacking Belarus until Russia reinstalled a peace…so being part of NATO only fool believes it will bring peace

          • Interesting point. Ukrainian “president” is a professional joker who is framing Ukrainian people. Ukraine was a very poor country, rightly looking for the “striving West”. Their freedom came at a high price. Unfortunately, Russians also suffered.

        • America never had missiles pointed at russia.Russia.. ukraine would of been happy to show that to russia at any time num nuts.. however how can one country let one midget with a limp dictate everything they do.. America would be more than happy if Russia put air defense system in Canada or Mexico so your leader putin is saying at no cost at all ukraine is not allowed to defend themselves russia stole every nuclear missile they ever had when the country broke up why are they not allowed protection what kind of nut case targets civilians…

          • Looks like you never studied history in your life Russia is the biggest enemy of US and there guns are always pointing Russia.

          • How many nato and American army bases have been built and are situated in many countries all around the border of Russia?
            How many Russian bases are situated around border of America? America be happy for Russia to build air defences around their country? Cuban missile crisis ring any bells for you?
            Pick up a book on history, have a little read, not just look at the pictures and learn a few things.
            Your president couldn’t even give a simple speech written down for him on paper. Confusing the Ukrainian people with the Iranian people. Embarrassing.

        • Where are you from Armin Ray, are you American or from what other country? Mexico would support Russia against the U.S. do you know the entire history between Mexico and the United States. What America stole from Mexico, and what Mexico still want back with interests?

      • Then you need study properly. I have friends who served British Arm forces and even they know about this promise. Maybe you are living in a shell.

      • Ukraine can be there because of Russia allow it it be there from the beginning The crable of Russia civilization is in Ukrain before shifted to Russia accept it without Russia the land of Ukraine probably gonna owned by one of the strong country in the west. Ukrianian are poor and weak since the begining of time the other just want the land the people not so much Unlike Russia Ukrain is their relative .

        Ukraine allows to exist as a country because of their royalty to Russia without it there will be a consequence

        BTW the minority of people in Ukraine are Russian if you think that majority can decide or do whatever they want with the minority in their own country that they suppose to co-exist then this is the consequence. Russia alone can’t break Ukraine so easily without the help of Russian with Ukraine nationality they are also the owner of that very country if Russia win the war that mean they got every right to choose whatever fit for them and this time they not gonna listen to Ukrainian if they think shit better than meat then just move away find somewhere else to live.

        • Civiled people talk, persuade and negotiate. The ones not smart to do it that way apeal for violence and force. Those are called bullies.

        • Nothing exists “Because Russia allows it to” and Russia will not dictate who can and can not be allies with the west.. this will never be the way of the world. Ever… no one is seeking to invade or harm Russia in and short or long term game, this paranoid conspiracy madness is just that. Nato exists so countries like Ukraine can join and share in the collective deterrence against Russian aggression, this invasion of Ukraine is only proving the necessity of Nato and enticing more countries to join.

          • Have somebody remember Yugoslavia’s war…NATO used cluster bombs…thousands Serbs killed…US and Germany wants Kosovo to be military base and they got it,devided country,killed innocent people… UN did not give green light for attack but U S wanted so theit tight hand called NATO did dirty job…took part if Serbian teritory and killed Serbs in their country..So go Putin and teach west the rule which they have implemented

          • Nato should be dismantled for world peace. Why only these 20 odd countries in western block control world.

        • Ukrainians are not weak, they have a rich tradition of strong warriors and successful war strategies. If you want to comment about something try learning about the history first. Educate yourself about how the Russian people ended up living in Ukrainian territory in the first place.
          Last, learn to spell correctly if you want to engage in an English language forum.

        • If Ukraine is indeed the birthplace of the Rus (actually it is both Ukraine (Kiev area) AND Scandinavia, since there is a Viking ancestry to russians also) then maybe the government of Kiev should rule the whole of Russia, no?

          Either that, or something is not right in your reasoning.

          Or maybe…

          It is not about ancestry, people get separated throughout centuries and new cultures and civilizations grow. If not, the world should have only one nation and that nation would have its capital in Africa. The fact is that in modern Ukraine there is a legitimate government, elected by the people and in Russia there is a dictator, passing for a president, who sends his agents to kill the opposition.

          As for the majority dictating their will, it is the only way to go. That is called DEMOCRACY. Also the respect of minorities, yes, but when a foreign country unlawfully takes a province in your country there is not much you can do but to cut off that province from your country’s supplies until the land is returned.
          , no?

          If Russia was truly a democratic state this wouldn’t happen and this war would’ve never happened. Putin ended his allowed terms long ago, he only remains in power because he changed the constitution, like every dictator, to keep himself in power forever, choking Russia like a parasite.

        • Ukraine is not Russian, ask the people! They are yelling it loud and clear to the world right now.

          Russia may solve all our arguments about peoples right to be free. Putin will just pull the trigger and kill us all. Watch his fingers strum the table as he pressures his head of KGB to speak clearly and look at his face. The man is unhinged…

        • Your tendency to promote desirable for reality, the extensive arrogance supported only by utter ignorance, is a fine example of ruSSian mentality.

          1. There is no “russian civilization”; russian federation is the most uncivilized country in the region by every definition and it has been fighting civilization since the day it emerged from the Mokshan swamps. This is the country where great deal of the population lives in barracks and shits in cabins on the streets TODAY. The standard of living is lower than in Hungary, Greece, Poland and YES, Ukraine!
          Perhaps that’s why ruSSian horde is stealing everything from socks and underwear (used, by the way) to washing machines and toilet sits in Ukraine. RuSSia is the land of glorified bums and street dumps, on road craters and feces stalagmites (and I’m being literal).

          2. Russia exists, because the civilized world allows it to exist as an overblown gas station, but that time is coming to an end, because no one likes a guess station stupid enough to play with fire.

          3. The only thing that shifted to ruSSia, is what ruSSia managed to steal.
          The heritage of Rus has shifted to Ruthenian Kings, starting with King Danylo of Halych, crowned by the Pope. When Moscovite “rulers” were mere tax collectors for Golden Horde and later for Crimean Khans, getting their yarlyks (the right to collect taxes) from Great Khans by kissing their feet, and THAT is your inheritance.
          Only Peter the First (Romanov) managed eventually free Moscovy from Khans yoke, enforced his own and renamed Great Duchy of Moscow (also known as Great Tartaria) to Russian Empire.
          Rus has always resisted Moscow since the very beginning of your rotten state, up until the point when it was completely absorbed by Rzeczpospolita, but the language and the culture of Rus survived through Rusyns, Rutenians to Ukrainians.
          You have always been invaders, as you are now. And today Rus made its comeback named as Ukraine, to resist that same anti-human, anti-civilization, Moscovite evil renamed as ruSSia.

          4. Those “poor” Ukrainians, before the rashist invasion, had a minimum salary almost 3 times higher than “rich” ruSSians, and in their own currency, which was also 3 times higher in value then your wooden ruble.
          And those “weak” Ukrainians have knocked the teeth out of the “2nd army of the world” and will continue on doing so until it can bite no more.

          5.The first volunteer battalions formed in 2014 to fight ruSSian invaders were all Ukrainian russians and russian-spoken Ukrainians. They were all from the regions of Donetsk, Lughansk and Kharkiv, all spoke russian as their first language. BTW, Azov, that you rightfully fear so much, was formed in russian-spoken Kharkiv, and these are the people that hate ruSSians the most, because you invaded THEIR country under the false claim of “saving” them from nonexistent threat.

          6. Ukraine is a democratic country, the majority will always decide, for better or worse, the course for the country through voting. Ukraine has been doing that since Zaporizhska Sich and it’s not going to change its ways because some overgrown gas station has lost its fu*king mind and forgot its stinking place.
          And If, and that’s one huge, hardly realistic “IF”, ruSSia wins the war, it will have to deal with about 30 million partisans, which will not be bothered with Geneva Convention anymore as Ukrainian Army is right now, and then every ruSSian occupant will learn the true meaning of terror. Every atrocity that ruSSian scum committed in Ukraine will be turned on them and amplified 100 times over.

          7. Those who are afraid of you and try to converse with you are only those who do not know you. We know you very well. You are nothing more then a horde of rabid hyenas that walk on 2 legs, and the only reasonable conversation with you one can have is through a sniper’s scope, for you understand no other language, not even your own.

      • You didn’t learn from your mistakes when it was Syria, Libya, and others? you only learn from your mistake when it’s not your business, interesting…

        • Yuppp been saying this for days now, how the heck can they expect to hold a much more advanced country in a more advanced region directly being armed by the eu when they can’t even effectively operate or even improve civilian conditions in one of the worst nations on earth.

      • They have very strong alliances Ukraine and Russia, we have to consider that and come on , America exists this day because they used such methods to keeps European monarchies from colonizing other American counter parts I just don’t remember its morine or something doctrine. As my enemy or S threat to my way of living, you moving into my backyard that is a problem definitely. If we are going to keep condoning America bullying and deceiving compromising people then she on us. This very same thing happened in lybia where Obama promised one thing but what he actually delivered is Russia and Iran to Kaboom the Civil war. Whatever country with America or Nato one day you’ll be just as compromised once you are not serving or agreeing to being bullied and lied to and disregarded.

        • NATO is not only America. America is the big partner on the other side of the Atlantic, but the countries most willing to have Ukraine join NATO are Poland and the Baltic states. Ukraine is their backyard too and, unlike Russia, they don’t have an history of violent domination on their neighbors.

          Lithuania, Estonia, Lettonia, Finland, Poland, Czechia, Slovakia… All fear the russians because they’ve been a tyrannic, oppressing force in eastern-Europe for nearly a century. We wish they had changed, but the russian invasion, the threats to Sweden and Finland, the thousands of protestors arrested in Moscow and the obligation to Russian medias to only use state-approved sources of information prove they haven’t. And they’re completely unapologetic about it ! Putin admit it : he has long been saying that the fall of the USSR and of the eastern block had been awful.

          Eastern European nations have found a new prosperity and peace unheard of in their history, because of the EU. As respected and full members of the West, not beneath the boot of Moscow, but among equals.

          Did the American do nasty things in the near East / Central America ? Maybe. But if they have oppressed nations of this world and threaten to keep on doing so, shouldn’t those nations have a right to defend themselves ? To seek an Alliance with USA rivals ?

          Then so does Ukraine against Russia ! And we shall help them !

          • Read the history of Cuba missile crisis and you will know what the Russians are fighting for. What is good for the goose is good for the gander. If Cuba cannot be free to exercise their rights as an independent nation and have alliance with Russia then Ukraine should desist from taking provocative steps. How many countries that came out from Soviet union has Russia invaded? Why Ukraine. Is Guam an independent country and which country annexed it? USA of course

          • Go and check Cuba before commenting and their acts against Venezuela and a host of other countries. The fall of Iraq under false alarm, NATO and the fall of lybia. America invasion of Syria, annexation of Guam. The list is endless

        • The Monroe Doctrine was to keep European powers from meddling in the affairs of independent nations of the Americas. There have been very few wars between nations of the Americas in the last 150 years, save some border disputes. Europe, Asia, and Africa can hardly say the same.

          Yeah the American government doesn’t always get it right, and they’re aware of that, but few catastrophes have beset the nations of America more than the authoritarian regimes of Cuba, Chile, and Venezuela. What we’re battling today is authoritarianism.

          What the “western” system advocates is individual liberty, responsibility, and accountability. Free and open trade. It values hard word and creativity. Meritocracy.

          What the people of Ukraine have been building is a strong and independent nation that offers greater prosperity for the little guy than the kleptocratic regimes like Putin’s. There is a vision and a dream here that integration with the EU and protection afforded by NATO will help the 40-50-million achieve something that Ukrainians have never been able to achieve in their whole history. The people here are not pawns on some geopolitical chessboard.

          There is a cynical side to Ukrainian society, just like much of eastern Europe. One that believes you need a strong-man leader to protect and guide the people at the expense of individual liberty. If this was ever true, it most certainly is not today.

          Places like Australia or Canada are not founded on the back of mythologised leaders. They’re built by the people, for the people. It the go-getter and the dreamer and the gal who decides she can do better. That’s the idea. Not some hero-worship, fly my portrait on every government building crap.

          Ukraine is imperfect, but man if you knew those young people for just a few months, you’d see they can definitely take that country to new heights. Never ever underestimate the Ukrainians. Putin should have been wise to recognise that.

      • You’re right on everything except that this has anything to do with communism.. This is authoritarian fascism, Russia is communist in name only.

        • russia hasnt been communist since the fall of the USSR , it is a capitalist autocratic oligarchy run by one of the richest billionaires in the world , dictatorship yes, communist no

        • Russia hasn’t been communist since the 90’s. It’s an Oligarh supported dictatorship. And it’s leader has been in power for to long, and as history tells us time and time again, those who stay in power to long lose their grip on reality.
          He is now invading a sovrein country that decided not to be slaves of the tirant. Three revolutions in the past two decades proved that the Ukranian people are far more brave then any of us will ever be! They are the Davids standing up to the Goliath.

      • Ukraine Was Created By Russia According To History!
        When You Look Back Into History, Ukraine Got Fooled By NATO To The Point The She Violated All The Agreements And Tried To Join NATO.

        How Will Feel When You Bring Closer The Cat That Will Be Eating You Chickens?

        • 1. Australia AND the USA were created by The United Kingdom………….. So what???

          2. As an independent nation Ukraine can join whatever it likes …. or not. That’s what nations do.

          3. Violated what agreements.?

          4. Currently in regard of your metaphor the cat is eating / trying to eat the Ukrainian chickens. Moreover, since Russia borders Finland, Latvia, Lithuania, Norway, and Poland, (ALL NATO countries) the cat and the chickens can’t be any closer ???????

          • You are getting it all wrong, how well do you know zelensky? He is an autocrat and NATO has no business there to have a launchpad to attack Russia. America invasion of Syria, is Syria not an independent nation. It took Russia to save them from humiliation. If you come to Africa, mali for example, it was Russia military contractors that saved them from the French. If you come to Nigeria where the British forced ethno religious different tribes into one country for their selfish gains. The country cannot make any headway. The Northern Nigerians are killing the eastern on daily basis and it is very good for the British so far they smile to the bank.

        • History lesson:
          It was 2008 when Ukraine first began thinking about joining NATO, but a change in presidency saw Ukraine move away from that idea choosing instead to end negotiations with NATO under the new president’s promise. After that they were content to not be a NATO country /until/ Russia’s unprovoked invasion of Crimea and it’s subsequent annexation. After that they began talks with NATO once again, and in 2019 decided to begin the process of fully joining. In response Russia gave NATO a list of demands which essentially told them to push back to where they were in 1997 (aka not in Eastern Europe at all) and to close entry completely into NATO. That means current NATO allies in Eastern Europe would lose their standing in NATO and no other country in the world would be allowed to join NATO. They of course said absolutely not, and in Response Russia moved thousands of troops to the Ukrainian boarder. So no this is not just about Ukraine, a sovereign nation I might add that only decided to join NATO /after/ Russia invaded them, but about the sovereignty of nations all over the world who would like the ability to choose their own allies.

          If Russia had not forcibly annexed Crimea, and proved they were untrustworthy neighbours then Ukraine would not have considered joining NATO again.

          The same is true for the US and Cuba when Cuba became allies with Russia and declared itself a communist nation. They did it because of how the US been treating their country and the US ended up losing them as an ally despite everything they tried to force things to play out differently. Cuba starved itself, literally, to Remain free of US influence after the fall of it’s allies in USSR. And today they are -still- One of Russia’s strongest allies in Central America.

          So if you are going to use them as an example look at the whole picture and not just the prices you want to see to make your point. What the US did to Cuba was awful and they paid for it, what Russia is doing to the Ukraine is Awful for all the same reasons and they will end up losing Ukraine in the long run because of it. This war is only going to hurt Russians in the long run, and convince Ukrainians that they will never be able to trust them.

        • Thank you for understanding . Thank you for seeing why. The censorship and western media is not allowing any other opinions. I’ve seen the horrible tribalism created in the US, iblive here, the polization. I’ve never seen anything like this censorship and one sided propaganda. I understand that thee is systemic D
          Dissent an internal control. I understand why a.d not why. I know how its used.
          I never have seen a Putin speech in my life. I have been to Russi 2 tines, 12 years apart. It changed for the better. sayed in St
          Pete. 13 year slater. I visited black sea, to Crimea. They were happy. They get pension. Owned. Ukraine did not. Cut off water. I saw extremists 2t k Russian. US supposed coup IS fact. NATO NATIONS GIVE MAASIVE ARN
          M THR WA.T TOTAL WARFARE. THERE INDEPENDENCE NEW i am find witt un bias opinion of there both happening.

          YES, not ideas, inl 2021 , US has alone gave Ukrainian 230 million in weapons loo it up.! . Fa
          *ck people. Total black now. U have to dig deep for true newd and Dissent against NEED to read it. I am not against Russia need to read a.d find scope, find, democracy now. Rt America has good content like BBC AND PBS. Sire, there’s a little slant on 1few matters, but tbr is fair discussion on ideas the present opposition rhetoric. I saying you have to like Putin but why not understand why he felt he had to. READ HIS SPEECH FOR CRYING OUT LOUD. IT’S ACCURATE NEVER historically and why Russia has done this. Right now the speech is censorship by west, blocked. All west media. Why? I found it on CSPAN . Its not a lie that 1200 to 1500 Russian Donbass people have been killed by nation-state of Ukraine since 2014. . Ukrainians have been firing.g there own Tracers from us in the streets, killing people. Surgical was tarking place. Read Noam Chomsky on why this is happening . Corruption is at the highest levels u don’t have to like him, listen to his hour speech. Friday. I hope this moves to actually prevent WW3. That’s russis plan… its about territory. Not ideologue.
          There truly

          • Putin said so many times he wasn’t going to invade Georgia, he then said the same about the Crimea, and the same about eastern Ukraine.
            He told the world on global Television, that the mass build up of troops, weapons, and logistics on the Russian, Belarus borders was nothing more than a training exercise…..and the West is whipping up an unnecessary frenzy 🤣🤣🤣
            All his foreign diplomats perpetuated his lie around the world, but America knew the truth.
            Putin wanted negotiation, Why if he wasn’t going to invade?
            Everyone needs to forget about Russian Ukrainian History, the past is the past, it can’t be changed, revisited, or re written, besides history shows Russia have always lost badly when trying to take it by force. .
            Ukraine has always been a pawn in a geopolitical world because of its strategic value, and it’s natural resources.
            One side says don’t you dare join our enemies, the other side says choose your own future….
            Ukraine is the little kid standing between two macho bullies, who are too scared to face each other.
            Come on Russia America, take nukes of the table and sort it out once and for all.

        • You have to educate yourself a bit.Ukraine always was a country.Putin’s fairytales that Ukraine was created by Russia.

      • Accords signed a the Budapest Memorandum on Security Assurances which refer to the three identical political agreements signed at the OSCE conference in Budapest, Hungary on 5 December 1994. That was the agreement that Ukraine would remain NEUTRAL. You’re either not European, too young, or clueless.

        • That was the agreement that Ulraine will have its territorial integrity guaranteed. And then GUARANTOR Russia annexed Crimea and started a war in the East. This is in lieu of guaranteeing Ukraine’s borders? Even if Ukraine joins NATO, what is Russia is actually afraid of? That NATO will attack? Everybody knows Russia is batshit crazy, they are like shit – once you touch it it starts to smell. Nobody wants to touch it.

          • Was there a referendum before Crimea was taken from Ukraine. How can you see a region that has been fighting since 2014 and the Ukrainians have been systematically killing the ethnic Russians of donesk and luhansk and the west looked the other way. I’m order to maintain peace, grant them independence and that’s exactly what Russia did to maintain the peace of the region and they have to protect those they granted independence

          • United States are the Real Culprit’s of this globe. They want to run the world. They lead every other nation in Nato. No one has any say only the US has the right to rule. If US stays the other side of the Atlantic then people on this side can live their lives peacefully.

      • So you are saying just in the name of expansion, infrastructure etc you are ready to kill your own men? It’s such a irony that you yourselves calling them a part of you and ready to slash their throats. Here I see nothing but a child wanting a toy which he cannot have. Seriously bring a more powerful argument than that. Now I see why Russians lack brain because they invested in military rather than giving proper education. A life is a life and no reason is justified to take someone’s life. Read that again before saying things lol.

        • Read the history of Cuba missile crisis and you will know what the Russians are fighting for. What is good for the goose is good for the gander. If Cuba cannot be free to exercise their rights as an independent nation and have alliance with Russia then Ukraine should desist from taking provocative steps. How many countries that came out from Soviet union has Russia invaded? Why Ukraine. Is Guam an independent country and which country annexed it? USA of course

          • One illegal invalid, immoral action, one atrocious military invasion like USA did with Iraq or with outher countries, DOES NOT legalize another illegal invalid immoral action such as Russian Invasion in Ukraine. Lets learn from the History, and lets not repeat the same mistakes again and again and again.

          • talk about believing in total misinformation. do your research so you can find the truth.

            USA wants free trade and peace worldwide. Please don’t wake up the sleeping American Bear! Big mistake. It is never pretty afterwards. Friendly warning!!!

          • Kingsley, we know exactly what ruSSians are fighting for, far better then you’ll ever be able to, because we are watching them stealing everything what they can only lay their filthy hands on, and Cuba has absolutely nothing to do with it.

            Ukraine has the right to take whatever steps it desires as long they are withing her territory, but I’m still curious, what are those “provocative steps” you’re referring to?

            How many countries ruSSia invaded? Well, Georgia for one. Not to mention 2 Chechen wars for independence, where ruSSia practiced all the atrocities it’s enthusiastically implementing today in Ukraine.

            Why Ukraine? Well, one of the reasons because it’s the key country to revive USSR, without Ukraine it’s impossible.

            And no, Guam was not an independent country, it belonged to Spain before annexation and as far as I know, it doesn’t complain. And you honestly compare an island in the middle of nowhere, with population under 200 thousand to one of the largest, democratic countries in the heart of Europe with the population of 40 millions?
            And even if that example had been valid, by your logic, one wrong makes the other wrong right?

            Your “logic” is absurd, you are absurd.

      • What I have learnt is that Africans have been victims of European Psy ops/ manipulation and destroyed Africa. Then European intervened later for re-construction under humanitarian umbrella or long term umbrella. However, Europeans have been victims of US psy ops and destroyed Europe, then US intervened for reconstruction under the umbrella of aid and long term loan and dependence. Isn’t a whole continent not enough to the US to stop cause trouble to the World? This is so sad. The only way to prevent war is to refuse to fight!

      • so you call your self european, which country do you live in, no i’m not a european i live in a supposedly free country but has we all know it isn’t free not totally. you stated that you europeans have learned by your mistakes well think again. if you live in france, germany, spain, greese, portugal and so on your governments take there orders from the corrupt eu. which by the way sits in belgium some of the time. so has you put it you europeans have learnt from your mistakes well i don’t think so

      • Tell that statement to the Cubans. Released documents show that the Kennedy administration, tried to install a puppet government loyal to the USA . When that didn’t work , they ordered the CIA to kill Castro !
        Then justified their attempted Invasion.
        So Castro asked for protection against the US , from the USSR.
        And the USA almost started WW3.
        Our world had a lucky escape, when Russia backed down….
        Now if Stalin was still alive…💥

      • Well said, there is a lot in this than meets the eye. Afghanstan was overtaken the other day by Talibans, was there much intervention from the west?? why too much interest in Russia-Ukrain war? I support peace!

      • Where’s the proof? The US has the capability to destroy its neighboring countries and then some! But have they even contemplated taking Mexico, Canada, or any South America nation as its own? Not in our lifetime or the previous century!

        As I mentioned in another post, America has tried to show other nations what democracy is like and “free” it’s people from tyranny. When it doesn’t work – it doesn’t work. We move on and let the nation return to the regimes of their choice. (And in my opinion, we “try” too hard and too long!)

        • You do know that Canada kicked the USA’s butt and burned the White House down. The USA couldn’t fight it’s way out of a paper bag.

          • That was 209 years ago. Canada did not exist yet as a sovereign nation. I think you mean Britain.

        • Mexico would support Russia or China against the U.S. Remember Krissy, the U.S. stole over half of Mexico’s territories. Which Mexicans have NOT forgotten about and we still want back with interests.

    • It is always unfortunate when any war occurres! But when your freedom of choice is threatened to be removed, your life taken away,and any outspoken words defending your rights are met with imprisonment or death,than war is a nessary to protect it! Where did opposition and sanctions get Hitler?? How many millions had to die and loose everything including their lives to stop it! As history has clearly Shown time and time again,it never stops at just 1,and threats of retaliation if you try to step in the way of conquering will be met with death,than it’s time to step in and stop them from crossing the line and threats will not be tolerated without reprocussions! Where would we be today if we didn’t act,and allowed Hitler to keep going and didn’t do anything because of the fear of his threats!! There’s always a sacrifice for freedom,and if it means another world war to put a stop to tyrants and draw the line,than this is what has to be done! Because it’s always easier to say we don’t need that, until it’s you having your life destroyed,and your Loved one begin killed for some tyrants personal gain of power! freedom and a life of choice is the most important and precious thing in life to protect and defend, because just begin alive from day to day is not living,but worse than death!!

      • How can you not have problems with a country that continually lies to you. Russia stated they were only having maneuvers for their military, in fact they were building their army to attack. Then they claim they only attacked because there were neo-nazis, druggies and people who were victimizing their own people in government. We know this is not so, none of that is accurate, that there may be a Neo-Nazi cell somewhere in the Ukraine, possibly, but that is an internal problem it has nothing to do with Russia. That there is drug use in the Ukraine, possibly, but there is also in Russia does that mean that another country can go in and solve that problem for them.
        The Ukraine is the free diplomatic democratic country. Russia needs to get their ass out of there and quit being so paranoid about others having a “platform” for attack. They devised their own platform built on lies and BS when they attack the Ukraine, the world is watching and now Russia has shown his true colors.


        • How can Putin possibly be trusted now ? For all the world knows, Putin maybe just using the talks to move in more supplies more troops more equipment.

        • They had that and still invaded them in 2014, no what Russia wants is NATO to not have any more allies, and to not be able to invoke article 5 when Russia invades other countries.

        • Putin needs assurance that no one is about to shove up sharp knife up his a** and watch him bleed to death. NATO is the least of his problems.

          I like how he sits 25 feet away from his generals at meetings so has time to pull a weapon if anyone should attack. I understand he also has a button that can blow up the other end of the table.

          What a horrible way to live.

          I blame COVID for this situation. Poor Putin has been in a room by himself for 2-years afraid to get COVID and has had too much time to think and worry. He needs to go hand out with friends and call off the war.

    • russia does not want to peacefully talk. how should ukraine “listen” to russia if they are currently getting bombed what are you on

      • Look the time to talk had over long ago there no need to talk Russia must make Ukraine surrender to them like afganistan did to Taliban.

    • This is the most stupid argument that I have read in many years.

      Russia’s actions are exactly a war of aggression. In other words, highly organized theft on a massive scale.

    • I would rather slap to the president of Ukraine’s face than let Putin and the West use a nuclear weapon to destroy the world

      • What? Are nuclear weapons gods? 🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🤦‍♂️, I can clearly see all of you guys don’t have FAITH, what is really really happening is that this is the devil’s war through humans to bring world domination to the WHOLE WIDE WORLD, otherwise called new world order and their …… agenda of new era where we are all supposed to be gods, sincerely you guys can’t see this war is the conspiracy theorist which by the way they’re… TRUE!!! If you guys are nonbelievers I suggest you guys change your minds because this war isn’t about ground or invasions as putin ……. said it, it is merely about our souls and for us to implement the chip which is the vaccinations, look it up they all have graphene oxide, it’s time for you guys to start thinking where you want to go… HEAVEN? OR hell? God Bless You All And Your Families!!! Goodnight 🌙😴💤.

        • 🤣🤣🤣 Donald Trump???? He’s more afraid of Putin, than Putin is afraid of COVID 19 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
          The same Donald trump who impeached himself, by trying to blackmail Ukraine. 🤣🤣🤣🤣
          That’s the best uneducated bullsh*t answer I’ve heard so far 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 quality 👍

    • Yeah, If China’s tanks and airplanes came in from Aksai Chin and northeast India and invaded India, Indians would realize how Ukranians feel now.

      • Ha ha it’s a diplomacy you can not be one side and after this war china never ever attack india it’s china nad Pakistan who help Russia to do this to see the geography. Thanks to PM MODI he will be the next Gandhi.

        • “Your education level is very law. Are you american?”

          It’s always interesting when someone who can’t spell or use capital letters correctly accuses someone of being uneducated. Poor education (and a penchant for ad hominem attacks and missing the point, as well) exists in all countries, including yours, apparently. And no, I am not American, nor do I typically defend them. It’s just boring (and typical of the uneducated) to see the same old ‘You must be American” bs used as some kind of witty zinger in an ‘argument’.

        • I was researching the countries that are supporting Russia and came upon this site – reading these comments and I am appalled. Look at yourselves. Calling each other stupid, uneducated — when you, Lauris, do not even proof read your comments. It is “low” not “law.” it’s no wonder the world is in such a state. Happy about that? You sound like right wing trump supporters.

          With people like you and others populating the world and insulting everyone you come into contact with – it’s no wonder we are in this position. Shame on all of you. I am also American.

          • Assuming every conservative American is a Maga hat wearing, far right wing nut, is the same as assuming all blacks are thieves, or all Mexicans are lazy, and so on. Just like I could assume every Democrat is a lying, greedy, self serving racist that’s screaming everyone that disagrees with them is uneducated, or a racist or a phobe of some kind. Don’t lump us all in with the crazies, some of us just want a great America again. We want our children to grow up and be kids, and not have someone shoving CRT or Trans cartoons down their throats. We want our FREEDOM BACK that the democrats, not just this administration, are working so hard to take from us. Freedom of autonomy, freedom of speech, I could go on, all our freedoms are being chipped away, and I’ve watched it going on my whole life! Slowly but surely, they are trying to make a nation of YES men, or women, who shut up, pay their taxes and do as they’re told! #letsgobrandon

          • I have faith that Putin will go down and will burn in hell

        • Lets have 3rd WW.. It’s time to finish the biggest bully nation AMERICA to come to a complete downfall. It IS TIME.

          Western world had it for too much.. Hypocrisy, Bullying, Interfering and Much Much More.

    • On one side you claim that there must be democracy, on the other you state that Ukraine should do what Russia says. What a fake.. come on.. !

    • In an ideal world, your comments make sense. We now live in a world of autocratic dictators, and thugs. Sell your ideas to Putin, Lukashenko, Nazarbayev, Al-Assad, Maduro, Diaz-Canel, Khomeini, Xi-Jinping, etc, etc, and the world will be a better place. BTW….Good Luck!

    • Nato did not promise that to Russia. It was promised to USSR at some point, before its collapse, but not to Russia.

      On the contrary Russia signed a Budapest agreement that it promised to protect Ukraine in exchange for Ukraine’s nuclear weapon. And now Russia broke that promise.

    • You can’t sit to negotiate for your country’s sovereignty while being attacked.

      Not ukraine. Said that to putin who start the invasion. The one that makes it not possible to negotiate is putin. So many countries tried to negotiate. And who’s still committing the attack? Putin!

    • The only way is peaceful negotiation. Russia is to return nukes back to Ukrainia as They were given to Russia to be destroyed with the agreement that Russia wont attack Ukrania. US made the payment to Ukrania for the destruction of nukes. But then Crimea was taken in 2014. Ask Putin to give Crimea back then Ukrania doesn’t need to join NATO. Putin doesnt want Ukrania to join NATO and take the crimia back. It is simple. Russa needs to live with neigbour not taking their land. Russia is out. They lost.

    • Russia does not operate that way,. Putin is not a peaceful person, well obviously not. Killing people and bombing a country for no reason when his country is mostly living in poverty and they want more land so really it’s a non negotiation with Putin.

    • Real talk man. I feel your point.
      Quiting for the sake of peace ✌️.
      But other countries are watching what will make them look like, them been there and letting injustice to be done. RUSSIA 🇷🇺 in this case must stick to its boundaries, it must be stopped!!. For peace to permanently prevail O for a long time.

    • Ukraine gave up their nuclear weapons on the basis that Russia promised never to invade and then hey ho – bully boy Putin got involved,

    • On the surface Russia has no reason to fear any military advances from the Ukraine or NATO, nether have any ambitions to invade the country. However for many decades a so called ” shadow government” has taken hold in the West, this shadow government in effect is the controlling factor in all Western countries, not the elected government. This is why countries like Russia and China are not supportive of Western ideology. Without a change in the Western political system preventing unelected shadow governments from operating we will always be at war with someone.

      • There is no “shadow government”. You are buying into conspiracy theories.
        Russia and China suck. They are horrible repressive paces to live. Russia would have been prosperous and happy if it had joined the West in 1992. Such a waste.

    • Life is nothing when we look back, if failure or gain.

      A person can die of war, disease, accident, natural disaster, poverty and even without any reason.

      My thinking is joining of Ukraine to NATO is their wish. War is better than to be slave forever.

    • Ukraine agreeing not to join NATO was possibly a solution BEFORE Russia annexed Crimea. Russia also promised to respect Ukraine sovereignty.

    • Not a deep analysis at all. Pandering to Putin and the weakened, pathetic former Bear is a pathetic excuse for the defense of Russian aggression. Russia is isolated and will always be isolated in the modern world. Russia is withering on the vine with no assistance in sight.

      • There is a bigger war going on in this comments page, than anywhere else.
        And as usual the majority of war mongers are men, not real men, pretend men.

    • K.Shridhara Why must Ukraine listen to Russia? Ukraine knows exactly what Russia wants and as an independent soverign country that poses no threat to Russia, why should it accede to any of Putin’s requests. Please do not be naive. Putin has no interest in a peaceful settlement in this matter

      • He is blocking their trade route on the black sea, and sees them as a threat to Russia’s economy. But now the biggest threat to russian economy is him. Even if the war ended now, the mistrust in russians will be embedded for at least another 100years. I dont hope he has a painful death, just a simple fatal heart attack will do. This would be of great benefit to the russian people.

        • I would be very carefull in supporting russia or becoming an allied supporter of them during this, because he would be using all their resources first to protect himself, and for a man that proclaimed to the world that he was able to defend russia is laughable, its like america shouting we are the greatest country in the world. We should take more notice of these deluded morons when they are in power. And the minute we hear these moronic chants of we are the greatest, thats when we need to say YOUR FIRED. Because these people go hide in a bunker somewhere and use everyone else for their canon fodder.

    • Can not reason with a mad man. A positive outcome will only occur with early and overwhelming intervention. Russia and China are despot societies of people with very low morality. They deserve to pay for their poor decisions for the next 200 years.

    • Only way to resolve this is for Putin to swallow a poison pill or have his people overthrow him. I guess he could also ending up in The Hague on trail for war crimes. Bottom line is that bastard is finally going down. He has been a thorn in the side for all western leaders for far too long. I can’t wait to see his funeral.

    • Why *must* Ukraine listen to Russia?!? -________-
      How about Russia *must* listen to Ukraine? Think about this. Putin won’t listen so why pretend to talk to each other?

      By the way, it’s hard to talk to a crazy and unpredictable person. And he’s asking for Ukrainians to put weapon down and surrender. What kind of stupid talk is that? Talking is talking. Dialogue, both ways, and Putin is demanding something and not taking no for an answer. That’s not talking!

    • Nice way of see democracy. That they don’t even believe in. You have to still see the struggle of power still from the Cold War.

    • Negotiations can only take place if both sides are willing to five and take. As you say, the world is small so just how large a buffer zone WOULD be needed to make nations feel safe. I ask this since missiles can now travel around the world…50 or 100 miles makes no difference. IS Russia prepared to create a neutral or DMZ zone of say 50 miles within its borders, one where there are no armaments or drills? If the answer is no, then there IS no room for negotiation us there? Perhaps Ukraine might consider handing the Donbass and Crimea areas over to the Russians IF the Russians leave the rest of Ukraine alone. This could be seen by Putin as a victory, and in fact it’s one of the main reasons why Russia says it invaded in the first place, namely to stop the genocide (sic). It IS a small world, so nations of differing political outlooks will always be living next to their ideological ‘enemies’. What we need is trust. By going unto Ukraine, Putin has shown that he is not trustworthy.

      • He is blocking their trade route on the black sea, and sees them as a threat to Russia’s economy. But now the biggest threat to russian economy is him. Even if the war ended now, the mistrust in russians will be embedded for at least another 100years. I dont hope he has a painful death, just a simple fatal heart attack will do. This would be of great benefit to the russian people.

    • Do you not understand that some people in power do not care about others or the planet. They are only interested in their own greed for money and more power. They will not only take over others but impoverish their own people to be able to live extremely well themselves.

    • NATO never made such a promise, even Gorbachev said that no promise was even asked for, that is just Russian propaganda.

      Putin is obviously mentally ill and has attacked a free country and is murdering civilians. Even Russians are protesting their governments decision to attack Ukraine with over 10,000 arrests of Russian people demonstrating against Putins illegal war.

      It is because of leaders and his dictator puppets that have proven NATO is even more relevant now than ever before.

      Putin has misjudged the Ukrainian army. Putin has misjudged the Ukrainian peoples determination to remain free. Putin has misjudged the the worlds determination to turn Russia into an international pariah and crush Russias economy, even Switzerland has abandoned centuries of neutrality and sanctioned Russian. international sports organizations have banned Russia and Russian players anywhere.

      But for some reason you want to give Putin what he wants 🤔 and reward him for war crimes?

    • So the country being attavked should listen to the attacker…. U realize that means u can ataack any weaker country and they should listen to u

    • Your position assumes that Putin has a credible reason for his invasion. He does not! He doesn’t seek accord with Ukraine or NATO on any point rather he seeks possession of Ukraine. The sheer preposterousness of what he is seeking causes us to imagine that he must have more rational objective, e.g. a security buffer to NATO. Lacking an rational objective he can only pursue his irrational one which is to conquer and rule Ukraine. It’s the reason that there is no point in talking to him because to put it bluntly, he’s going insane.

    • Ukraine looks like a fertile ground for Russian forces to carry out combat exercises. NATO backed Ukraine also provides good fodder for attack, measure readiness and test weapons.

      The Ukrainian clown of a president provided perfect excuse for such an exercise by the esteemed Russian Federation.

      The end of the exercise,Russia shall have shelled the entire Ukraine absurdity to the ground and install a new ruler from Luhansk or Donetsk to begin a rebirth vof a new Soviet nation devoid of NATO and EU moles

      • So far Rashist Federation has provided great deal ruSSian made fertilizers to farther enrich Ukrainian soil. Though in all honesty, even the fertilizer out of ruSSians is utter shit, just like everything else about ruSSia.

        By the end of the exercise, Ukraine will be completely reequipped by NATO standards with the best experience of its use on the Continent, which will make her membership in the alliance a mere semantic.

        As for Fascist Federation, it will be demilitarized and returned to its historical size of Moscoy, which will be isolated, due to its natural incompatibility with civilization, and allowed to bravely follow its natural course back to the Stone Age.

    • I truly agree with you.
      Ukraine should peacefully negotiate with Russia
      Ukraine will be main at loss and their own people will suffer.
      Ukraine are being influenced by western countries , but they don’t know they are going to be made dependent later , they are inviting trouble by blindly having faith with whom they think their present supporters.
      They should realise that their supporters wants to have control over whole world in the name of humanity. By assuring army support they are building their army base in all small countries
      Army base is too too dangerous
      Ukraine should foresight the future interest of USA

      • Shrikant kukdolkar, you understand absolutely nothing.
        Any negotiations with the rabid animal will prove to be fruitless and throughout its entire history, last 8 years especially, ruSSia proved its inability to reason and follow up on its agreements. It only understands brute force.

        Ukraine will seize to exist if ruSSia is not utterly and completely defeated in this conflict. The genocide of Ukrainians as a nation is a continuous theme that ruSSia attempts for 300 years.
        It is also one idea that dominates the entire ruSSian campaign today, uttered by Putin, his politicians and propagandists for years, even before the physical aggression. Such as “Ukraine is a fake country, Ukrainians are fake people”, etc. If you don’t follow this or incapable of seeing an obvious pattern, don’t speak.

        Ukraine has a very long and painful history with ruSSia, so spare this ruSSian stupid nonsense about the influence of West on Ukrainian actions. WE ARE THE PEOPLE WITH OUR OWN RICH HISTORY, CULTURE, LANGUAGE AND LAND. We refuse to be swallowed by this backward, ant-human, anti-moral, anti-civilization, just because it’s huge! Russia is an ocean of liquid shit and we have no intention of drowning in it! Never again!

        The Ukrainian interests are very much aligned with the interests of the USA and the rest of civilized world, why do you assume that you know better, is beyond me. So, Ill put it as politely as I can under the circumstances, p l e a s e, SHUT THE F*CK UP!

    • You say peaceful negotiation is the only way forward, to which I wholeheartedly agree.
      But let’s make it absolutely clear, Russia invaded an independent sovereign country, again!
      NATO, is guilty of taking advantage of the breakup of the former Soviet Union, but only at the request of those who seek the right of self determination.
      As a former KGB agent based in Dresden, East Germany. Putin was forced to flee for his life when the wall fell.
      He saw the breakup of his country, the one he has known all his life. He has no respect for the sovereignty, or history of any of the former Soviet State’s, he sees them as Russian because that’s how he and every other child, was state educated. Putin is trying to turn back time, because that’s where he belongs.

    • Amarica and All European rich countries are exploiters of poor countries.They do not wan any country other than them should become strong and powerful. They use democracy and secularism as their tool to exploit . Media is controlled by them and any misinformation become information if it is in their favour. Eucrane was part of Russia and USA with its money and media power made it a separate country. Now they want to install all missiles and defence and offence equipment there by making Eucrane a NATO member so that it can blackmail Russia every time. They are now using Eucrane president and people as victim and Russia as Villian. Can you imagine a situation when Russia installs Missiles and defensive equipments at Mexico bordering USA and USA will keep quite ? What happened in Cuba when Russia installed missiles in Cuba? So my friends do not see this crisis in one angle. What is happening in Eucrane where common innocent people are dyeing not due to Russia, USA and NATO allies are equally responsible

      • If you want to be taken seriously or even listened to, please learn to spell the nation you’re attempting to talk about. And even then, your points are incorrect and you are being lied to by the people you’ve been in contact.

    • Love you, Becky….but we are dealing with a Mafia Group of Men with and supporting Putin. He is on his 5th conquest, each of which he threatened the “Nukes”…and each time the bluff worked… and he laughed at us while counting the slaughtered human lives, and the resources gained. The solution: 1) His young soldiers and their mothers must rebell. 2) Confuse Ukraine with high tech and cyber warfare 3) alas…send in F15 Eagles and F35 Lightning II fighter jets to neutralize the Russians.

      If we don’t…Putin will re-imagine history, allowing him to go into another country, do the “Nuke Bluff” again…then another country “Nuke Bluff” again,,,again, and again.

    • You assume that the narrative that NATO promised not to expand is true. It’s not.

      Russias previous president, Gorbachev, has stated many times that there were no promises or contracts for NATO not to expand its territory.

      This is simply an excuse for Putin to give a false justification to invade Ukraine.

    • First learn history.Russia killed over 15 millions Ukrainians through history.NATO is only excuse.Do you even know why smaller countries with weak army wants to join NATO? Without NATO,girl….you would be speaking Russian or Chinese.
      Or…you would be dead cuz they kill who don’t believe in them.
      NATO is literally self defense.

    • First learn history.Russia killed over 15 millions Ukrainians through history.NATO is only excuse.Do you even know why smaller countries with weak army wants to join NATO? Without NATO,girl….you would be speaking Russian or Chinese.
      Or…you would be dead cuz they kill who don’t believe in them.
      NATO is literally self defense

    • I would say that russia has made a mistake by attacking it not only made them infamous but also gifted them sanctions if you are saying that Americans will us ukraine to attack russia then let them as the world will surely be with russia not nato

    • We should support Ukrainians coz if we support them then when Pakistan and China will declare a war on us then We can get support of UK, USA, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, also others… To be honest Putin is Kind Hearted. Sometime the evil come in front of us. Putin was evil and also he was like Adolf Hitler. #StopWar #Russia #China and those who support Russia. Frome today as a unknown country. I hate Putin, China, Pakistan, etc(those who support Russia)

    • Why does Ukraine support capitalists who enslaved people for years. What if they are left ashamed by the British members. They think they have it all. They dont know that its a matter of unity. Russia is a close naighbering union and cannot be changed. Once a member who bring them supply during heavy wars as soviet union. I dont agree with Ukraine. They are wrong because they can have what ever they want under russian fedarations bill of rights but not seperation. That means they are an ally to the soviet union lately after it was done for after cold war. Am sure their state people will remain enemies for years to come.

    • You are, apparently, a nice, caring, concerned person whose naivete does not realize the fact that evil exists in this world with which negotiation is not possible..

    • Putin us just another Hitler, a killer at large committing a host of war crimes against the Ukrainian people. Nato being the most powerful alliance in the world should take Putin, his family and his oligarchs out, permanently. Toe tags for all of them!!! Might as well include Trump in that gang because that punk ain’t t no better.

    • Ukraine must not be forced to succumb to Russia’s imperialistic threats. Russia has started its aggression towards Ukraine already in 2014 by illegally occupying Crimea and installing its puppet regimes in the so called Luhansk and Donitsk republics. Still earlier Putin has invaded Georgia and robbed her of part of its teriritory. Russia and only Russia is the aggressor here, and all the lies about the need for denazification of Ukraine are just lies. Russia has more openly operating Nazi sympathizers, including skinheads, than Ukraine or any other county has at present. In view of these facts and many others, Russia under Putin dictatorship cannot be trusted to respect a possible neutrality of Ukraine, the same way Hitler should not had been trusted. Never and by no one.

      • Excellent and precise commentary. Thank you!
        Please if we cannot or are unable to physically help Ukrainian at this time, let us earnestly pray for that country to overcome this dastardly and satanic Russian invasion, in Jesus’ Mighty Name. And in ALL Religions/Faiths.
        Thousands of Beautiful and Great Lives and properties are being brutalized and destroyed by just one man – President Putin- a new Adolf Hitler!!

    • WHAT????

      Russians are killing civilians. Rockets and small arms are aimed at civilians. Women, children and the elderly are dying. And you say that Ukraine should listen to Russia ??

      Doo you know that it’s a full scale war? More than 100 000 russian troops invaded Ukraine. Everything was planned with details.

      In fact Russia wants to raze Ukraine to the ground. And then occupy forever.

    • What illiterate ramblings! The world is predominantly united against the gangster state of Putin, the only actions that he takes notice of are those that diminish his personal wealth and standing. Sanctions should also be imposed upon the few states that back Putin, including India and the foul, war criminal state of Serbia. Just like Hitler and the Nazis, Putin must be opposed, hemmed in and ultimately killed or imprisoned.
      First Putin came for the L.G.B.T.Q. Community,
      I was not gay so I said and did nothing.
      Then Putin came for anti war protesters.
      I was not an anti war protester, so I said and did nothing.
      Then Putin came for the Ukrainians,
      I was not Ukrainian so I said and did nothing.
      Then Putin came for me,
      There was no one left to help me.

      • So sanctions upon anyone who isn’t a blind follower of west? Every country should be free to choose whom they vote for or against in the UN. They are independent and Serbia and India should get this choice too. In fact, if US supported Russia, there would have been sanctions over countries supporting Ukraine. US and NATO aren’t the ones who decide. India is in a difficult position because US and Russia are both allies. What else can we expect?

    • I agree with what you say about conflict!

      But you say peaceful negotiations being the only way but at the same time you want Ukraine to listen to Russia!
      Firstly Russia trespassed and should leave and listen to the Ukrainians when they leave Ukraine!

      Why should Ukraine listen after they have lost so many lives. Only yesterday the Russians killed innocent children by bombing a children’s hospital. I take it your Russian in order to make a comment that Ukraine must listen to Russia!

      No Russia shouldn’t be telling Ukrainian people what to do it’s their country Russia should be calling their troops out and ending this nonsense! And take my hat off to the Ukrainian people for not backing down and defending their homes!

    • What? That’s crazy! Unbelievable!
      Why not the other way round? Why not President Putin listen to the people of Ukraine and allow them to determine their own future?
      Do you want that for your own country? Or your Family?
      For Christ Sake, why should a single individual (Putin) try to determine the decisions of another country? And that of the whole world for that matter?
      President Putin MUST STOP THIS UNPROVED, UNJUSTIFIED, INHUMAN, BARBARIC AND CRUEL GENOCIDE of his far smaller and less privileged neighboring country.
      Tell your troops to return home NOW! You CANNOT win. The whole world is against you in this.
      Even the Russian People are totally against this unproved invasion of Ukraine. War Crimes Tribunial is waiting for you. If they don’t, then they must free Charles Taylor and others they’re holding for far less war crimes.
      Ukraine cannot be NATO right now, and will remain Neutral for a long time to come. So why destroy Peaceful and Progressive Ukraine? But the people of Ukraine have the right to decide their destiny.

    • 100% agree. Ppl who says Putin is the only lier is so naive and so lost in their life to the worlds news. If putin lies about his news, does the rest of the world honestly thinks they dont lie?

      wake up. haha

    • Peace would have been nice. But what peace can be negotiated when one side has no value of human life?
      No. I’m sorry peace can only come if Putin is dead. I wonder if you would still think in the same manner, if you were kiev right now. Greed and power are mankind’s idol. In order to keep peace. Sometimes you have to use the iron fist. Ukraine did not ask for this. Russian people don’t want this. But they are slaves. They believe it’s better to crawl on you knees as slaves instead of possibly dying on their feet as free people. Sad really

      • Peace will come if ukrainian stops descrimination against Russian language and giving electrol representatives in the paralament of ukranin to those Russian speaking Ukrainian. In India there are more than 10 languages having different Scripts and prounenciations are mentioned as official language, Ukraine cannot mention two languages as official language why there showing descrimination against Russian speaking people

    • I don’t see what Russian is doing anything less than the americans and other western countries have done and they have never sanctioned any of them might i remind you people of what Israel has done to the palastine,Jerusalem was given to isreal by the us and people where shot by israel soldiers in mosques and the world did nothin also Vietnam,libya not to mention Iraq even Afghanistan all these countries how many innocent cilivians where killed,am not supporting putin but am surely not supporting the west because they are only serve there own interest.As for Ukraine i understand you people are fighting for your country but the west just using you guys to break Russian economy with sanctions so the us and its allies can have total control check out your cold war history,Russia is under treat from NATO expantion close to its borders that’s why they don’t care about what the world would do this is about there security because if Ukraine joins NATO that means NATO troops will be at russian borders how is that any different from when russian troops where mobilized on ukraine borders think about that

      • Russia is bombing innocent civilians, tons of them. not a while ago there was a shelter with around 1500 people in it and most of them were children. the adults spelled out in big letters outside the building “children” and Russia instantly bombed it. what Putin is doing is very unnecessary.

    • When Ukraine gave up their nuclear armaments which Russia took possession of, a treaty was signed where Russia was not to ever invade the Ukraine. Russia did not hold up its end of that treaty.

      “Ukraine, Russia, the U.S. and the UK signed a 1994 treaty that assured Ukraine it would be safe from attack as long as it gave up its massive stockpile of nukes.”

      • But Ukraine starts descrimination and torture against russian spraking Ukrainians. This cause the creation of rebel forces and subsequent terror

    • Almost the whole world is against Russia, i guess if it were USA that attacked any sovereign state, NATO nations would be quite, or even cheering.

      • But those countries against Russia are depends upon other countries for their sustanability. Out of two major countries having natural resources and sustainability in all respects, first country China is with Russia and the second India is Neutral

    • “Ukraine must listen to Russia.” Oh, really? Dictator putin invaded in Ukraine and bombed almost every city there. 1100 bombs were pushed on March 24 (Syria got 100 bombs in 5 years). What else do we need to listen to? Maybe to lose thousands of Ukrainian lives or more ruined cities? Think before you write anything! These comments on the internet have nothing true to the real history and lives of people in Ukraine and russia

    • War can not solve problems but killing the innocent people. Think about God who created heaven and the Earth,He can erupt this Whole world in just second.
      I humble request super power countries to hold apeace round table discussion.

    • So everything Ukraine did to gain its independence should all just be thrown away? The only reason it is violent is because of Putin. He is so obsessed with power that he doesn’t care, he will do whatever he wants to get Ukraine back. Putin is bombing civilians, places where children were camping, hospitals, he is doing so much that is unnecessary, throwing his own people in prison, he is the one making this extremely violent. He did not have to do any of those things, it just created more destruction and riot. Peaceful negotiation was constantly tried with Russia and Ukraine. Putin made the first violent move, they aren’t just going to sit back and give in. I do agree with you that it should be peaceful negotiation, but with Putin that isn’t realistic, and you know that. Let me ask you this If you were a slave and got away from your master, and they came to get you back after you just tried so hard to break free, but they come and kill your sibling or child because you won’t come back, would you immediately give in and just go back after all you did to get out? Or would you fight back for your freedom? Tell me honestly and give me good reasoning.

      • Ukranian leader using comedian tricks in the war thats why he is loosing civilian people. The ukranian soldires are mingling with civilians and firing on Rusians soldires

    • There is a war going on people have died how can one solve that peacefully? Russia will not stop until it is defeated. Ukraine was once Russia P brain wants it back along with any other land he can get, whatever it takes. We think Hitler was evil wake up P brain is ten times worse. He will be stopped at a huge cost to all involved. WWW3 has started but not in full swing, no nukes ( yet) they are coming chemicals are coming P brain will pull the trigger himself what has he to loose ? His own people hahahahaha he has slaughtered them already ready and not lost a wink of sleep. People say chemical weapons etc are not allowed wake up people his idea is ALL IS FAIR IN LOVE AND WAR !!! it’s a bad thing to see but there had been wars non stop from day 1

    • There was not such thing . By the way Ukraine is independent nation and can choose future by it is own . There so no need to follow nosense from Putler

      • I don’t think so as in any country you have good and bad,,look at all the people that have flead Russia against this evil mersonary war,,so terribly sad ,, Ukraine is a lovely country filled with a wonderful culture not like Russia greedy evil leaders that don’t give a second thought for there own let alone others,constant lies everyday not a word of truth from these nomads butchers of inocense ,,and the only reason they have country’s backing them is because there scared,most seen to forget there a lost part of Russia like Ukraine so who’s next the big question 🤔🤔🤔

    • Putin is not a madman. He is narcissistic, self-absorbed, egocentric, self-centered, hostel, angry, rash, evil, with a evil mind. He wants world denomination; to get rid of the US and Israel. His characteristics and ideologies will continue to kill his own people who oppose him, including those who left Chernobyl without permission regardless if they will now be horribly sick from the radiation. Putin may just kill them outright instead of letting his soldiers die slowly. The man is cunning but he cannot out beat God’s will. God has the final say, and if enough people pray against this tyrant, he may be hanging by his neck soon.

    • I would like to see Ukrainian citizens open their homes to all Russian citizens so they can see for themselves what is going on in Ukraine and share what they see back home.

    • That’s totally wrong that Ukraine is not accepted into NATO. It cannot be picky and choosy who it lets in if they ask to come into the NATO allow them.. I call it racism. Yes we all live in one planet and there’s more than enough room to allow Ukrainian into NATO.. you cannot negotiate with the beast.. Evil beast. They tell you there’s negotiation lies straight to your face, and turn around like Hitler did and rip up the papers and there will be no negotiation because anytime Putin lips moves he lies. Learn from history. His behavior is the same as Hitler’s.. how many more countries does he have to take over before you all wake up and allow Ukrainian people into NATO? Hum???

    • The only madmen are the people supporting the neo nazi Ukraine government.
      Listen to actual people who are living in bunkers in fear for 8 yrs.
      They’re all saying its Ukraine government killing them.
      Watch Ukraine on fire as it puts the whole situation in perspective.
      You can only find it on certain forums because the west are silencing any truth and only showing media movie lies

    • No, we can’t reason with a monster that is killing thousands of innocent people, creating millions of refugees, destroying hospitals, schools, water supplies, cultural treasures: The only peaceful approach to this is to choke out the monster. Any country or person that supports and enables Russia as it is committing these atrocities must be sanctioned, financially drained, cut off from the global lifeblood. Putin is a cancer. It can’t be allowed to grow.

    • It is now very easy and plain to see why Ukraine wished to be part of NATO back in 2008. France and, especially, Germany should be ashamed. They should have realized that appeasement didn’t work when Russia invaded Crimea back in 2014. Once again, Europe continues to import fuel from Russia. Wake up! If we all do not tighten our belts and sacrifice now, you will be forced to speak Russian very soon! Putin can legitimately have concerns, but there is nothing that can justify being a menace to life and to be a butcher. Which he is!

    • You have a very naive view of what’s going on here. Putin invaded a country that has never provoked him, except by its existence. Ukraine has already agreed to not join Nato, but that hasn’t stopped Putin’s killing, or the Russian army’s brutality, nor Russia’s determination to obliterate Ukraine’s culture, nor Putin’s openly stated wish to absorb Ukraine back into the welcoming bosom of mother Russia, which the Ukranians would rather die than be subject to.

    • Ukraine must listen to Russia? Do you think that they are not? Ukraine has made some very real concessions in attempts for peace! How could they not be? Their nation and it’s people’s are being systematically exterminated! You say the formation of a country should solve all problems. I agree. Ukraine is older than Russia. Maybe the books you’re reading teach something different IDK, but regardless of what history books you are reading they all agree that the USSR collapsed in the early 90s. At that time the Ukrainian people chose independence! No one took it from Russia, the Ukrainian people chose it. Maybe this is where our cultural morales differ. They have been a happy prosperous sovereign nation recognized by the world ever since. Now Russians think they have the right to force their will on independent people’s just because they want more. Destroying entire cities, and the lives of the people who lived there. Murdering, executing, torturing, raping their way through, and now Russia has reinstated concentration camps. They maybe calling them filtration camps but they are the exact same thing. Why can’t Russians enrich their lives, their culture via travel and trade? Why must they destroy and possess?

    • Ukraine must listen to Russia ????

      Ukraine Agrees to Talks With Russia, but Fighting Still Rages

      “I do not really believe in the outcome of this meeting,” he said, “but let them try to make sure that no citizen of Ukraine has any doubt that I, as a president, have not tried to stop the war.”
      President Volodymyr Zelensky of Ukraine speaking in Kyiv

    • Putin started this war. The only way this war can end is for Putin (and his allies) to be put on trial for war crimes, Russia to withdraw from all occupied territory, (including Crimea) and pay reparation costs to Ukraine. The longer Russia continues to murder innocent civilians and destroy Ukrainian property the greater their final bill.

    • I don’t think so, Russia’s lack of disrespect has been fully shown. Ukraine should stand up to them with the military support from other contries.

    • What you fail to understand is that, if Russia stops fighting, there is no more killing, but if Ukraine stops fighting there is no more Ukraine.

      Ukrainians are fighting for their lives.

    • Can’t believe comment that US might do same if Mexicans decided they wanted to partner with China. Putin has threaten nuclear war, Putin is killing Ukrainians. Completely different. Europe has NOT taken over ukraine. Ukraine wants to be free country. If China wanted to rule over Mexico and Mexico wanted it, sure u.s. might think about options, but to kill Mexicans and threaten to nuke the world? No way. Huge difference in Putin’s murderous tactics. Some people in this world want to be told what to hear, think, do, who to idolize and praise. That is fine, live with Putin. As for me I’m with fr