Chiliz Coin Price, Stock, Value, Prediction, Mining, Market Cap

Chiliz Coin Price, Stock, Value, Prediction, Mining, Market Cap will be discussed here. Read the article to know more. Chiliz (abbreviated CHZ) is a digital currency utilized in sports and entertainment platforms. On the Ethereum blockchain, the token serves as the platform’s official cryptocurrency. As the current passive interaction between teams and their fan bases in sports exists, Chiliz aims to bring the parties closer together. Chiliz began in 2012 in Malta. A Chiliz coin serves as a means for millions of sports and esports fans to purchase direct voting power in their favorite football teams. As a result, supporters stop being passive spectators and become active members of the club.

What is Chiliz Coin?

So, as we can see, Chiliz is a fan of his favorite teams, and this website, which you can see at his or, allows you to pay money to support your favorite club and influence confident choices and other things.

This website’s features are functions for providing a great user experience, such as automatically recognizing your computer even if you leave it inactive for a long time, recognizing you when you return, and storing your unlocked rewards. You’ll be wondering where the startup information resides in your PC, specifically in your browser.

Each club’s CHZ fan tokens are a limited digital asset that grants voting rights. The clubs themselves choose the survey themes, but the options are unlimited! You may make decisions on everything from club design to who gets the “best player of the game” award, as well as the venues of summer friendlies and much more.

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The higher a fan’s standing inside the platform, the more rewards they will get as followers—access to particular goods, prediction games, and other benefits.

Chiliz Coin Price Today

Chiliz Coin History

Chiliz launched in 2012 as part of the Mediarex Group, global sports and entertainment company located in Malta. In 2018, active development on the blockchain-based Socios platform started. Chiliz released the CHZ token in October of 2018. The token quickly became available on cryptocurrency exchanges all around the globe.

Juventus, a soccer team, situated in Turin, Italy, was Chiliz’s first partner. In November 2019, the team hosted a Fan Token Offering, selling 1.3 million tokens out of a total supply of 20 million before the end of the month.

Chiliz introduced the Socios app and website at the end of December 2019. A $66 million investment from Private Placement assisted development.

Chiliz Coin Price

The Socios app is now available on the web and millions of mobile devices. In addition to its headquarters in Malta, Chiliz has offices in France, Turkey, Spain, South Korea, and Brazil.

The business will continue to add soccer and esports clubs to its roster of partners. Still, it also plans to expand the Socios marketplace to include other sports and entertainment tokens. The firm has declared plans to enter the American sports sector.

What Makes Chiliz Coin So Special?

Chiliz has a well-defined business model built on fan tokens and a clear goal.  

Chiliz has attracted investors and reduced volatility that typically afflicts cryptocurrency markets due to this approach. Also, Chiliz isn’t a crypto firm; instead, it’s a company that employs crypto as a critical technology to achieve non-crypto business objectives.

NFTs have shown their worth in the gaming business by allowing players to level up, customize their accounts, and fulfill in-game objectives. Customer loyalty programs make extensive use of them. Chiliz has established himself as a pioneer in using technology to help sports teams and their followers.

Socios is an example of a cutting-edge use of NFT technology.

What Is the Circulation of Chiliz (CHZ) Coins?

Chiliz did not have a public offering for the CHZ token when it started in 2018. Out of a total number of 8,888,888,888 CHZ tokens, 5,344,064,580 are now in circulation.

The ERC-20 and BEP-20 standards are compatible with CHZ coins.

How Is Chiliz’s Network Protected?

Independent audits of the smart contracts underpinning CHZ and the Socios platform have emerged. Security and auditing expenses are set at 5% of sales for Chiliz.

Also, the token transaction occurs on a private sidechain backed by a Proof of Authority method.

Chiliz: How To Use It

Socios and CHZ are the two primary methods to utilize the Chiliz platform.

To begin, you may join the Socios fan token economy. Purchase fan tokens for your favorite teams on the Socios marketplace, and you’ve built a connection with them. Also, it’s simple to begin going. Introducing new team partners to Socios can also earn you tokens.

Another option is to invest in CHZ for the long term. Due to Chiliz’s business model’s durability in the face of crypto market volatility, the token appeals to investors seeking hedging against ups and downs in the market’s leading currencies.

What to Look for in a Chiliz Wallet

Because CHZ follows the ERC-20 and BEP-20 standards, it may be used and transacted using any Ethernet-compatible wallet, including hardware wallets.

Chiliz has an on-site wallet at, which is where the majority of CHZ tokens are purchased. It’s a simple, minimalist wallet designed for sports enthusiasts rather than bitcoin specialists.

Of course, you are free to keep CHZ in any wallet you wish. Web wallets are free, simple to use, and can be used from desktop and mobile devices. Web wallets are “hot wallets,” which means they provide you instant access to your money. As a result, they may be a little less safe than other options. If you opt with an online wallet, make sure you select a company with a solid track record in terms of security and custody.

Hardware wallets provide an added layer of protection. Although solutions like Ledger, Trezor, KeepKey, and Prokey aren’t free, they assure that a hacker who has access to your PC or smartphone doesn’t have access to your crypto assets.

Chiliz Coin Price

Chiliz is now trading at $0.257489, with a 24-hour volume of $142,556,915. In the previous 24 hours, the price of CHZ has dropped -2.0 percent. It has a total quantity of 8.89 billion CHZ coins, with 5.3 billion in circulation. Chiliz is a sports finance platform that allows worldwide fans to connect with their favorite sports teams and organizations. uses Chiliz tokens (CHZ), allowing users to swap tokens for professional sports clubs. By voting on the Chiliz blockchain, users can influence team choices through Fan Tokens on

For sports and entertainment, the world’s premier blockchain financial supplier. 

Chiliz aspires to improve daily experiences, such as fan interaction in entertainment, alternative payment alternatives for traditional items, etc. Also, Chiliz delivers blockchain-based technologies to sports and entertainment companies to help them interact and monetize their consumers.

Chiliz Coin Value

In a financial transaction, cryptocurrency provides tokens or coins.

Chiliz utilizes it to support and engage fans in their favorite football team’s official website. Chiliz $CHZ is an ERC-20 coin supported by the ERC20 service and used by Socios. established fab Token Offering (FTO) a few days ago to raise awareness of the token among investors and purchasers.

To support their team and club, they may buy the token on any market. is the world’s first official cryptocurrency exchange, including apps for both iOS and Android that allow users to invest in the token. According to their preferred team club, this token explicitly permits football enthusiasts to develop a fan following.

It serves as a utility token on the Ethereum blockchain, and it is utilized as the official cryptocurrency on the website. The goal of token Chili is to distribute millions of pennies around football fans to vote for their favorite team by using it. This coin aims to bring football and their favourite team to the forefront.

Chiliz Coin Stock

CHZ has an 8.8 billion total supply, which was at its inception in October 2018 and allocated to early contributors with no public sales outside of what was made accessible via exchanges.

Also, CHZ debuted as an ERC-20 token. Still, it was subsequently update to be BEP-2 compliant, recognising Binance Launchpool’s involvement in distributing fan tokens as part of a strategic relationship. On the Tron network, CHZ is also accessible as a TRC-20 token.

CHZ may be found on various blockchains, including Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, and Tron. Fan tokens are generated on the Socios sidechain using a patented crowd control method, allowing fans to vote exclusively in publicly audited polls in a secure setting. The sidechain relies on a consensus process based on proof-of-authority. Private organisations mainly utilize Proof-of-authority with closed blockchains in which only users within the ecosystem may participate. It’s less decentralised than other consensus processes, but it’s scalable and safe, making it the perfect sidechain solution.

What is Chiliz’s Worth?

Every athletic organisation that uses Chiliz technology has a limited number of fan tokens available for purchase at an initial FTO (fan token offering). These tokens are available on a first-come, first-served basis, with Chiliz disclosing the starting price and thoroughly diluted market cap ahead of time. The platform’s internal currency is the CHZ token, used to acquire fan tokens.

Fans may then vote using their fan tokens on the Socios platform, made possible through smart contracts. The clubs determine the level of influence that supporters have. New jersey designs to team matches in exhibition games are all decisions that can be made.

Chiliz pioneered direct engagement of typical sports fans in club and organisation decision-making. The Chiliz Blockchain Campus, a privately-owned crypto incubator focused on advancing blockchain technology adoption throughout Asia and Europe, is one example of how the firm is continuously inventing new avenues for fans to participate. Even though the firm expects to have 80-100 teams in its network by the end of 2022, it thinks it is only achieving roughly 10% of its potential.

Chiliz Market Cap

Chiliz (CHZ) is a cryptocurrency/platform that debuted in October 2018. It has other tokens built on top of it. Today’s Chiliz (CHZ) price is $0.2556087, and in the previous 24 hours, 355,672,238 CHZs changed hands for a total of $90,912,918. It trades on 36 exchanges with 53 active market participants (s). Tether and krw are the two most popular exchange pairings.

In the previous 24 hours, the price has dropped by (-3.40 percent). It is in rank as #68 with a market worth of $1.5 billion and has a circulating circulation of 6 billion coins. Also, the ATH (All Time High) price for CHZ is $0.7443565 (9 months ago), with the lowest and highest prices over the preceding 52 weeks being $0.0166114 and $0.8812143, respectively.

Chiliz Coin Price Prediction

CHZ will be the stock of choice for gaming investors in the markets, owing to its long track record. Investors have also discovered an element of trustworthiness in this money. Pandemic has served as a reliable benchmark for both fiat and cryptocurrency.

Overcoming all obstacles, this cryptocurrency is poised to create a new standard for future performance, drawing a large sports investment community from the markets and exceeding all market forecasts based on the most recent news. Chiliz’s current price is $0.46, with a trading volume of $352,808,945, and a market cap of $2,617,841,434 with a circulating supply of 5,586,355,378 CHZ at the time of writing this technical analysis & projection.

Price Prediction for Chiliz in 2022

It would undoubtedly show indicators of success for its investors if it exceeded all restrictions during the following year. Also, Chiliz price may easily approach its next barrier of $0.75 before the end of one year, according to our Chiliz price forecast, which relies on solid intelligent contracts.

Price Prediction for Chiliz in 2023

Given that the cryptocurrency industry is unlikely to see any abrupt jolts or a rocky route ahead, the CHZ price will likely maintain its solid position as a primary draw among its investment community. Also, Chiliz is on track to surpass the $1.2 scaling milestone if investor confidence increases, resulting in a significant increase in its price.

Price Prediction for Chiliz in 2023

CHZ has built a fast, dependable network and focuses on improving the product’s user experience. These attributes can enable the CHZ coin reach a considerably greater price of $1.5. If the demand for functional crypto persists beyond 2023, the price may potentially see a paradigm shift with the best projection.

Price Prediction for Chiliz in 2024

In the future, CHZ is likely to face many challenges. With the company’s technical announcements and rising fields of advancement in mind, the price of Chiliz may reach $2.

Price Prediction for Chiliz in 2025

Chiliz is likely to catch up to other cryptocurrencies in price in the long run, reaching a price of $2-$2.5 within a few days after entering 2025, according to Chiliz price predictions. As a result of its consistent performance, the CHZ price is likely to see a surge in confidence. 

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