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Even more so, when the picture in question had everything going for it to become a major blockbuster, the concept of a movie that failed to do well at the box office continues to captivate movie fans and film historians alike. John Carter was the most recent film to be distributed by Disney, which at the time was almost totally preoccupied with developing its immensely successful Marvel Cinematic Universe. The project was always intended to be the first installment of a trilogy, and Stanton shared his concept for John Carter 2 release date, which he proposed to be named Gods of Mars.

Carter 2 Release Date

The financial and critical reaction that John Carter received, primarily negative, has become more well-known than the film itself. The film that would have been the beginning of a series and was directed by Andrew Stanton has so much potential that it seemed unthinkable to fall short of expectations. On the other hand, the film Stanton had been waiting decades to create finally premiered on March 9, 2012, to disappointing box office results and unfavorable reviews from critics.

Carter 2 Release Date

If the studio hadn’t compared the film’s worldwide earnings of $284 million to the reported $300 million production costs, they wouldn’t have considered the movie a financial success even if it did well internationally. The dream was put to rest, and with it went any hope of launching an innovative new science fiction series. Those who saw the movie and came away impressed with it pondered for a long time why it was such a commercial failure. Those who were uninterested just wrote it off as another unsuccessful attempt at making money in Hollywood.

Carter 2 Storyline

For those who aren’t familiar with the first film or who want a quick review, the plot of the first film is as follows: The story takes place between the years 1868 and 1881, and it begins when John Carter, a captain in the Confederate Army who Taylor Kitsch plays, discovers an extraterrestrial medallion while he is on the run from Union forces. The medallion mistakenly transfers him to Mars. Carter finds out that his increased athletic capabilities result from his high bone density, which, when combined with the reduced gravity of Mars, makes the planet seem like Barsoom to him.

Soon after, the human soldier who had become hopelessly disoriented came face to face with a group of green Martians known as Tharks, headed by Tars Tarkas (Willem Dafoe). Carter is unaware of the growing social turmoil on Mars, which finds him and the Red Martian princess Dejah Thoris (Lynn Collins) trapped in the thick of the conflict between the different Martian races. Further complications are added by the shape-shifting Therns, headed by Matai Shang (played by Mark Strong), which leads to a deadly struggle on many fronts. The first movie comes to a close with Carter successfully making his way back to Mars after pretending to be dead, fooling Shang, and overcoming an ancient hurdle that had held him imprisoned on Earth.

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The novel John Carter tells the narrative of the eponymous character, John Carter, a soldier of the American Civil War who becomes something of a treasure hunter in the years following the war. His nephew, Edgar Rice Burroughs, a fictionalized version of the author for the sake of narrative, is informed of the strange circumstances surrounding his uncle’s death and inherits John’s estate.

Edgar finds John’s diary during his stay on Mars, which the natives call Barsoom. Edgar finds the notebook while going through John’s belongings after John’s death. After that, the viewer is sent to the planet Barsoom, where they follow John’s journey from his accidental arrival on the Earth to his ascent to the position of helping to battle a warlord who wants to seize control of the world. The captivating idea of John Carter had the potential to lay the groundwork for another significant action-adventure series for Disney, on par with the popularity of Pirates of the Caribbean. Then, the statistics from the box office were revealed.

Carter 2 Release Date Budget

If one considers how much money the picture made at the box office, John Carter is widely regarded as one of the most financially disastrous movies in cinema history. The film only grossed $73 million in the United States and $211 million globally, which is not even close to its projected budget of $250 million.

It required a run of four months in the United States and three months abroad to make this money. Still, it had a terrible opening weekend in the United States, earning just $30 million, and it lost money every weekend after that. Add to this the film’s lukewarm to downright unfavorable reviews, and it becomes abundantly evident that neither the crowd nor the reviewers were interested in seeing John Carter.

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