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Anna Mani was a prominent Indian scientist proficient in physics and meteorology. She is considered a precious jewel of India since she invented the ozonesonde, a device that detects the amount of ozone in the atmosphere. The Google Doodle was created as a birthday tribute to Anna, honoring her on the day she was born. Below you can learn more about Anna Mani Biography, family, achievements, career, and more about her.

Anna Mani Biography

Anna Mani, a retired Deputy Director General of the Indian Meteorological Department, was a meteorologist who significantly contributed to measuring solar radiation, ozone, and wind energy. She recently made headlines when Google honored her with a Doodle on August 23, 2023. Anna Mani was born on August 23, 1918, in Peermade, Kerala. She is Syrian Christians. Anna Mani’s father was an atheist and a civil engineer. She has seven siblings.

Even though she truly wanted to study dance, she chose physics. She completed graduation from Chennai’s Pachaiyappas College with glory in physics and chemistry in 1939. In 1940, she received a scholarship to research at Bangalore’s Indian Institute of Science. She enrolled in the graduate physics program at Imperial College in London in 1945 to specialize in meteorological equipment.

Anna Mani Family

Anna Mani Biography

The Anna Mani family was a prototypical example of an upper-middle-class professional family. The family’s males were encouraged to pursue high-level occupations early, while the family’s girls were prepared for marriage.

Then, there was a general agreement among members of society that women’s education should be geared specifically toward the tasks they play as mothers and homemakers. Furthermore, Anna Mani would still not prefer it any other way if she had her way. Her early years were spent reading voraciously in a variety of genres.

Anna Mani Education

After receiving his degree from Pachai College, she joined the research team of Professor CV Raman and investigated the optical characteristics of diamonds and rubies. Even though she had written five research articles and handed in his dissertation for his Ph.D., she was not given the degree since she doesn’t have a master’s degree in physics.

Upon returning to India in 1948, she quickly found work with the Meteorological Department in Pune. She is the writer of several research journals on different meteorological instruments.

Anna Mani Career

Anna Mani was principally accountable for blending the importation of meteorological equipment from the UK. She aimed to ensure India’s autonomy in meteorological instruments. She standardized the designs of over one hundred different meteorological devices.

In 1957 and 1958, she set up a system of stations to monitor the amount of radiation coming from the sun. She discovered a little workshop in Bangalore dedicated to the production of devices designed to monitor the velocity of the wind and the amount of solar energy. She contributed to the invention of a device that measures ozone and worked on it. Anna Mani is now married, yet she remains committed to her profession. She was a member of several prestigious scientific organizations.


Her relocation to Delhi in 1969 came about as a result of her promotion to the position of Deputy Director General. In 1975, he advised the WMO in Egypt. She was Deputy Director General at the Indian Meteorological Department till her retirement in 1976.

On the occasion of the 100th year of his birth, the World Meteorological Organization paid tribute to him by publishing a biographical biography that included an interview with Anna. On Mani’s birth anniversary, which fell on August 23, 2023, Google displayed a special Doodle in her honor.

Weather Women

Anna Mani, an Indian physicist, and meteorologist were awarded a Google Doodle on August 23 to commemorate her 104th birthday. Mani is credited with making significant contributions to the field of meteorology over her career.

In addition to being a physicist and a meteorologist, the individual is also referred to as the “weather lady of India.” The work she did throughout her life and her research made it feasible for India to create accurate weather predictions and paved the way for the country to use renewable energy sources.

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