American Song Contest Judges, Jury, Contestants, Winner Prize Money

Since its inception in 1956, Eurovision has played a role in catapulting musicians to worldwide popularity, including ABBA, Celine Dion, and the winner of the 2022 competition, Maneskin. The American Song Contest, which premieres on NBC on March 21, will bring the competition to the United States for the first time.

American Song Contest

Snoop Dogg and Kelly Clarkson will co-host the upcoming NBC music reality competition television series American Song Contest. The American Song Contest, which will premiere on March 21 and continue for eight weeks until the grand finale on May 8, is produced by the same people who brought you the Eurovision Song Contest and The Voice.

american song contest

The news was made at Super Bowl LVI, during which Snoop Dogg and other hip-hop icons performed during the halftime show, which was broadcast worldwide. After rising to stardom as the winner of the first season of American Idol in 2002 and working as a judge on The Voice, Clarkson has extensive experience in music contests, having participated in and judged many events.

American Song Contest Judges

There will be no “judges” or “coaches” for the American Song Contest in the same sense that there are for shows such as American Idol or The Voice. Instead, a 56-person panel of music industry experts will be responsible for evaluating the competition, with one jury member representing each state or territory in the United States.

The same distribution will apply to contestants as well: one candidate will represent each of the 50 states, as well as one competitor from each of the following territories: Washington, DC, Samoa, Guam, the Northern Mariana Islands, Puerto Rico, and the United States Virgin Islands.

American Song Contest Contestants

The contestants will feature well-known musicians such as Jewel and Michael Bolton and a slew of up-and-coming artists who will be vying for the opportunity to break into the mainstream. Listed below is a complete list of contestants, organized alphabetically by the area they will be competing.

  • Alabama: Ni/Co
  • Alaska: Jewel
  • American Samoa: Tenelle
  • Arizona: Las Marias
  • Arkansas: Kelsey Lamb
  • California: Sweet Taboo
  • Colorado: Riker Lynch
  • Connecticut: Michael Bolton
  • Delaware: Nitro Nitra
  • Florida: Ale Zabala
  • Georgia: Stela Cole
  • Guam: Jason J.
  • Hawaii: Bronson Varde
  • Idaho: Andrew Sheppard
  • Illinois: Justin Jesso
  • Indiana: UG skywalkin
  • Iowa: Alisabeth Von Presley
  • Kansas: Broderick Jones
  • Kentucky: Jordan Smith
  • Louisiana: Brittany Pfantz
  • Maine: King Kyote
  • Maryland: Sisqó
  • Massachusetts: Jared Lee
  • Michigan: Ada LeAnn
  • Minnesota: Yam Haus
  • Mississippi: Keyone Starr
  • Missouri: Brett Seper
  • Montana: Jonah Prill
  • Nebraska: Jocelyn
  • Nevada: The Crystal Method
  • New Hampshire: MARi
  • New Jersey: Brooke Alexx
  • New Mexico: Khalisol
  • New York: ENISA
  • North Carolina: John Morgan
  • North Dakota: Chloe Fredericks
  • Northern Mariana Islands: Sabyu
  • Ohio: Macy Gray
  • Oklahoma: AleXa
  • Oregon: courtship.
  • Pennsylvania: Bri Steves
  • Puerto Rico: Christian Pagán
  • Rhode Island: Hueston
  • South Carolina: Jesse LeProtti
  • South Dakota: Judd Hoos
  • Tennessee: Tyler Braden
  • Texas: Grant Knoche
  • U.S. Virgin Islands: Cruz Rock
  • Utah: Savannah Keyes
  • Vermont: Josh Panda
  • Virginia: Almira Zaky
  • Washington: Allen Stone
  • Washington, D.C.: NËITHER
  • West Virginia: Alexis Cunningham
  • Wisconsin: Jake’O
  • Wyoming: Ryan Charles

American Song Contest Vote Counting

In the American Song Contest, points will be awarded based on the number of votes received by each state and territory, regardless of population. The public and jury votes will determine those who will proceed in the tournament.

According to executive producer Anders Lenhoff, who comes to the American Song Contest from the Eurovision Song Contest, “everyone competes on equal terms.” “This implies that every state has the same amount of vote power as the others. That holds for the territories as well. The popular vote winner in California receives 12 points, while the winner of the popular vote in Guam also receives 12 points. It would be best if you thus garnered support from as many states and territories as possible to be victorious in this tournament. “You need to build a wide foundation of support.”

And Clarkson believes that it all comes down to the music you connect with. As she continues, “People will conclude that ‘Man, I like my Texas person, but that gal from North Dakota, whoa.’ That was a fantastic piece of music. ‘I have no choice but to provide my support to her.’ “I believe that this will ultimately transpire in the end.”

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