AGS Transact Technologies IPO Allotment Status, Date, GMP today

On Friday, the penultimate day of the bidding process, AGS Transact Technologies IPO 680-crore initial public offering (IPO) held interest more than eight times, indicating strong investor interest. On January 19, the general subscription period for the offering, which had a price range of 166-175 per share, began and ended on January 21.

AGS Transact Technologies IPO

The public offering of AGS Transact Technologies sold 7.79 times, while the retail component was subscribed 3.08 times, according to the IPO subscription status. All eyes are now on the share allocation procedure, which is most likely to happen on the 27th after the bidding for the public issue price of 680 crores closed. Those who filed for the IPO before 2023 are recommended to verify the progress of their application online by visiting the BSE website or the IPO’s official registrar. Link Intime India Pvt Ltd is the authorized registrant for the IPO of AGS Transact Technologies.

Before completing the share distribution, bidders and market analysts keep a careful eye on the grey market. Market experts estimate that AGS Transact Technologies shares are available for buyers at a 15 percent premium. In The Gray Market, This Means AGS Transact Technologies IPO GMP Today 15 More Gray Markets Expect This Public Issue To List At Around 190 (175 + 15), which is around 8.50 percent more than its price range of 166 175 per equity share.

AGS Transact Technologies Allotment Status

Bidders can check the AGS Transact Technologies IPO Allotment Status online by signing on to the official BSE website or a link in time, as specified before. They may, however, check AGS Transact Technologies IPO Allotment Status online by going to the direct link on the BSE website or the direct link on the Intime website. Bidders should go to the Link Intime website to monitor the status of their share allocation on the official registrar’s website.

AGS Transact Technologies IPO

AGS Transact Technologies IPO GMP

The company’s three primary business categories include ATM and CRM outsourcing, cash management, POS transactions, transaction switching, and agency banking. As of August 31, 2022, its outsourced portfolio included 14,099 ATMs and CRMs, while its managed service sector had 19,161 ATMs and CRMs.

VRIPL Retail Pvt Ltd, Patanjali Ayurved, Dr. Lal Pathlabs, and Organic India are among the companies that have installed POS terminals. Banking automation solutions include ATM and CRM sales to self-service terminals, currency technology products, and associated services.

AGS IPO Stock Price

The AGS Transact Technologies Initial Public Offering may occur in two ways. In the case of AGS Transact Technologies, you can submit the IPO application through ASBA, a bank account you have access to. To apply using your bank account, log in to your online banking account. Then choose AGS Transact Technologies IPO from the Invest area to apply using your bank account.

AGS Transact Technologies’ Initial Public Offering (IPO) Form can be found here. You may also get information about the AGS Transact Technologies IPO by downloading the IPO form from the NSE or BSE. Download, fill out and submit the NSE and BSE forms.

AGS IPO Review

The business, which has been contemplating a public offering since 2010, is now launching its OFS. The stagnant top line for the previous three fiscals and losses suffered in the first five months of FY22 were significant sources of worry. The issue has been assessed appropriately using financial metrics. However, cash surplus/risk seekers may contemplate a long-term investment given the segment’s strong prospects.

AGS IPO Issues

The net proceeds from the IPO will accomplish the following goals: to conduct a sell-side offer.

To get the advantages of stock exchange listing for equity shares.

AGS Transact Technologies Advantages 

  • The company provides omnichannel payment and cash management solutions.
  • Customer base, income stream, and product portfolio are all diverse.
  • Possesses a solid ability to create customized solutions within the company.
  • Diebold Nixdorf and ACI are two worldwide technology vendors with a long-standing partnership.
  • Infrastructure and technology skills that are strong in-house.
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About AGS Transact Technologies Limited

As one of India’s leading integrated omnichannel payment solutions providers, AGS Transact Technologies Ltd. stands out among its peers. The company offers a variety of goods and services, such as ATMs, CRM, cash management services, merchant solutions, transaction processing, and mobile wallets.

AGS serves the following segments

Payment Solutions: This category includes ATM and CRM outsourcing and managed services, cash management services, iCDs, and digital payment services such as toll and transit solutions, Fastlane, transaction switching services, POS machine services, and agency banking.

Banking The selling of ATMs and CRMs, currency technology products, and self-service terminals. As well as associated services and updates are all part of Automation Solutions.

Other Automation Solutions: This category includes selling machines and associated services to clients in the retail, petroleum, and color areas.

AGS had installed, maintained, or managed a network of approximately 72,000 ATMs and CRMs as of August 31, 2022. Provided cash management services to 46,214 ATMs through SVIL installed 221,066 merchant POS. About 46,800 cash billing terminals automated approximately 17,924 petroleum outlets and installed 88,521 color dispensing machines.

AGS Transact Technologies’ public offering offers current shareholders to sell equity shares for up to Rs. 680 crore.

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