Aamir Khan Quits Film Industry – Reason, Truth and Updates

It was recently stated that actor Aamir Khan has chosen to retire from the film industry after realizing how much time he had spent away from his children while they were growing up. However, Kiran Rao persuaded him to change his mind. Aamir Khan described his meditative state of mind over the last couple of years during an appearance at an Indian event on Saturday in Mumbai. Read the article to know about Aamir Khan Quits Film Industry – Reason, Truth and Updates.

Aamir Khan Quits Film Industry

When Aamir realized his error, he decided to leave the film industry since he believed that the industry had caused a rift between him and his family. It’s a significant concern for me since I have no idea what my children desire, he said.

Aamir Khan Quits Film Industry

When I realized what I’d done, I was troubled with myself and even with the movies I did. I was under the impression that film was the source of the division between myself and my family. As a result, I had decided to stop acting. I’ve informed my family that I will not appear in any more films. My company nor I will take action or generate anything. Khan said he preferred to spend time with his family rather than working on films.

Aamir Khan Quits Film Industry Reason

His ex-wives, Kiran and Reena Dutta were also discussed in the interview. Even if they had never married, he said, he and Reena would remain friends. Regarding Kiran, Aamir acknowledged that some people would find it strange to see them socializing in public despite their separation but insisted that there is no doubt that they are on good terms.

He added, “We would like to respect the era of marriage and not be in a relationship and not respect the boundaries of what people think marriages should be.” Aamir said.

Giving further specifics about his living situation with Kiran, he said that she occupies the level above him. Since they are so near to one another, their son Azad has not seen any significant changes in his circumstances. They did, however, attempt to explain to him what marriage and divorce involve.

Aamir Khan Quits Film Industry Truth and Updates

The actor claimed that he first opted not to talk publicly about his intention to retire from the film industry because he was concerned that certain people could interpret it as a promotional tool for his next film “Laal Singh Chadha.”

During all of this, Khan claims, three months have passed, during which time his children have advised him not to become “an extreme” person and instead to strive for “balance in life.”

“My children and Kiran Ji have revealed that I am making a mistake.” Kiran became very emotional and said that “films dwell inside me.” So, a lot occurred in two years, and I left the business before returning,” he said. Khan said that the last two years had been challenging for them.

Aamir Khan Early Life

Tahir Hussain a film producer by profession and Zeenat Hussain, raised Aamir in Bombay in 1965. His late paternal uncle Nasir Hussain, a producer, and director was among several of his ancestors who worked in Hindi cinema. Aside from his connections to the entertainment world, he is also linked to former President Abul Kalam Azad via his grandmother.

Mohammed Aamir Hussain Khan

14 March 1965 (age 57)

Bombay, Maharashtra, India
  • Actor
  • film director
  • film producer
  • screenwriter
  • talk-show host
Full list
  • Reena Dutta

    (m. 1986; div. 2002)​

  • Kiran Rao

    (m. 2005; div. 2021)​

Children 3
  • Tahir Hussain (father)
Relatives See Khan–Hussain family
Awards Full list
Honours Padma Shri (2003)
Padma Bhushan (2010)
National Treasure of India, Government of China (2017)

Faisal Khan, Farhat Khan, and Nikhat Khan are his sister and brother. He has a nephew named Imran Khan, who is currently working in Hindi cinema. Besides being Khan’s second cousin, Najma Heptulla is also the grand-niece of Abul Kalam Azad, the governor of Manipur and six-time MLA, and former BJP vice president.

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  1. Aamir sir should not retire from as he does only one movie… And the whole world is a big fan of Aamir Khan. People wait for his movie either it is hit or flop. People like to see him in different style that what people like about him.

  2. No Aamir sir Do not quit films…it’s in your blood and in your soul…you have taught us a lot through your movies….1)In QSQT you didn’t quit you were with your lover till the end even both side were enemies and against each other…2)In Rangeela even you were poor but you lived your life on your own terms..even though you were confused to say I love you to mili.3)In Rang De basanti you taught jo galat hai uske liye kadam uthao aur laro.
    4)In Taare zameen par we got a best Director and great teacher who taught us how to take care of children’s.
    5) In 3 Idiot you taught the young students how to follow what their heart says excellent ka peecha karo tu success zak mar ke peeche aayegi..jo banana chahte ho vo bano..6)In Dangal mei tu India tu this hai China tak ko aapne convince kar diya ke maari choyiya Kiya Chorron se Kam huye ke…aapne apni dono choriyon train kiya aur top pe puhuchaya..7) In Secret Superstar mei dosre ki chori ko train karke acha singer bana diya.
    Sir I know you won’t quite bcoz I already saw the whole interview of yours..
    You are Genius khan….train us some more for at least 10 years…
    I believe In coming Laal chadda singh you will teach us how to be happy always despite of disappointments…discouragement…depression you will show us a story of kind hearted and a man full of happiness and peace.

  3. I guess priorities change for a person at every stage of ageing in life. Wanting to spend more time for the family (children) is normal. Most people regret not having spent more time with family only on their death bed.

    Any person who wants to do it before being on his / her death bed must be commended for that action. Unfortunately, being a public figure, leaves such decisions to many unwanted interpretations.


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