5G Spectrum Auction Results – Highest Bids and Live Channel

According to recent sources, the second round of the online auction has reportedly begun. The telecoms did not engage in any competitive bidding during the first round of the auction. It is anticipated that the bidding for spectrums in the mid-band and high-band would become much more competitive during the second round. It is anticipated that the Indian telecommunications companies that use mid and high-band spectrum will soon roll out services based on 5G Spectrum Auction Results.

5G Spectrum Auction Results

On Tuesday, as was to be expected, the 5G spectrum auction began its live portion. Four participants were in the bidding process: Reliance Jio, Bharti Airtel, Vodafone Idea, and Adani Data Networks. Up to this point, all of the firms have submitted their bids. During the first day of the auction, all four rounds of the spectrum were completed. Wednesday, July 27, 2023, will mark the beginning of the fifth round of competition.

5G Spectrum Auction Results

Although the specifics of the offers have not been made public just yet, it seems from various web stories and sources that the prospective buyers are mostly interested in the mid-band spectrum. In addition, it makes perfect sense, given that the focus of the whole game would initially be on the mid-band spectrum.

5G Spectrum Highest Bids

Even the 700 MHz band, which had gotten no bids in the 2016 or 2022 auctions, did so this time, which is interesting to note. Telecom Department information revealed that preliminary bids of Rs 39,270 crore were received for the highly desirable 700 MHz bands during the first day of the auction.

The second day of the bidding process started at 10 am, and it is generally anticipated that it will close far in advance of the closing time, which is set for 6 pm. According to our sources, we are presently in the midst of the fifth round of bidding. These bands have the potential to provide speeds and capacities that are about ten times greater than what is attainable with the 4G services that are now available.

The first 5G spectrum auction in India, which would allow for very fast data transfer rates, is now taking place. Radiowaves with a total capacity of 72 gigahertz (gigahertz) and an estimated value of at least Rs. 4.3 lakh crore are offered for auction across numerous bands. With 5G, data can be downloaded at ten times faster speeds than with 4G and can be communicated in real-time across billions of devices.

5G Spectrum Live Channel

In addition to providing power for ultra-low latency connections, which make it possible to download a full-length video or movie in high quality to a mobile device in a fast time (even in crowded areas), 5G would also enable solutions in e-health, connected vehicles, immersive augmented reality and metaverse experiences, life-saving applications, and advanced mobile cloud gaming.

With bids totalling Rs 14,632.50 crore, the 26 GHz millimetre wave band is the third most sought-after band. Provisional bids worth Rs 39,270 crore have been submitted for the 700 MHz band, which is widely used by West telcos for cost-efficient deployment.

5G Spectrum Updates

Prashant Singhal, the leader of EY’s global technology, media, and telecommunications emerging markets practice, said that the first day of the spectrum auction lived up to expectations, especially about the 3,300 MHz and 26 GHz bands. “This makes it very evident that the highly desirable 5G spectrum is in great demand. Bidding in the 700 MHz bands came as a surprise when considering the spectrum’s cost. Nevertheless, it reflects the need to offer coverage for 5G over the whole of India, particularly in the rural regions, “Singhal remarked.

Singhal said that there is not an excessive demand in any of the bands, and he added that if the pattern was maintained, it was anticipated that the bidding would be finished as soon as one hundred percent activity was attained. The government has committed to allocating the spectrum in the shortest possible time, and they anticipate that 5G services will begin rolling out around September or October. The 14-15th of August is the projected date for allocating the spectrum.

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