500 KG Russian Bomb in Ukraine Did not go off – Pics Surface

Pics are being shared on various social media networks about the 500 KG Russian bomb that fell on a residential building in Ukraine. The incident is in Chernihiv City of Ukraine where the Russian military dropped a huge 500 KG bomb.

500 KG Russian Bomb

The Bomb went through multiple levels of the building but it did not explode. According to the regional officials, Russia has dropped many powerful bombs in various parts of the city.

What kind of Bomb it was?

The 500 KG Russian Bomb is actually a FAB-500 air-dropped bomb that was designed by the Soviets.

Dmytro Kuleba – The Foreign Minister of Ukraine tweeted about the same by sharing a pic of the bomb. The minister also urged the world powers to help Ukraine and provide them Air support.

We are attaching the Tweet of Dmytro Kuleba in the post below to show you what exactly he posts about the incident.

Ukraine’s President is continuously calling the NATO Countries to help them in this war and stop Russia. He asked for the NATO countries to declare No-fly zones for Russian planes but Western leaders refused this request.

The world is fearing the 3rd World War situation and do not want to escalate the war in Europe for the same reason.

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