2 Young Brothers found in Amazon Jungle – Complete Story & facts

Two young brothers have miraculously been found alive after missing for four weeks in the Amazon rainforest. Glauca, 7, and Gleison Ferreira, 9, visited the Lago Capana nature reserve in Amazonas state, Brazil, on February 18. Having failed to return home, the authorities searched the rainforests of the northwest of the country – but called off the search on February 26. Read the article to know about 2 Young Brothers found in Amazon Jungle – Complete Story & facts.

2 Young Brothers found in Amazon Jungle

According to their mother, Rosinete da Silva Carvalho, the boys survived on the berries of a flowering plant called Couma utilis, rainwater, and the berries of Couma utilis. Local media quoted the farmer as saying, “I asked my son, “Did you eat anything?” He replied, “Sorva, mama.”

Whenever my oldest son went hunting, he would take sorva with him, and whenever I saw it, I would take it for them. It became their habit. The children remained close to the stream and drank rainwater and stream water when they could no longer walk.

Children have been missing from Amazonas’ State Government since February 18, although they were found on March 15. While hunting birds, they have lost track of the indigenous reserve Lago Capanna. Two hundred sixty people, including military police, were involved in the search, according to their dad, Claudionor Ribeiro Ferreira.

2 Young Brothers Story

Yesterday, Gleison and Glauca were airlifted to Manaus, the regional capital. It is seen that they were on a boat by Amazon Manaus Post from the remote jungle where they were found.

2 Young Brothers found in Amazon Jungle

As they waited to be put in an ambulance at the dock, hundreds of people welcomed them. Children are being rescued amid excitement and applause in the morning video captioned: ‘The video showed children being rescued amid the commotion.

Over 250 people joined in the celebration when the search for the boys was officially over. Local leaders also contribute to the search effort since the Ferreira family belongs to the indigenous Mura ethnic group.


  • Gleison Ferreira, nine, and Glauca Ferreira, seven, got lost in a jungle near Manicoré, Amazonas state, on February 18, when they were trying to catch small birds. They were discovered by chance on Tuesday by a tree cutter.
  • It is expected that they have fully recovered from malnutrition. After the boys vanished, the locals searched for them for weeks.
  • However, they were absent during the Amazon rainy season, a time when navigating the jungle was more difficult than usual.
  • Amazônia Real reports that residents searched for the boys after emergency services called off the search on February 24.
  • The boys were found almost four weeks after they went missing by a man cutting wood 6 km from the village of Palmeira, a protected area where their parents live.
  • Upon hearing the local man hitting trees nearby, one of the boys shouted for help. Two boys lay weak and hungry on the rainforest floor, covered in abrasions. The man discovered both boys after answering the calls.
  • Their parents were told that the boys had only rainwater and had not eaten anything while lost. On Thursday, they were flown by helicopter to another hospital in Manaus being transported to a regional hospital in Manicoré.
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